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Guild Ball Vassal League

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Roll up, roll up for the Season 1 of the Guild Ball Vassal League!


What do you need to play?

  • Understanding of the rules
  • Access to Cards for reference
  • Vassal 
  • Guild Ball Module
  • Skype (Preferable so you can talk to your opponent)
  • Flexibility on availability


League Format:


The league will be split according to the number of players that sign up. If it proves popular enough there will be tiered leagues with relegation and promotion for future seasons:


When sign ups are over, I will assign all players to a division and generate a fixtures list. Each fixture has a 2 week window in which to be played. Players are expected to schedule these games and post on when your game is scheduled. 


Where possible I will try to group time zones together, however there may be cases where this is not possible. If you are dead set against playing a game or 2 outside of your immediate zones please let me know when you sign up and I will see what I can do.


Players must select a Guild to play with and the 1 Captain, 1 Mascot and 6 Players (Guild or Union eligible allowed) This is your set roster for the season. There will be a transfer window mid way through the fixtures where a player is able to swap in / out 1 player keeping to the 8 player maximum.



How to Sign Up:


Signing up is simple Players have from now until Monday 30th June 23:59 BST (UK Time) To register. To sign up, players should pm the following information to me:


  1. Name
  2. Timezone & Location
  3. Skype Username
  4. Back up contact details (Twitter / Email etc)
  5. Guild Selected
  6. Players Selected

If you have any more questions, then feel free to post here, pm me or contact me on twitter (@munkeykungfu)

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I'm in, although remains to be seen if my internet can handle two things at once (Vassal & Skype!).  For a 1st world country Australia has some sh!tty interwebs

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I am keen. It took a few weeks for my registration to activate so I could not post sooner. I will send you my details.

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A nice flurry of sign ups last night takes us to 13


Going to see if we can get to 16 so we can get a few more smaller divisions going.


Team Signups are:

3 Alchemists

2 Butchers

2 Engineers

4 Masons

1 Morticians

1 Union

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No fishermen :o

might have to change last minute if none sign up but as the only union player so far means potentially no union if I switch. BUT fishermen HAVE to be represented

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I initially decided that I didn't have time for this at the moment but if you need to make up numbers I may be forced to twist my own arm and enter some brewers... I'll let you know by the end of the day.

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