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"SnowBall" tournament. Philadelphia area, PA

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As a pundit I am doing my efforts to spread the good word.

So I have put together our first "south-east" Pennsylvania tournament.

It will be held on Saturday January 16th 2016

It will be at:

Enter the realm

508 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA 19064


We have a facebook group made to track everything.

Even waiting on Steamforge to get back to us and give us our sanction.. wink wink nudge nudge

Applied into tiebreaker as well, so.day of everyone can keep up.

So if you're in the area come by, join if you want.. or like and share to get the word out

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I am sorry, I updated the facebook event, and neglected my forum posts...

1st was Bill Anderson (Union)
 2nd was Duane Boyd (Masons)

3rd was maurice kent (Fishermen)
Mike mac best painted (brewers)
brad Moreland for goal (butchers)

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