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Found 1 result

  1. I know a number of apps have bean posted but this is my version For android and on the web, an app for viewing Guild Ball Cards and resources and tracking basic stats during a game. Features Season 3 Card viewing Roster Creation with Plot cards HP tracking Score keeping (Goals, VP, and MP) Clock - implements the standard Guild Ball Clock Quick Reference Rules reference Organized play reference Download links and a bit more info can be found on my website and - Direct link to Google Play 2/23/2016 - updated to fix the health modifying on the roster screen (found by DamasterZ) 2/23/2016 - fixed spelling and minor content issues (found by tonio) 2/29/2016 - fixed shanks stats (Razcalking), added some confirmations to the roster screen (henke), and updated to the latest card data (Includes new players) 4/26/2016 - updated to add Season 2 rules and cards, as well as FAQ's etc.., also some minor fixes to card viewing / navigation as well as fixing a bug with the timer, updated to the release build insteat of a dev build 4/28/2016 - updated to better support the big league, including plot deck building, plot generation for a match, and basic sponsership for players, as well as full plot display (season 1 & 2) 5/6/2016 - updated to version 2, better interface and more extensible, yadda yadda its better, take it at that. 5/9/2016 - fixed a couple of minor bugs 6/8/2016 - fixed quick ref cards not displaying, and added compound into the alchamists roster 7/1/2016 - fixed season 1 plot cards and big league card viewing, fixed vitriol's stats and sakana HP 11/29/2016 - updated to season 3 cards and plots