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Fightin' Nerd

And Then Things Went Bananas: Fishermen Vs. Masons

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I've not got the note for all this, but here's what I remember of my second full game (played without Guild Plots as we were both new and wanted to get a handle on the full game Clear board, no terrain - still getting used to the teams so we wanted to just get down to business. I set sail with the Fishermen [shark, Siren, Kraken, Greyscales, Angel, Salt] and my opponent was rocking the Masons [Honour, Brick, Tower, Flint, Harmony, Marbles]. Set up was pretty simple, two lines at the edge of deployment:


The Masons had brick anchoring the middle, with Honour and Harmony (the wonder twins, in my parlance) swinging to the left* and Flint, Tower and Marbles on the right.


The Fishermen went with Shark in the centre, with Kraken and Greyscales on the left and Angel and Siren on the right (Salt snuggled up behind Angel).


I chose to receive and Flint sent a sneaky opener to the left flank, barely just inside my side of the board. Flint remains a cheeky one throughout this match. Greyscale swoops out to take it, putting it back towards my line, to be hopefully picked up by someone who can be more easily defended. He fluffs the roll (the first of many such fluffs) and it scatters onto Kraken, who unsurprisngly fails to control it and it bounces on to land between Angel and Shark. Which was nice. The masons move up the line and I singularly fail to drag Flint out of position with both Kraken and Siren, sending Angel to collect the ball and behind a screen of Kraken and Shark for defence from the threatening Flint, Tower and Brick.


Second turn comes and I manage to pull Flint into the loving embrace of Flint and Kraken with a well-placed Lure, but due to bad rolls and some mismanaged Influence the pummelling I hoped to lay on the pretty boy was a little lacklustre. In response Brick flies in with Tower and lays a beating on Kraken, the three players managing (with a lot of effort) to put my big guy nearly out of commission. I send Angel scampering around the left flank with Greyscales in support, under the wary gae of the wonder twins. Honour pumps her sister up and the striker tries to go for an on the veteran, but the Fisherman just manages to nip out of the way. Marbles and Salt eye each other up on the Right flank.


Kraken goes down early in the next turn, beaten unconscious by three Masons, but the gentle giant's sacrifice was not in vein as the rockhead's main force was now out of position.


0-2, Masons


The then everything exploded.


Harmony lunged in and just managed to get the ball off Angel, dodging back but unfortunately just into Greyscale's melee range, and the veteran plucked it from her in turn, dodging away with another shove and heading for a blinding goal.


4-2, Fishermen


The goal kick was perfect on the Mason's side (I seriously misjudged distances), landing just in reach of Flint who took the opportunity to put it into the Fishermen's goal.


4-6, Masons


FInally, a second goal kick placed it at the feet of Shark, who pelts it down the right hand length oft he pitch, sending it in for a third goal in the turn.


8-6, Fishermen


The goal kick goes to Tower, who doesn't have the Influence to do anything but jog behind Flint and Brick. However, there's just enough of a gap for Siren to give Tower theeye and seduce him, making him flick the ball towards the right flank, just out of Shark's reach. Marble is sent to grasp the ball, but Salt runs up in response, making it extremely difficult for the macot to do anything with the ball enxt turn.


So, yeah, that was a bit nuts.


MAsons win initiative and Flint sprints back towards Salt, hoping to get build a head of steam and intercept Shark before the Fisherman captain could remove the ball from marbles. 8 dice, 5+ needed.


0 successes.


Shark easily skips around Marbles, plucking the ball from the offensive simian;s grasp and giving him a boot for good measure, saunters towards the goal and places a single, final Screamer to seal vctory


12-6, Fishermen.




Man, the dice gods were fickle this game, swinging wildly in one team's favour, then the other, but I like dthe way to Fishies handled, especially once I got a feel for the dragging and pushing abilities.


Three thing I have to remembe


1) Tough hide (Which probably would ave kept Kraken on his feet another turn)


2) Shark's Heroic and Legendary abilities


3) To take pictures an notes for these reports.


*For the sake of clarity I'm describing "left" and "right" from my point of view

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Great match write-up, really enjoyed reading it!   Agree that a few pictures would make it even better :)


I will have to try and do a report on the next game I play

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How did Kraken fail to control the ball?

It was a bounce that landed on hid model, so we had him make a kick roll to possess it, which he failed.

It's entirely possible we misremembered the rule, however. Likely, even

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It was a bounce that landed on hid model, so we had him make a kick roll to possess it, which he failed.

It's entirely possible we misremembered the rule, however. Likely, even

You did - you only need to make a roll if 2 players from different teams would both be eligible to take possession. In that case, it's a straight dice roll + your kick stat highest wins. Normally, if the ball lands or is placed within 1" of a player, they can automatically choose to take possession.

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