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Briskets right arm / Token set Season 1 + Condition token

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Hi guys. I wrote the following in the New recruit area, but I am afraid, noone noticed this.

Maybe this belongs in the butchers guild forum.

Who can help a noob?

I bought a butcher starter and the butcher season 1 token set and have two questions.

1. Right arm of Brisket:

Did anyone else notice that the right arm of brisket might be a little too long? Let me explain what I mean:

Mr Lee (I hope it's ok to use this link here) cut off a bit of the top of the right arm short arm

Whereas Trent Denison used the whole arm longer arm

I can't seem to find an official render of briskets right arm. Anyone? Short or long, whats correct?

2. Tokens:

I ordered the butchers guild 1st season token set.

Now there is a (new?) condition token set. Would I need that too?

Thx guys.

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1) I've used the full arm and she looks fine. 

2) The Butchers token set only has influence tokens and tokens for every effect that the S1 Butchers can use (like they ain't tough or swift stance). You will need a set of condition tokens or at least something else to mark who's poisoned / bleeding / knocked down / on fire.

Hope that helps :)

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Thanks Captain Sparks. Thought I asked something weird or inappropriate or so.

In the mean time I built it in the "long arm version" and seeing it built I totally agree: It's absolutely fine. 

Ok, additional condition tokens needed. Understood.

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