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Masonry and Other Things

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Thanks for the kind words!  Finished up the Union a bit ago, but between taking them to WMW and getting some season 2 stuff nearly finished, I'm just getting to post them now:

Avarisse & Greede



Blackheart - Team Captain


Coin - Team Mascot










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And finally, painted up some of the models for season 2.  First up, for my Masons:



and for my friend:



also for fun, painted up my second ball token as the white, championship game ball described in the fluff:


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Finally got around to taking some pictures.  Finished up the Season 2 players with:



Harry the Hat


Also picked up the Veteran Captain:



and finally, got ahold of the KS Honour.  I am actually quite fond of the more dynamic pose, but this one definitely stands out better.  The retail is kind of tiny by comparison:

Honour (KS)


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Nothing really fancy.  I use PP's Bloodtracker Brown with a Nuon Oil wash and highlight back with the same brown.  Army Painter dull coat.  I have noticed a little more sheen with the PP brown compared to the GW color I've used in the past, but I've also found I get better color out of my leathers by priming white and giving the models a Nuon Oil wash before putting down the base coat.  Hope that helps!

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Sure thing!  Glad to help.  I don't really do any of the fancy techniques that win painting awards though, honestly.  Most of my work is simply a primed model (I've become very fond of priming white and putting a black wash over it before starting), put down the colors on an initial sloppy base coat.  After I'm happy with the overall looked I put down a second coat mostly to clean up my lines.  Then I'll give everything a wash, (generally I'll use black or brown on everything but skin) and afterwards just go over the wash with a very light coat of the base color for highlighting.  No real secrets, honestly.  Just the tried and true Prime>Basecoat>Wash>Highlight routine works well for me.

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Washes are great.  If you're just getting started with them, just use Agrax Earthshade on everything until you get a handle on how they change the look of the model.  It works pretty well on anything.

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