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Casual ball

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So i've only been playing guild ball for a few weeks now have have gotten my models going, one thing that i have found through my game play is the use of the ball and the scattering that occurs which happens to my players more than i would like, I have been using the print out template for the majority of the time. During a game that i was watching a few other people play i noticed that one of the teams had the field lines painted on the base amongst the grass, i thought i was kind of cool, so i kept watching and it got to the point in the game where a ball scatter needed to be rolled, two things came together in my head and had a great idea. Why not paint on the scatter directions onto the ball ? it would reduce the need of the template and speed up the game, this of course being in a casual environment. So after going home and thinking about it i decided to give it a go on my own ball and see how it turned out, here is what i came up with. 



the link has a step by step of what i did, Thanks 

the line on the back is to determine the direction of origin 


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Wow, that's a great little idea.  I'm all for GB innovations.  I've been patenting a few myself which I need to start sharing on here.  Very tempted to steal this one if I can trust myself to paint the numbers neat enough ;)

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Yeah I had this thought a couple weeks ago, too! I think it's really neat.

The one thing that stopped me from doing it was that I would need my kick scatter template anyways when I had to scatter off of a model instead of open ground. In that case, you template needs to be placed up against the models base rather than the ball's. There's already some inaccuracy with that, too, when doing this with 40mm or 50mm bases.

One option is to paint those scatters on all your models bases, but that gets tedious and not as fun.

Still, I think this is a cool idea and certainly doesn't hurt!

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