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Suggestion: Fourth magnet on Avarisse and Greede

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Not sure if this is the best place to write this, but...

It blew me away that the Avarisse and Greede kit came with magnets. As in, that makes it one of the coolest kits I've ever assembled, so mad props to Steamforged for the design. For those who haven't put them together, you get three so that you can put one on Avarisse's chest and the other two on baseless Greede/a chestpiece for Avarisse.

If it came with a fourth, that would be a helping hand toward finding a good place to put the detached piece. Current considerations are on Avarisse's base or on my goal token. As it stands I'm going to go purchase this fourth magnet myself, but if it had come with the kit, that would have been amazing (I really like the magnets they chose, too).

Just a thought.



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