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Found 3 results

  1. Can vHarmony soak damage with all of her boxes marked? In what situations can she do this? Playbook damage results that trigger AOE/pulse traits. AOE/pulse Character plays. Ledendary plays that deal damage in a pulse. This is a thing because of when the timing charts say that you check for taken out. Lawyers only please.
  2. Bloodymason

    Any advice on using hammer?

    Now that SteamCon has past and been, I have recently changed my league team from the Masons Kick Off 6 to the following; Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Flint, Mallet and Tower. Only played two games with this team. Lost the testing game against Morts 12-11 (best match I ever had tbh) and lost the first league game with this team 12-4 against Blacksmiths. Is there any hints and tips that a new hammer user could learn and even apply in future games?
  3. Warpstoned

    Veteran Harmony Musings

    I've finally gotten my hands on her sweet sweet model and painted her up to join my Masons selection and I started thinking that I haven't heard much about her viability (which may or may not be an answer in itself) So what is you guys take on veteran Harmony? I do see her causing som issues there regarding Honour/oHarmony liking to play together, leaving vHarmony to be played with Hammer only rosters - which may have benefits and downfalls on it's own over a 2 captain roster - a discussion all on its own I suppose. On first glance she seems like your average "fast, squishy and nimble" model, but still packs 2 damage early in her playbook making her useful in that regard in a pinch. But with low momentous dodges and tackles like a striker type model. Smelling Salts - lost the healing part and permanent home crowd helps alleviate conditions as well to a degree. Could still be useful in a roster as a tech slot. Marked Target - is a sweet trade up from before. A influence point on vHarmony signifies a potential increase in threat of your team until it is spent (Mainly Hammer/Mallet I suppose). It is quite unreliable on 1 Dice, but can be triggered momentously via playbook (mainly on a charge). The only implicit drawback here is that the new rising star Minx also has it, making this sort of redundant. Breaking Play - seems quite lackluster, since masons has so low defence anyways. But it is "free", costing her 0 inf but her activating first. Team player - This is the point that has me most intrigued. I get that the concept of taking damage on your low hp high def models seems counter productive. And it most often is. It is truly free though, but the range could be too short when it matters. However, in certain situations it can stop a take out on one of your inf loaded models, and can help you put inf on wounded models and not having them taken out in the opponents first activation. Especially with Chisel there is some synergy with painful rage, helping her survive that little bit extra (leave the chisel discussion out in this thread please). This is highly theoretical and might never be used, but I find it intriguing - unique and always active as it is. All in all she is probably one of masons most allround models, with decent speed, decent kick, high def, decent fighting, Dodges/tackles and some useful plays and traits. She lacks a bit of health, but is probably still more survivable than Flint/Chisel with their 3/1 victim stats. Also no 2" melee. Her implicit downsides is "only" fitting in a Hammer only roster and sharing marked target with Minx. Have anyone had any practical experience of Smelling Salts/Breaking Play/Team Player/Marked target? I think she feels like a model you can give 2 influence and have her contribute in many different ways. Smelling salts, run + marked, Charge for damage or marked, or just marked + an inf for hammer to take. If that is good enough though to compete with other slots is of course up for discussion (or if you actually have influence to spare for this type of actions in the first place) Any input or opinions is welcome.