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King Jareth

Unofficial QSR Module

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I'd started a module for Vassal before the announcement that there would be an official one made but it'll work as a stop-gap until that's released.


Its not great but it'll do for when you want a quick game and cant get out of the house/live miles away from your opponent.

Link - Updated 29-03-2014

**Updated to V0.03 March 29th**

Added Masons and Morticians. Changed the Stat card board so you have to pick your teams cards (its all one piece) from the minis menu under "cards" then drag and drop. There's 2 slots for team cards in there so make sure you pick top or bottom..

Added some numbered tokens for tracking health on the stat card screen as I haven't inputted all the stats into the new teams pieces, tell me if you prefer it that way to having all the stats on the right click menus or even if your actually using this at all.

**Updated to V0.02 March 28th 2014**

Added goal kick range AOE, Ball pickup AOE, (rubbish looking) general scatter template and kick scatter to ball right click (hold shift and click to select the templates to remove them, they're placed on the map aligned with the ball), player tokens have a KD marker on the menu, tolbar button to turn on-off deployment zones and half way line on the pitch and finally a splash screen yay.

Last file was incorrectly numbered v0.1 so delete that.

Things to know

Arrow keys move a piece forward/backwards an inch, let and right rotate the piece. Ctrl+up/dwn move half an inch.

Shark is my test piece so has more menu options than the rest but its all duplicated info.

Things I want to change:-


The ball - its in the middle of the pitch when you start a game but you wouldn't know it until you zoom in.

Normal Scatter template - not added it yet...oops.

KD - there's some coloured gems you can use to mark random things for now but I'll add a KD status to the player pieces later.

Adding some useful AOEs like goal kick and ball pickup range.

After that

Add player team colours so you can play the same team against each other in a less confusing way.

Might alter the statcard screen so you can track health easier on there and include the score/momentum tracker...not sure.

A 2'sq pitch for playing 3 on 3 kickabout games. Idea robbed from Kickstarter ending livestream.

Anyway give it a go and have some fun playing more Guildball despite my shoddy interface design skills.

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Yeah just want to echo Johns comments thank you for putting in the time to help us all play a game we've fallen in love with.

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