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Found 4 results

  1. TheREALFlyDog

    Stave X Windle

    It started as a joke of me threatening the mighty Moose Jaw meta with Stave/Windle slash fic. And then I remembered I'm friends with an Illustrator. Spigot and Friday ain't the only players with secret liaisons, eh? An old hand and a young buck. When their eyes met from across the pitch, it was like an Exploding Barrel in their hearts. Would their desires stay unresolved, or would they Stop Slacking and take a huge risk together? Stave X Windle.
  2. For clarity's sake, the phrase "Playbook results that include damage that hit this model" is different from "Playbook damage results" so am I right in assuming this includes for example momentous guild ball results that trigger a character play that results in damage to Windle? A couple examples: Flask sic 'em charges a conditioned Windle and gets an arbitrary number of Intensifies >= 1. Do they generate momentum? Flask sic 'em charges a conditioned Grange such that he ends up within 3" of a conditioned Windle. He gets at least one Intensify, damaging both models. Do they generate momentum?
  3. Thresher and Buckwheat remove HM as part of characters plays, so that's easy. However, other reapers remove HM as part of a trait. For example, Bushel and Windle remove HM, "Once per turn during this model's activation [...]". So, is this a stand-alone action, or can they run past a HM as part of a charge or sprint and remove it as they pass by?
  4. So I thought I knew this, but it came up tonight and I can see it both ways. I damaged a model with Boar and took that model out and then charged another model with furious. Since I damaged that model with the charge and I had caused damage on the take out I did two more attacks generated from berserk. Is that right? Can I essentially bank a free attack from berserk to use later in Boar's activation? The rules clarification says: "Berserk:- The free Attack does not have to be against the same target, or even immediate – the model can even move before taking it if able.A model cannot use Berserk outside its activation (e.g. when Seduced)." It's the "or even immediate" part that makes me think I'm right in thinking that. However, someone else pointed out that traits of the same name don't stack, like Hooked for Meathook, so since you'd already have one instance of berserk on Boar or whomever, you couldn't have a second instance of it. I can see their point, but I still feel that's not the case here. The trait itself simply says "During its activation, if this model damages an enemy model with an Attack, this model may make an additional Attack without spending influence. This ability cannot generate a further additional Attack from itself." I would think so long as you made a normal attack and caused damage that you'd just get the bonus attack and since it doesn't need to be immediate, you just get those extra attacks. It's not a condition, buff or debuff so I sort of feel the can't stack idea doesn't apply here. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but I just wanted to bring it here to know for sure. Thanks in advance!