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Found 7 results

  1. Steamforged

    Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    The latest Guild Ball Errata, including notes from the Development Team, is available to view now: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/guild-ball-balance-errata Let us know below how this will change your line-up.
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/steamforged/dark-soulstm-the-board-game/posts/1867210?ref=backer_project_update Another one! describing what's been happening on the backend... ...aaand the reviews we've all watched 3-4 times already. The cheery ones.
  3. Hi Unkindled, Before anything else - we are still working on BackerKit and are planning to meet our 31st October roll-out as announced. Apologies to everyone for our lack of updates over the last few weeks. As some of the backers have been talking about it has literally been due to our huge workload ensuring that the quality of the product we plan to deliver is of the highest we can achieve. Part of this involved a trip to China... Hopefully this update will give you a 'behind the scenes' look at the logistical challenges a project like this poses to a company. We felt with a project on this scale we needed to visit the factories involved directly. So Rich Loxam (Managing Director) & Mat Hart (Creative Director) went on the 12 hour flight across the world to personally see how progress was going. The awesome Ludo Fact Asia Office - so many shiny toys inside! After travelling from Hong Kong to mainland China we met up with Ludo Fact Asia in the city of Dongguan. They had arranged a full trip to the various factories that are producing each element of the Dark Souls project and gave us a full run down of exactly how it was all happening. To give you an idea of how production of this project happens essentially: Models, Components and some Printed Products are produced in China These items are then shipped to LudoFact Germany & LudoFact USA Both these locations and LudoFact Asia then compete the printing and assembling processes of the product Once completed, these are then sent to multiple distribution hubs around the world Once at the hub, parcels are pick/packed and then sent to the customers On our visit in China, we stopped off at one of the main printing factories that deals with most of the gaming industry printed components. One of the large scale printers within the factory - yes that is a man poking out of the bottom end... Pretty much every major board game was seen our our trip round (unfortunately we cannot show you images of them!) and we were shown the various stages they go through to make sure the components are of the highest quality. Some of these processes included: Cold/Heat treatment of the board components so warping doesn't occur Machine fed card cutting for accurate centering (yes, rounded corners!) Digital file checking and error flagging from prototype creation and digital samples Calibration of machines for perfect wrapping of graphical packaging around outer boxes, etc. It was incredibly impressive the level of quality checking that happens and confirmed to us we had made the right choice for Dark Souls. Stages of Production - 3D Print Approval Samples (Orange) and Pre-Tooling Samples (White) Another key stop on our trip was to the modelling manufacturer. We were shown the entire process from mould and tooling creation to production samples. The image above shows some of the various stages the current Dark Souls models were at. The level of detail achieved on these miniatures is incredible. We cannot wait to update you with the photos of the final production samples over the next few months. We have recently gone through a similar process with our Guild Ball range of miniatures (see steamforged.com - Kick Off! for details) and we are so happy that the level of quality is some of the highest seen in board gaming. Titanite Demon 3D Sample Prior to Tooling Sample...and yes thats a 75mm base! Top Down look at the Gargoyle - with tape measure for scale. A selection of base sizes from 25mm - 75mm. Don't worry, they come pre-assembled on the models in the box After a few exhausting days we come back from China with a full sense of excitement and amazement at the sheer scale of what is involved behind the screen of emails and communication we normally get to see when producing a new game. We also have full confidence that the final products will be well received by our backers and customers. Finally, we can now confirm that every single model unlocked on the campaign is now sculpted and at various stages of approval/production. The next update from us will be relating specifically with the BackerKit and should arrive on October 31st as planned. Praise the Sun! \[T]/
  4. Guys, there's been a kickstarter update about late pledges and pledge manager. I'm posting here if any of you haven't gone there or are late backers. Praise the sun \[T]/ _________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello Unkindled, If you have messaged us and your question is not answered here please resend your question. Where is the Pledge Manager? We've been getting a LOT of questions in regards to the Pledge Manager. The Invitations have not been sent yet. We will be using BackerKit, so expect an email inviting you to join our Pledge Manager during the next few months. We will also put out an update when we send them out to remind you. During the pledge manager you will be able to: Select language localisation from French, German, Italian, or Spanish (English as Standard) Increase your pledge to include more Add Ons or a Second Copy Select your Add Ons Pay for your shipping & finalise your shipping address Timeline Kickstarter Campaign Ends 0 Day - Pledges are charged. 1 Week - Survey sent confirming emails. 1-2 Months - Pledge Manager sent to backers confirming add-on purchases, extras and taking payment for shipping. 1 Month Before Shipping - Pledge Manager deadline - any late confirmations after this deadline will be shipped from the UK after all other pledges are completed and may incur additional cost. My pledge has been declined! Money hasn't left my account! A handful of you have had your pledges declined. There is nothing we can do from our end to help you with this. We recommend viewing the Kickstarter FAQ. 1. Check that you've entered valid card or account numbers and the correct expiration date. Make sure the card hasn't expired. 2. Confirm that your billing postal code is correct. 3. Make sure you haven't exceeded the credit limit on your payment method. 4. Confirm with your bank that the funds are not being held. I need my pledge refunded! We will be issuing refunds after the 30th May - this is 14 days after funding. Please contact support@steamforged.com to resolve these requests. Late Pledges (PayPal Also Available) The Late Pledge is now available at: http://steamforged.com/late-pledge We will run the late pledge for a decent amount of time, but please get your late pledges in sooner rather than later so you will have access to the Pledge Manager when we send it out. If you miss the Late Pledge you will have missed the boat entirely. This is also your opportunity to pay via PayPal. Other Frequently Asked Questions No, the Early Bird Pledges cannot now be taken. Now the campaign is over the chance to pledge for Retail Level is gone. If you have any Retail based questions please email byron@steamforged.com If you have any General based questions please email support@steamforged.com
  5. Dorkenmore24

    SFG Updates

    Hey Folks, Is there a place where SFG has or will be providing updates on these forums or should we expect updates to come on the SteamForged website? Thanks,
  6. Ratty

    Vassal v5.2

    Vassal v5.2 up No huge changes, fixed so mistakes on the Plot Cards (mainly missing full stops, and bold), updated to the new reference cards, Added H&J as alternatives for Influence and Wounds for people with weird foreign keyboards, Added Tokens for Sponsorship. http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Guild_Ball
  7. Ratty

    Vassal 4.51

    OK I was running a demo game last night and a few errors popped up. So I've put together a small patch 1. I had originally removed the Taken-Out condition from the Demo Models, but it turns out that there are a lot of functions that rely on it that, so don't work if it's missing (the most important being influence). So I've added it back 2. When you rolled for initiative it cleared your MP. Which is fine unless you both roll the same total. So I've combined both rolls together into a single button push and set it to reroll if both sides roll the same total. It only clears the MP when one side wins initiative. Once that was in place it felt pointless keeping the New Turn and Initiative rolls seperate so they are all now a single button press. 3. The little (s) that shows a model is the Starter version not the Main version was covering up some of the influence so I shifted it a pixel or 2. http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Guild_Ball