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(Unofficial) Printer-Friendly Rules

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Hey guys. I've been working on creating an up-to-date, printer-friendly version of the rulebook that can be easily used for reference either in physical form or using a computer/mobile device.
I created this for my own usage and within my local gaming group, but I wanted to offer it to the Guild Ball community. I wanted to wait for Steamforged to okay it before posting, and they've been supportive, so here it is. I just want to make it clear that this document is unofficial.
While the official rulebook is really sexy and the fluff in it is great, it has some problems as a reference document. The PDF file is large and cumbersome, does not have bookmarks or links, and is not easily searchable. The rules are broken up with pages of fluff and they aren't updated with the latest errata.
The document contains all the core rules from the rulebook along with changes from the errata and additions from official rules clarifications. Changes that deviate from the official rulebook are noted with a footnote.
Let me know what you guys think. I'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions. If there's enough interest, I'll keep it updated as new erratas and clarifications are posted.
(Also available as a .docx if anyone is interested)

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