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Found 2 results

  1. Reading page 32 of the season three rulebook, both the Sequence of an Attack and the Sequence of a Character Play share step 3. Check for taken-out. Is the entire character play sequence resolved when a character play is triggered from a playbook guildball result? Obviously steps 2.1 through 2.3 are skipped since the character play automatically hits and there's no reason to generate a dice pool. Suppose Gutter charges vSiren and spikes, getting 6 net hits. The union player chooses on the wrap and as her playbook results. First the is resolved, triggering the Scything Blow character play. The 3 damage from this play is enough to reduce vSiren to 0 hit points. Does Escaping Fate trigger here at step 3 of the character play's resolution? If so, is vSiren then taken out by the 1 playbook damage which is resolved second at the end of step 3 of the attack sequence?
  2. My group has started up Guild Ball and on a lark, read over the Pundit questions. Reading the timing chart in the back of the Season 3 rulebook, we came to the conclusion that in the 8-10 vKatalyst and Witness Me! example, the Alchemist's would lose, following the logic that vKatalyst's Taken-out condition would go through the full Taken Out Sequence before the additional +2 VP are gained. We were surprised when we found out the clarification ruling was it was simultaneous and a tie, found here: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/33120-vet-katalyst-win-lose-or-draw/ We were wondering what the exact rules basis was for this, given the timing charts. Apologies for bringing this back up, but we just wanted to make sure we have the rules clear as to why this ruling is as it is.