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Found 12 results

  1. Sold Out at 64 players Welcome one and all to The Rusty Cup We invite you to a new shiny gaming venue (well, new to us at least) for a tournament hosted by the second best Podcast related to Guild Ball in the world. For the astonishingly good price of twenty five pounds you have the opportunity to take part in this 64 person tournament held over Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th March 2017 (yes it’s a long way off so there’s no excuses) in sunny York. For your £25 you’ll get the opportunity to play 6 rounds of guild ball (4 on the Sat, 2 on the Sunday), have a microphone shoved in your face for a two bit podcast, eat a delicious and included in the price buffet lunch (that’s sandwiches, crisps and stuff) and even come drinking in York where we may (or may not) reenact the wonderful night the legend of the Stockport 5 was forged. There will be clapping, trophies galore, cleanliness, light, comfortable temperatures, working toilets and most importantly Badges! Tournament pack to follow, it’ll follow the standard sanctioned rules. 6 players from 8, single captain and mascot, 45min clock, first to 12 vps (subject to change depending on the organized play document in places at that time). To take us up on this once in a year, possibly never to be repeated if this ones a disaster, offer all you have to do is paypal £25 as a gift (as in to friends and family) to jsnewton33 AT hotmail.com and put your name / guild ball in the message box. Tickets are strictly limited to 64 so get in quick. Unfortunately because of the payment arrangements with the venue we cannot refund cancelations made less than 7 days prior to the event - you can of course pass your ticket on tome someone else as long as you let us know. For the purposes of hotels/ travel etc this is the venue address: The Folk Hall Hawthorn Terrace New Earswick York, YO32 4AQ Fastest shit off the shovel award goes to: 1) Rob Smith 2) Jonathan Leigh 3) Greg Day (they are selling so fast I've lost track who got third!) 4) Luke Foster 5) Bjorn Lefevre 6) Geoff Porritt 7) Sam Wood 8) Chris Smith 9) Jack Newton 10) Owen Rutter 11) Jason Greenwood 12) Alex Hall 13) Snowey 14) Darren Watson 15) Russell Watson 16) Bryce "Don't let him Win, he's only coming to check I still know the rules" Johnston 17) Chris Hay 18) 19) James Reeves 20) Rob Balmforth 21) Kev Stave 22) Martin Edwards 23) 24) Steve Atkinson 25) Jamie ' The Swedish Thought Criminal' Bryce 26) James Clarke 27) Ben Redmond 28) Jacob Redmond 29) Dominic Lee 30) Barry Nixon 31) Simon Coates 32) Mark Southerd 33) David Mustin 34) JJ 35) Ian Lord Marley 36) Johnny 'Bad Dice' Cannon 37) Craig Butler 38) Russel George 39) Charles Nursar (in for Andrew Jones) 40) Trevor Moffat 41) Neil Peckett 42) Mark Shepherd 43) Stuart Phillips 44) 45) 46) Eddie 47) 48) David 'not that one' Cameron 49) Tomas Lenton 50) Stephen Easton 51) Anna Morley 52) Mike Curry 53) Jamie 'the spy' Giblin 54) Jay Fininininininigan 55) Edward Churchman 56) Pat Vance 57) 58) Kev Horseman 59) Mark Muslek 60) Peter O'sullivan 61) Barry Voice 62) Oliver Visick 63) 64) Maria Wieland Reserves - 8 places - first come first served! Important parts extracted from the Tournament Pack since the forum is shit: Timings, these are approximate and while we won’t start any earlier we will try and keep things moving along to get an earlier finish if possible Day 1 Sat 9.30 – 10 Registration 10.20 (sharp) – 12.00 Round 1 12.10 – 13.50 Round 2 13.50 – 14.30 lunch – later lunch to make up for a later start 14.30 – 17.10 round 3 17.10 – 18.50 round 4 We will be making our way into town to eat, drink, make merry and cause civil unrest from about 8pm Day 2 Sun 9.30 doors open Round 5 10am (Sharp) – 11.40 Round 6 11.40 – 13.20 13.20-14.00 – prizes, buy flowers for the mother in your life and go home. Rules: Being a sanctioned event the rules pack will follow the Regional Cup format available on the Steamforged Games website. In summary (SF Rulespack takes precedence in event of conflicts) . Tournament length – 6 rounds Match Win Conditions – 12 VP’s (unless you are playing midus in which case I might make it 20 for you to win.) Round Length – 45min clock each with total round length of 100mins Team Roster Selection – 9 models comprising 1-2 captains, 1-2 mascots, 4-7 team members (original and veteran allowed). Maximum of one Union per roster (unless you are playing union) Match Roster Selection – alternating player picking Fully painted is a requirement, obviously. Rusty Cup 2017 tournament pack.docx
  2. It seems i keep forgetting to announce here so i'll consolidate future ones into this thread Episode 21. Steam con and a heart felt dedication. Poke it in your ears from here: http://www.wcww.co.uk/2016/12/episode-21-its-good-to-try-new-things/ Episode 20 with professional podcast whore Mat: http://www.wcww.co.uk/2016/11/episode-20-are-they-a-twat/ kitchens, disciplinary's, brexit, US election, probably some Guild Ball Episode 19 with Rich: http://www.wcww.co.uk/2016/09/episode-19-lox-joins-us-to-talk-season-5-cos-he-says-nowt-about-season-3/ Season 5 - no pants for all!! Episode 18 HERE 'Jamie Owes me a pint'. Masters recap, top tips for new players and other stuff, like steamcon Episode 17 HERE 'Sorry Dustins Mum' Engineers, more engineers and some more engineers with @DrillbossD Episode 16 is live HERE. 'Free the Stockport 5' James from Hot Gates Gaming Joins us, eventually, to talk about vengeance, the stockport incident, Fillet and our games. Spot the ball competition winner announced as well.
  3. Probably more relevant here than the Guild Ball discussion side we talk more about dark souls than Guild Ball this episode.
  4. Episode 15 - Darksouls mostly, and salute With less than 7 days left on the Kickstarter we have 50% of the Dark Souls demo team on talking a little about it and a lot about Salute. We probably talk guild ball at some point as well but don't hold your breath. Episode 15
  5. Back by popular demand, well one person asked for it, its episode 13 - Fat Legs, Big Balls Episode 13 Fat Legs, Big Balls 0m I screw up the format 4m – stuff we’ve done, hoist, weird weekends, celebrity deaths 20m – chris goes to the doctors 30m – Hearn, Seenah, the Mascot Spoilers, our competition and tournament plugs!! 37m Alex off of Rhode Island asks us a Guild Ball Question about morticians 50m a bit of Fillet 1hr 6m Thunderstruck Steve ‘n’ seagulls 1hr 10 Steve Jon Snow from Asylum Wargaming www.asylumwargaming.com 1hr 30 Mastermind and the hulkster
  6. For those not on twitter / FB we released our Hunters Salute Special yesterday. In this episode we discuss hunters and lose the ability to read the word 'other' on Therons / Hearns card. (i.e. we get blessings of the sun father wrong). We also have Phil from GBT on to teach him about the meaning of the word rusty and test his knowledge of old and infirm British celebrities. Listen to it here We also have a filmed match report between Hunters and Morticians, which we make reference to during the episode. you can watch it here. We get blessings of the sun father wrong in it as well, we are at least consistently incompetent.
  7. Just for you special forumites episode 12 is out HERE and we have a competition for you. You have to listen and follow the instructions though. I've not told twitter or FB yet so you've got a head start. 0 – Intros and waffle 14m – dead celebrities society 19m Mr Falcon is a gamer, toilet tips and god is a FoTS 25m exciting special guest and quickfire round 34min Field of Screams, Alchemists, top tips for midus 1hr 55 Ghast, Rage, proof reading…the worlds smallest violin, and gutter…again 2hr how many times can you drop captain rage 2hr 10min does darth vader still have a knob 2hr 29 Dafcon, Always Darkk scenery and SMTS models plug and we all develop Alzheimer’s Musical Interlude cover of NIN ‘Hurt’ by 2Cellos, cracking stuff, give them a listen and buy their stuff.
  8. Episode 11 Captain Rage, Rankings and Vapnartak What, where, how, not again...yes, episode 11 is out, we talk to Ben Redmond about rankings, dave Cameron is now a FoTS and Chris didn't punch him, we also talk about vapnartak and have tickets to vengeance to give away. Oh and there's a bit about captain rage in there (which based on giving him a run out tonight is surprisingly accurate)
  9. For those not on Twitter it's out HERE we've (by 'we' I mean GBT Phil sent me pictures and video, some of which was audio setting related) worked on the sound to improve the volume and i'm reliably informed this is the best one since the last one. 0 – Intros and waffle 4m10 – Quickfire round 13m55 – begging in Liddles car park 15m25 – player spotlight – Katalist, and early thoughts on Esters and Corsair 35min – multiple captains and list chicken…. 40 mins – Back onto player spotlight – Katalist a bit more, Velocity & Graves 1hr 7m lunatics suing people and inappropriate pictures 1hr 15 min Player spotlight again, nearly there – Bonesaw 1hr20 game design decisions – balance of influence on players, play tester pet teams 1hr 30 – skill caps for different guilds and the plusses of tournaments and upcoming steamforged stuff, championship events, and multiple captains 2hr 4m frozen balls round up 3hr 10 Tournament Interviews 3hr 50 Upcoming tournaments and thanks to Paul Sutton & his brother.
  10. In snuck out on Friday but we've been busy hosting a tournament divant ya na. Ignore Chris saying 9 at the start, he gets confused about big numbers. its on our website here: Episode 8: The One Like Jonah Falcon and on our iTunes feed. timestamps or whatever they are called. 2m intros 4m Pissing comp 16m tournament roundup skaldic shield day 1 44m skaldic shield day 2 50m ringer position in tournaments 54m other games, lessons were learnt & allocate vs gain 1hr 4m fishermen 1hr 10 mash up, the stoker missile and facing gutter 1hr 28 overthinking and playing to take outs or goals 1hr 42 leeds winter ball roundup – it’s a WCWW’off 2hr 40m freestyle frisby jamming 2hr 42 who is the coolest bond villan 2hr 44 your wang doesn’t work and Pele knows 2hr 47 frenzied masturbation, more lager and insult the creators 2hr insult bloodbowl talk about GW 2hr 55 guild ball again – generalists vs specialists, hot gates gaming plug, alchemist thoughts, Mash 3hr 57 competition results 4hr 01 oh who gives a fuck its been going on for 4 hrs now closing music by Post Modern Jukebox, something a bit different
  11. Its up on our feed, you should know by now its not suitable for work, kids, funerals, family gatherings but we did push the envelope a tad this episode so there are some beeps. Episode 7- the one where we said C*** 0:00 to 2:00 Pre waffle and intro 2.:00 min – Pissing competition 27:00 - Twitter questions, ‘just add sharks’ and ‘msrainsford.blogspot.com’ plugs and competition results 37:00 – Its Jay Finnegan 43:00 Skaldic Shield Update 49:00 Building to beat engineers 52:00 player discussion, fangthooth, Compound, Harry the Hat, 57:00 Snakeskin and Minx in depth 1:19 Chisel & Tenderiser thoughts 1:30 Chris sells his soul 1:37 Winter Wreath Update 1:43 going rate on Hits in Middlesbrough 1:46 Guild Ball Informer Upcoming stuff 1:54 Mr and Mr End Music – Juzzie Smith - One Man Band - give it a listen its superb Website: previous episodes FB: Our Facebook Page, come here for stuff and tourney details Twitter: @WCWWpodcast Tokens: Red ones, but other colours are available After you've spent us go listen to Guild Ball Tonight, Smashed Shins Watch: Guild Ball Informer - mainly for Persil the star host,, Battlehammer - they have a blog thing as well but you can google that yourselves Read: Badly Punched Otter, Ozball, Lead, Dice and Beers, (i like the third part)
  12. its live and on iTunes http://www.wcww.co.uk/the-podcast/ Apparently show notes are cool; Waffely Rubbish and intro – 0.00 – 1m45 Pissing Competition 1m45 to 7m General Games Played 7m to 17 mins Tourny roundup, games and insight 17mins to 1h 22 Death clock thoughts 1hr 21 to 1hr 27 Upcoming tournaments 1hr 27 to 1hr 45 Mr and Mr 1hr 45 to 1hr 56 (cut short by software failure) Interactive Twitter stuff and end 1hr 56 to 2hr04