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Found 3 results

  1. vGrave's sustained character play, Exhaustion reads "While within this aura, enemy models spend +1 MP to declare a Counter-Attack." Note the use of "+1" instead of "1 additional" as used in the Fear character trait and Hypnosis character play. If a character is able to make a Counter-Attack without spending momentum, such as by using the Poised character trait, but are within vGrave's Exhaustion aura, must the Counter-Attacking character spend 0 or 1 momentum to make the Counter-Attack? If a character does not have Poised, does the Exhaustion tax count as a separate instance of spending momentum for the purpose of Piper's Pay the Piper character play?
  2. Suppose vGraves hits Mercury with the Grave Digger character play. Later that turn, Cosset Lures Mercury, causing him to take a parting blow from Calculus. The damage from this parting blow is enough for Mercury to suffer the Taken-Out condition. Does this trigger Grave Digger? Which team gets the additional VP?
  3. ...they arrived! vGraves and Vileswarm. Can't await to go for 16 VP's. I might use this to post pictures of those two when painted. Any ideas set for you guys on how to use them both? I will try them with Scalpel. Drag something to the edge where VS and vGraves flank and let VS do his 4 or 6 inch push. I might even wanna go for an 8" push with the Steamroller Plotcard. Can't wait for that! On another occasion I will try to go for 16 VP's with Casket. That'll be fun. (Pssht, go get them! They look awesome!)