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Found 3 results

  1. Okay guys and gals!!! I finaƂy came up with courage to post my blue thoughts here. I have a problem, I won't play minis i dont like. That kinda narrows the perspective of choosing a Guild. Some time ago i decided Butchers. Good minis, simple plan. Kill everyone and anyone on the pitch. Now the problem is, simple plan doesnt mean easy or succesful. My record since i am back to the game in S3 is 2-17, maybe more. And those 2 wins were against Morts and Thresher (cant win any more with the guy that plays him so i say lucky) and thats it. Can you, the marvelous community help me acheive something with our Glorious Supreme Masters Butchers? Or simply git gud and wait for another season? Are there any particularly good plays I am missing? Something borderline OP i am just to stupid to understand? And i dont want Butchers to be OP, i want to have a short at winning P. S. For the record, my community has 2x Fish, 2x Union, Thresher, Morts, Brewers and me. Cheers Varred
  2. boffin777

    Hats Off to The Union!

    LADY's, GENTLEMEN, MECHANICA! The union on behalf of the engineers on this glorious day scored a 12-4 (15 - 4) victory over the fish using Harry and his all inspiring hat! The game included for union; Blackheart, Rage, Harry, Minx, Gutter and Coin! (GIC Free 2 MP if no initiative) The fish used (and will need confirming); Shark, Salt, Gutter, Siren, Greyscales and Kraken! (GIC Free 2" dodge) Play started off rough with the fish scoring turn one goal courtesy of shark. Rage went furious charging shark dealing very little damage... i mean pitiful! roughly remembering 10 dice on his charge against a def 4 arm 1 and rolled 2 successes... (CRY)... dealt a little damage but took harry and minx to also charge in to really beat on him. from then it was player assassination. after shark TO (4-2 to the fish at this point) turn 2 became even more bloody. The ball had been scattered 6" from my friendly goal and minx was playing defence! with a bit of movement the ball was retrieved by salts amazing sprint and passed to enemy gutter. The beat down began. Gutter was set upon by rage giving her bleed killing her in the following maintenance phase and before this minx finished off the weasel as the last player so LC wasnt relevant. black heart tried hitting siren but protection kraken proved too strong as he wasted 5 INF against a def 5 arm 1 siren. turn 2 finished 5-4 to the union. Turn three came even more bloodshed and some goals! a well placed molotov from harry had gutter and greyscales gasping for water and a successful Goad on greyscales prevented his 3 stack of INF from running to take the easy goal. Minx ran in for the tackled and pinched it very quickly. Sharks return to the pitch allowed rage to unleash fury on the wing once again by charging the already battered captain. with help from gutter shark was bleeding out with 1hp and the risky move from the fish captain... a run away by shark with 4INF against 2 parting blows... Rage in his element rolling 9 dice thanks to gutter sliced the slippery fish into sushi and generated 2VP for the friendly team. after some movement and pushes blackheart SCREAMED LEGENDARY! harry, blackheart, coin all dodged 2"! Blackheart then swang his massive sword knocking down the old body of greyscales. Kraken with some repositioning felt powerless to stop the union at this point. Harry charged salt needing to free minx who at this point now had the ball. KD! Salt was dealt with and with a delightful 2" melee gutter who had returned to annoy minx was the next target. even with his errated card he swung... A PUSH! minx was free to sprint and score.... Score 11-4... Upon the next turn the ball returned to the pitch infront of goal and center... shark returning to the pitch to try and defend the goal line. Minx using furious might charged and the extremely broken captain fetching the ball on the way through... 9 dice... def 4 arm 1... 6 Successes after armour, A WRAP!! 3DMG << momentously and another momentous < !... 2 MP at this point, no longer engaged and in tap in with 2 INF... a kick was declared, make or break... a bonus time was decided... 3 dice... GOOOOOAL! a 3, 2, and a 5! Lesson learnt... although i forgot my engineers case and thus had to play my union, i loved playing them every second and enjoyed every moment. even if the dice at the begining were playing mind tricks! ALL FOR THE HAT! HARRY! HARRY! HARRY! Pictures to follow but the size is always too big? O.o
  3. MasterPlan

    Really ready to be win one

    I am really ready to win one. Not just one game here and there but a 5 week league. I don't have to win every game nor should I win every game, but I need a win for the Engineers or at least to feel close. Do you think Pin Vice can provide that? It feels sad that in order to win that we need to use a new leader. Well maybe we will have an insane cross over member with the hunters.... Some high tech guy or gal who just opens up like crazy within the Hunters and brings a win home for ballista.