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Found 9 results

  1. Ladies and gentleboys, it gives me great pleasure to present to you the.. Scottish Team Championship What?This is a Guild Ball Team Tournament, which will follow the most up-to-date format in the OPD. The teams will consist of 3 players, each fielding a separate team. For further details on team formats, check out the OPD: Organised Play DocumentWhen & Where?The event will take place on Saturday 9th June - Sunday 10th June at Scotland's premier gaming venue - The Common Ground Games, Stirling (Venue Weblink).The draft timetable is:Sat 9th June9.00 - Registration10.00 - Round 1 12.30 - Lunch 13.30 - Round 2 16.00 - Round 3 18.30 - Round end - time for food & pub! Sun 10th June 10.00 - Round 4 12.30 - Lunch 13.30 - Round 5 16.30 - Awards 17.00 - End of event - home time (via the pub!) Where do I get tickets? Tickets are £90 per team of three players, these will grant you entry to the event as well as lunch on both days. Additionally, you will receive some tournament goodies and be eligible for prizes (which are to be confirmed). You can purchase a ticket for your team by sending the above amount to CABLEHYPE@HOTMAIL.COM via Paypal (Gift please!). Tickets will go on sale at 18.00 GMT on Friday 26th January. Any funds sent before that will be returned. There is a strict limit of 32 teams (96 players). Final words This event is designed as a relaxed but competitive team event. That means it will be cleanly run and well organised but with the idea that we are all here to have a great time. It will follow the up-to-date World Team Championship format as close as possible but with a Scottish twist. I sincerely hope to see you all at the event and make this the first of a BIG annual event! Feel free to ask any questions either via the Facebook event or Twitter (@kingpash). Longshanks World Team Championship 2017 details Attendees: Team Timmay (Germany) - PAID - Daniel Schmidtke, Timmy Wishniowski, Snugglebuddy #3 Team Negative Play Experience (Germany) - PAID - Alexander Horn, Werner Schosser, Daniel Knauss Team Steamforged - PAID - Bryce Johnston, Jamie Giblin, Steve Margetson Team Sweden - PAID - Niclas Ledin, Adam Thiede, Ola Segerberg Team Switzerland - PAID - Richard Shuler, Henrik Ekholm, Eleonora Windler Hamilton Howlers (Scotland) - PAID - Chris McSheehy, Gary Kean, Kenny Hall Team Stave (Scotland) - UNPAID - Steven Douglas, Stephen McCormick, Iain Torrance Team Funsponge (Scotland) - SPARE - Trev Moffat, Calum Todd, Pasha Korniyenko
  2. Kingpash

    Team event in Scotland!

    Hey folks, In case you weren't aware, we are running a big Team event is Stirling, Scotland on the weekend of 9th-10th June. It will be a 4 round event and will feature some of the toughest (& some of the bravest!) WTC teams around. So far, we have teams from Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Steamforged Games, and some of the local Scots! The full details are in the link below. This event will be awesome and it would be brilliant to see you guys there
  3. Kingpash

    Scottish Team Championship

    Scottish Team Championship That's right, it has finally arrived! The biggest UK Team event of the year, a perfect warm-up for the World Team Championship 2018. Find out more: Scottish Team Championship

    Morts at WTC

    Just wondering how our corpse slinging brethren did at the World Team Championships. Any insights into matchups, battle reports, or anything of that nature might help! Thanks in advance!!
  5. Hey everybody-- I'd like to start fishing in the community for people who would be interested in being a part of an organizing team of 3-5 people that arranges, delegates, and assists the USA teams going to 2018 WTC. I'm looking for people who are active in the US GB community and expect to be well into next year, and who are willing to commit time and energy to making sure the USA teams get all the support they need. This can range from helping them figure out travel to making sure the team lineups are such that everybody involved is happy to finding replacement players when first choices are suddenly unable to attend. There's a lot of ways that players could be chosen (qualifying events, Longshanks ranking, personal choice) so I don't wanna guarantee the idea that this committee would choose all 6-9 players, but that will likely be a part of the process as well. If anybody reading this fills the above criteria or knows somebody who does, please message me or post here! I'd like this organization to be active and communicative and helpful to the players all year. To be clear, I'm not expecting or demanding my inclusion on this committee. I'm fine being a part of it, but if there's 3-5 people that the US community is largely happy with then I'll happily abstain. Any final lineup of committee members will be public knowledge and if a great deal of people object to any particular person's inclusion it will be changed. Finally, to steal @Frostmane's nomination, I'd like to tentatively nominate @RedSam! Sam's involvement in the community is obvious and I think he's responsible and conscientious as a person. Plus I know he's personally unlikely to try to go to the WTC himself, so he's basically ideal for the organization. Thanks folks! Let's make the USA WTC presence big and bold!
  6. angyi

    Hunters at WTC

    Hi all, I just made some quick and superficial stats if you are interested. There were 6 Hunter players out of 96, so Hunters were the least played faction (save the Farmers ofc). Results vs different factions (W/L): Alchemists 2/2 Brewers -/- Butchers 4/2 Engineers 3/4 Farmers -/- Fishermen 2/3 Hunters -/- Masons 0/2 Morticians 2/0 Union 3/1 Total 16/14 Teams with a Hunter player ended up at the 5th, 10th, 15th, 22nd, 23rd and 26th places (out of 32). Finally, the W/L ratio of Hunter players: 4/1, 4/1, 3/2, 3/2, 2/3 and 0/5. Of course these numbers mean little to nothing until the participants share their own experiences, something that I'd be very interested in... Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. Myself and another individual are very adamant that Canada should be represented at this year's WTC in Belgium. Both of us are fully committed to going, however we require one more individual to join the team. If you feel that this person might be you and are willing to commit the time and resources (re: $$$) into joining us on this adventure, please send me a PM and we can discuss the matter. Speaking from personal experience, traveling to compete internationally in events such as this is the epitome of table top gaming and an experience you will never forget. So come on Canada!!! Who's gonna step up to the challenge??
  8. MykMyers

    Team(s) England WTC

    Applications are being taken for Team England captains and players. https://www.facebook.com/groups/699769100205954/
  9. Well this is exciting! The World Team Championship, the premier international competition from Warmahordes, will be hosting a GB event this year and in future years! Not much detail other than that yet... For this year I expect it'll be pretty small. March to September is pretty short notice for international travel and I expect a lot of people won't be able to budget for it despite being great players who would otherwise wanna rep their nation. But man, this'll be great! I love spectating the WMH event every year. EDIT: Full info here https://wmhwtc.wordpress.com/guildball/