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Found 10 results

  1. Hello all! As many others, I've jumped into Guild ball coming from a bunch of other games. (GW, Confrontation, PP) Being more into the conversions than into painting, I've gone all in on resin models, as being able to completely reshape a miniature with just a sharp blade and some hot water is really nice. I really like the arts for all the Butchers, but I'm not too fond the overly dynamic models for some of them. Brining out the butcher's knife, this is how I started after a couple of nights. Shank, Boar, Tenderiser, Boiler Fillet and Gutter (0% Gutter, based on parts from Fillet and Meathook) Brisket, with legs from Angel First finished Butchers line-up: Circus Alchemists:
  2. Tonio

    Tonio's workshop

    I've had my Butchers for a couple of months now, but with other commitments, painting them always took a second place is my priority list. However, I'm having a small hole is my other ongoing projects right now, so it was time to put paint to models! I just started working on Ox. I'm gonna do the three models from the starter first, as I do some demos and they'll get the more use. I'm going with a scheme similar to the artwork. I like the muted tone on them. Right now, it's mostly colour blocking and some shading work on the pants and apron. More to come soon I hope. I also painted one of my Zuzzy mat to use for demos. Simple and quick, but it does the job. I have a 3x3 I want to do in similar colours for full game too.
  3. Hello there! I've been a long time lurker on this wonderful site and I'm not afraid to say I've stolen a fair few ideas from the lovely models on display. I hope I can share with you the work I've been doing for a very good friend of mine. As it stands I don't play Guild Ball myself but I feel I'll be sucked into this game really quite quickly the more I'm exposed to these miniatures. First up I have an Alchemists team that have had a few tweaks with a little sculpting. I have a few pics of them close up and in the green stuff stage if anyone would like to see a bit more.
  4. Balefirestorm

    Balefirestorm's WIP

    Finally got my hands on some models and started painted right away. here's a WIP of Midas, Calculus and Mercury. Hope to get some more painting in during the weekend.
  5. bobthebomb

    RatCatcher Painting

    Hello everyone !! Just started playing Guildball and painting my team. Here a Wip of the terrain piece included in the box. I am trying to do like Giraldez but i am stuck at the green right now. i am looking for advice to make the green pop and glow like the one painted by Angel. I didn't found any tutorial on the net to paint the rats. Any idea ? painting guide that could be used ? Thx a lot !
  6. masterkdog

    KDOG gives it a go

    Hi all, Not really done much like this before but have discovered the joys of tabletop and painting recently. Figured i am such a slow painter that if I put pics etc up and took advice and so on I might get more motivated to paint more often (my GB mates would appreciate it). Apologies in advance for the quality of pictures etc, as I said this is all new ground for me. So you all know the aim is for a not quite so bloodlike red (more of a grimey red) and thinking a dirty gray as second colour. Figures I am working on are, Ox, Princess, Brisket, Boiler, Boar, Shank, and now Gutter and Minx. I may be slow with the uploads at times (due to kids and life etc) but will try to keep it regular.
  7. Something I've been working on this weekend... An Assassin model I converted into the Bloodborne Hunter (before you ask, it's a Loch shield, so it's ok )... ...and the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, which I restored as best as I could to what the original model was. Hunter has a primer and a light basecoat wash, Dancer is still pristine. http://imgur.com/a/y6Y3V
  8. Hello! After commenting on the wonderful work of others, and realised it was probably time to post some of my own finished figures. I backed the Kickstarter and ended up enthusiastically committing to a few teams ... erm, all of them to be specific. Well ... they are awfully nice figures, aren't they? So I took the plunge and have started with the Fisherman's Guild as they were an early favourite of our group. Salt finished. Can't quite get a shot with the little fellow in full focus. Khaki base, some wet blending of White on his adorable little tummy, more Khaki and a thin brush to pull out some individual hairs. I didn't go with the white and grey dapple that the character card offered, and painted without bothering to look at a picture of a real otter, but it's a reasonable match - apart from the nose being a little too red rather than brown. His collar is in team colours, so at least something was right! Ball finished. I'm oddly proud of this, as normally my attention span goes to pot for detail of this nature, but it turned out alright. Based with Beasty Brown, panels painted in Khaki then lots of thin Parasite Brown washes on the panels. Both Kraken finished. My attempts to do skintones still need improvement, as what feels like a super smooth transition is exposed for the lie it is when you take photos at this distance. That's okay, I won't beat myself up over it - just try and do a little better on the next one. One is a little more worn and rusted than the other, as I love my rust effect in a bottle and felt obliged to use it on at least one Kraken. Happy with how the Experimental Pants worked out, as I haven't tried to do a denim type fabric before - and blue glazes on the leather and metals to tie the non-skin items together worked out better than I hoped, so there'll be more playing with glazing in the future. I'll endeavour to update on a regular if infrequent basis, but thanks for looking and thanks to everyone else for producing awesome painted figures that I thoroughly enjoy looking at on all the other threads. So there you have it, my last six weeks' work condensed into my first post!
  9. Hi All, I'll be mostly posting my WIP and completed Guilds here as a hobby/paint blog, mostly to keep me motivated and looking for critiques in my work. I'll start things off with a group shot of my completed Masons team (fiished last night). Will post individual shots later.
  10. So scant moments after I posted some WiP piccies of my Brewers, they went and changed the forums, so I thought I'd chuck it up over here as well. Did Hooper first. I absolutely love this miniature, full of movement and aggression. I didn't put the little individual barrels on everyone, as I just wanted to keep the lines cleaner. And it gives me some stuff to jazz up a goal too. Spigot didn't inspire me at all, until I started painting him. Spigot just painted himself really and only took a few hours to do. Struggled to get a decent photo of Stave, but he's another mini that I didn't really inspire me until I started painting him. Was unsure about the plume of booze when it went on, but I think I like it and am glad I stuck with it. I adore Friday on the table, and I am really happy with the paint job she got. Probably took longer than anyone else to get to this point, but I really enjoyed painting her. And I think these two look good together, which is good given that there is something of a difference in visual styles. Minis with good faces are my favourite things in the world of games, and Tappers face is awesome. I think he suffers in this scheme a bit as he hasn't got a fancy hat, and while I did consider adding one, it's the most obvious quick visual clue that separates Tapper and Hooper, and I would hate someone to make that kind of error in a game. As it is, I think they look distinct enough. Tapper needs a bit more finishing off, so I hope I can get a little more colour on him. And where would we be without Skum ? Exactly 21 minutes to do, and I am chuffed to bits with how it looks. Just a man, taking his homicidal cat for a walk. . Oh, a reasonable picture of Tappers front. There's bits to finish off and jazz up, and bases to add tufts to, but I am really chuffed with how this team is shaping up. The Brewers have been the nicest miniatures to paint that have landed on my painting heap for ages. I've tried NMM, which is a technique I have never really used before and I'm about 50/50 on what I think, but it's something to fiddle about with. They're my Podcast themed team, so I've not gone for plaids on them, I don't think they suffer for it really, and they suit the militaristic palette well enough. Stoker is next to get up to the same point as the rest, and he presents a load of different technical problems that I am looking forward to muddling my way through. The goal is haunting me at the moment. What I wanted to do was going to cost more than the team did. Got a couple of ideas, but just need to crack on with one of them. And I am giddly like a schoolgirl for Mash...