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SOLD OUT!!! Vapnatak 7th Feb - NOW 32 PLAYERS!!!

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We have been allocated an additional 16 tickets as this event is now 32 player! Last time all tickets sold within 4 hours so please buy if interested!!


Vapnatak 2016 York – Sunday 7th February

Official 32 man Regional Cup

This year York Wargames Club are proud to welcome Guild Ball for the first time to the ever growing war-games convention in the historic city of York. This will be a 16 man event with exceptional prize support, spoilers and sneak previews. The tournament will take place at York Racecourse overlooking the Knavesmire and track. This is genuinely one of the best tournament venues you can imagine and a superb gaming show. There is free parking and you get free entry to the show with the ticket.

This event will be sponsored by Steamforged Games and has the guys behind the game coming down for the weekend. If we have enough interest in people coming up on the Saturday night I will sort us a venue for a pre-event party in central York where we can get a load of games in, drink a few beverages and eat quality food.

The timings of the event are;
0830 – Briefing
0900 – Game 1
1100 – Game 2
1300 – Game 3
1500 – Game 4

1700 – Game 5
1900 – Awards and hugs

Details of the event location and convention are here; http://www.yorkwargames.org/Vapnartak.htm
Tickets are £15 and can be purchased by paypal. Simply send £15 too paypal@yorkwargames.org with the message ‘Guild Ball Tournament’

Entrant list

Tom Fretwell
Liam Jordan
Marc Williams
Chris Hay
Jay Finnegan
Steve Newton
Jack Newton
Chris Rutter
Brad Zalad + 1
Andrew Snowdon
Simon Mooney
Owen Rutter
Andy Scott
Gethin Anthony
Stephen Dillane
Mark Pattison
Luke Foster
Robert Balmforth
Stephen Bowden
Stephen Easton
John Paul Stubbings + 1
David Dawson

Rob Smith
Jayke Hall

Simon Coates

Jonathan Cannon

Andy Morris

Anna Morely

Jamie Giblin

Quinn Duggan


All sold gents!! Awesome response :) 



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Hi, I had previously bought my ticket for WMH, but had stated on the notes, if GB was increased, to put me for that.

please could you confirm that this is a go ahead, thanks!

I can sort this no worries. Can you confirm name you bought ticket with please dude?

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On 1/15/2016 at 11:07 PM, John Paul said:

I may struggle to make the full day, does anyone want my ticket?

potentially, let me check with SWMBO and if I can get there, if it's still available should be able to let you know by end of the day/

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We really need to be out and done by 7 hence the brutal timings!

We can fit it in-between round 2+3 and give people an extra 20-30 mins or so without too much of a drama. Ideally bring your own food and just eat it when done round 2. There is a café but it gets rammed with all visitors to the show. Will fire this out on GB twitter too to get word around. Not really any shops close to racecourse so best to buy before.

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