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Windsor's First Guild Ball Tournament (Ontario, Canada)

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We had our first event today to get ready for the league that we're running over the next month or so. We had 8 players turn out, which isn't bad considering our Warmachine events usually consist of about 15-20 players. Guild breakdown was ~ 2 Butchers (Choice Cutters and Piggers), 1 Alchemists (Equivalent Exchange), 1 Morticians (First Clown), 2 Fishermen (Fishsticks and Typhoons), 1 Brewers (AA) and 1 Union (The Expendables). Two of our 8 were having their first games and had a blast. Most of them haven't played more than five games and are looking forward to the league.

The Finals were between AA and the Piggers, and despite a first turn kill on Gutter, the Piggers were able to pull through for a 12-4 victory.

(The pictures are only from the final round. It didn't dawn on me to take them in round two and I was filling in for someone in round 1, Sorry!)







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Yeah I don't know where we got that idea from. I think someone randomly called their team something else and we all kind of piled on.
 Everyone in our meta has a unique team name now.

I felt so incredibly pleased with myself when I came up with "Piggers" for my Butchers. It hits so many spots... (No one else seemed quite so impressed)

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