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Found 30 results

  1. Fry

    Butchers VS Farmers

    Last week I decided to head to a new FLGS, although not all that local with a 40 minute drive, at a new area that I've recently moved into. They were very welcoming and I had fun getting to know some of the other players, but I had another goal in mind, getting Gutter on the Butchers. Granted this is my first and only post for this cause... They gave me a choice of people to play against and I chose the Farmers because I've only played against them once before and loss terribly against them. This time I had one change to the line up I was bringing in hopes of bringing a victory against them. I figured I would go against the usual lineup, for obvious reasons, of Grange, Harrow, Peck, Windle, Jackstraw and Tater. I brought Fillet, Meathook, Vet Ox, Boar, Princess and, my new idea, Tenderizer (that's how we spell it this side of the pond). My opponent won the starting roll and chose to receive. I gave Tenderizer the ball and moved him up the pitch and sent the ball as far left from his starting right position as I could. My opponent decided to line all his players nearly base to base to the left of his pitch, my right. I had my players fairly spilt down the middle with Fillet front and center flanked by Princess to her left and Meathook to her right. Beyond Princess sat Ox and just on the other side of Meathook was Boar. I had started Tenderizer to the right of Boar and moved him up and over, just ahead of and in between Boar and Meathook. he sent it sailing, sort of..., to the left of his line up leaving only his bird to go get it. He sent Peck over to retrieve the ball and rather than dropping the ball and snapping it to the next player he kicked it, as much as a rooster can kick, only to miss straight down the line. Leaving Jackstraw to pick it, I believe... It's here that my memory of specifics get blurry and I'll just go into the brief highlights. Maybe next time I'll actually write down some notes. Turn one was the standard positioning and set up for the next round. After one more failed pass my opponent finally managed to make a pass. Tenderizer managed to get up the field and do what I brought him to do, disrupt everything he possibly could. Getting a successful Ground and Pound, I managed to damage and knock down half of his team. The next round I was feeling pretty good and managed to deal out quite a bit of damage, but also put Fillet in a dangerous situation, made even more dangerous by that jerk of a bird's Heroic Play "When the Cock Crows..." Fillet was basically done for the following round, but not before I up the Knockdown game going with Tenderizer and tried to keep Harrow away from healing everyone before Bleed could do its job. I got a little over zealous with that attempt and ended up damaging and taking out Meathook after she had already taking some blows from the Farmers. So 2 VPs from me to him... Jackstraw worked his disappearing act and got a goal after his team mates took Fillet out. I managed to work some of my own magic and slice a player down. At this point it was looking fairly grim, and to be honest the round are getting mixed up in my recollection, but i managed to bring the game to a bit of a heat. I had taken out Windle, finally, Grange and Harrow. Jackstraw was far up the field toward my goal and the mascots were circling each other mid field. Tater was on his last leg and I kept the women off of him. The next and final round started. It was 6 to 8 and I had brought Fillet back previously and picked up the ball after Jackstraw's goal. I used Fillet first, who had Windle and Grange coming back on her wing, and punted the ball as best I could away from the Farmers. I then took some frustration out on Windle, hoping it might do some good after surviving this round, but the damage dealt wasn't nearly enough. Harrow came in from the back and near the goal, not too far from where the ball Fillet sent away sat. He managed to pick up it and get it to Jackstraw, I forgot until now that at the end of the previous round he worked his poof act back toward Fillet. Now he has the ball and needs one goal to win. I needed 3 kills and wasn't thinking about a goal anymore. Tenderizer made mash potatoes tying the game. All I could hope for was for the scarecrow come up short. He put down his harvest marker, Wizard of Oz'ed himself, then crop dusted and jumped again to the closest harvest to the goal. He had the momentum and he had the influence, but did he have the distance? We placed the 8" template down from Jackstraw and as it hit the table it was clear he had the range for his shot, barely, but enough that no one could argue. My opponent bonus timed, picked up his dice and shook them. I had a chance if he missed to take out Harrow and Windle or possibly put the hurt on Grange over Windle. I played out those scenarios in my head as the dice rolled to a stop on the mat. I saw the first die had missed then as I scanned to the other two I saw he had made it... I had lost to the Farmers for a second time, 2 goals and 2 kills, one of them from me.. But walking away from the pitch I looked back and was happy knowing that Tenderizer did what he was meant to do and I had out killed the planters.
  2. Two fantastic games today! in the second the dice were not kind (lots of awesome plays, that just wouldn't work), walked away from the table with 2 games to 0 against the slippery fish! some incredibly climactic moments in game one with boiler being introduced to the wrong side of the crowd and boar almost meeting(meating?) the same fate. The butchers stayed stalwart though, with shank breaking a hole in the fish lines and taking the goal. 12vp-6vp game one, 12-6 game two also. Thank you to my opponent for a really fun, competitive and enjoyable gaming experience! Here's to gutter! and here's to guild ball! The shennanigans begins! Ox eyes up a "get em lads" While Boiler gets bullied horrendously by Jac! Shank sets up for a (scoring?) Butchers side!
  3. Ballista's Engineers shut out the Masons, winning 13-0. Ballista and Locus spent the game beating on Honour. Constantly knocking her down and setting up Mine Field to discourage others from interfering. Ratchet was dropping bombs and tooling up Ballista. Mother was putting out nests to let Hoist disengage and score goals, while Velocity retrieved the ball and passed it to him. Hoist scored twice while Ballista and Locus took out Honour, Marbles, and Chisel.
  4. Ballista and his Engineers won a crushing victory over Corsair’s Fishermen today with a final score of 14-2. The game began with a kickoff to the fish, who passed the ball around before Salvo stoke it and kicked it down field. Mainspring passed to Velocity who passed to Ballista who scored using his legendary play. The ball was picked up by Kraken who passed to Corsair, only to have the ball stolen by velocity for yet another goal for the Engineers. Jac pushes Salvo off the pitch, only to be pushed out himself by the Collosus. Meanwhile, Kraken, Corsair, and V.Siren has penned in Velocity with Soren controlling the ball. Velocity managed to steal the ball and shoot for a final goal. A victory for the Engineers in their attempt to recruit Harry the Hat.
  5. Aidan

    Halloween Havoc

    Note: A note on the game; This was my fourth game of GB ever, I have not been able to play since June, and this was an anticipated return to the sport for me! Apologies for all the proxies and unpainted minis. Also, we did unfortunately make a rulings mistake which led to a forfeit on the Union side but the game was thoroughly enjoyable thanks to my opponent, thanks for the game and I hope you enjoy my review of it I'll be playing a couple more games in the coming days to do my bit for the guild! The mistake made was a failed pass resulted behind the goal line, and we just went ham anyway and brawled it out, we realised pretty late into the game with not much time to start again or change the game-state accordingly, my opponent was awesome about it, so we proposed to finish the turn and then call it. Was so much fun, definitely got the blood pumping to kill some pesky fish tomorrow! Knocked up the story just now so it's not the best but I hope you enjoy it “The butchers’ players lined up for the kick-off, the delayed but much anticipated “Cutting-edge” tournament was finally about to begin, on butchers’ soil. The crowd, now silent had been raucous throughout the pre-match ceremony, street violence had reached an all-time high in the district. There were even rumours that the coaches of both the fishermen and butchers teams brawling in the street.” “Brisket jogged up to kick the ball, her aim was true launching it over to the left side of the Union teams squad. The crowd, instantly howled in adoration for her, screaming her name and slandering the Union as Harry the hat neatly received the ball and moved forward, making a pass back to his captain, Blackheart. Blackheart grinned as he glanced over at the butchers’ squad, looking to his right he saw the insatiable bloodlust of Minx and Rage, even standing still he saw their muscles tense, their eyes narrow at their targets. This night of all nights, the night of hallows eve was an appropriate one, Blackheart would have his revenge. His grin widened as he nonchalantly allowed the pass from Harry to glide into the corner of the pitch, Harry at first confused, smiled briefly as he realised what was happening, it wasn’t much longer until the crowd caught on as well.” “F*** the game! F*** the game! F*** the game!” They chanted, again and again and again. They were at the boiling point now, small skirmishes occurring in the high stalls amongst the fans of each side, the dwindling sunlight caught and fluoresced from the shattered bottles as they were broken against the railings, as well as the craniums of innocent by-standers. “ Note: you can see the ball way off in the distance here! “The butchers team, not wanting to be upstaged on their own turf grimly nodded to one another, Shank shot up the field in a blur, launching himself into Harry the hat, his blades sang through the air as he vaulted backwards away from harry, denying any riposte. First blood to the butchers. The crowd howled its adoration at Shank and his team for bringing glory to the butchers’ stadium. The game continued, the players of both sides repositioning, attempting to get the upper hand before the carnage ensued. Blackheart finally showed his hand, forcing his team to push further, moving them into more optimal positions and allowing him to daze Boar then reposition, preventing any repercussions from the savage. Ox ground his heels into the dirt as he prepared his charge, staring down the opposing teams captain, how much time had passed since the ball had been removed from the game state? He did not know, how much of a beating had both teams taken? Irrelevant now. The crowd hushed as he sprang into a run, barrelling his body, shoulder first into blackheart. “As I thought “captain”” he spat mockingly, you’re not tough at all!” the butchers’ fans roared in glee then went silent anticipating the classic war call from the butchers captain they’d all heard time and time again “GET EM LADS!!!” Ox roared then grabbed for his hatchet and dove headfirst, back into the bloodshed.” “Longshanks paced nervously in his viewing suite, this wasn’t going as planned, not as planned at all. The players had already violated key rulings of guild ball, but to call off a match so early during the inaugural game of the tournament was not only career suicide but possibly a fatal mistake were he to make the call. There was as much bloodshed in the stands as there was on the pitch, the fever of the crowd had caused both teams to go above and beyond, the pace and momentum of the match reaching incredible highs. Longshanks bit his nails as he thought through his options, his thoughts disturbed as his page announced the arrival of the coaches.” “This better be damn good, I’ve got players bleeding out in the dig outs right now!” The unions coach yelled as he arrived, it looked as if a vessel was about to burst on his forehead, bright red from stress the coach was visibly sweating. Longshanks half expected a cocky retort from the upstart Butchers player, but from the pallid flesh and lack of response, Longshanks surmised things were not going much better for the butchers either. “The match is off” He said it simply, calmly, even knowing that 70% of the fan base would tear him apart had they heard this conversation. “No…. the inaugural game, not like this.” It was the expected response from the butchers’ coach, the guild had paid a considerable amount of gold setting the event up, with the hope of attracting new talent to their roster. Longshanks declined to answer immediately, turning instead to face the events below, “And allow this…. this brawl to continue?” he beckoned at the players as rage and boar hacked and slashed furiously at one another, thick reams of blood visible even from their vantage. “Yes!” the coaches answered in unison. The butchers coach spoke again “the damn fish have done everything they can to postpone this tournament! Almost a month, the fans have been rioting on the streets for weeks.” Longshanks thought again before giving his curt, soft spoken yet forceful reply. “Butchers vs Fisherman, tomorrow, cage match. Union forfeit due to rule violation, rematch two days hence, we leave the clock running for 20 minutes before announcing” As he said it Rage hit the dust, his blue and white uniform barely recognisable, boar, above him was breathing deeply, staggering, gazing around for his next target. “That is if these players last that long” Longshanks carefully placed his crisp, clean white gloves back on and turned, slowly before nodding to the two coaches. “gentlemen” he said at last “I believe you have arrangements to make, see that your players are able to make the following fixtures”. Note: Proxy mini bottom right, Middle; Boar vs Rage epic brodown. Blackheart haunts the pitch from the sidelines!
  6. Obolus negotiated for a new load of weapons with the Blacksmiths. The Guild sent 6 from all over the empire to fullfil the order. But the Engineers guild wasn't pleased about this and disputed the contract. Obulus send the Blacksmiths to solved it with a game of Guild Ball. Ferrite was very eager to test their newest weapon advancements on the pitch (=Captain). I used all the players from my new box vs. Ballista, Mainspring, Ratchet, Hoist, oVelocity and Colossus. The Blacksmiths opened the match with a kick from Cinder, far on the left side. The bug had to grab it, but doesn't get a good shot back to their lines. So it scattered on the goalline. After some activations, Hoist grabed the ball and passed it to Ballista, who dodged forward. That was the moment where Cinder could shine. She walked closer to Ballista, aimed well with her crossbow, hit that ball and pulled it to herself. All hail the new weapons! Iron got the ball after some passes but was to slow to make a goal of it directly (had been activated before). The Engineered had a lead in momentum and startet into the new round. Colossus tried everything he can, but only managed to tackle the ball from Iron with a huge effort (4 INF) and can't get the ball passed back to the other Enigneers. So it was now on the side of the Blacksmith's to get the ball from Colossus, that also wasn't easy. But they managed it by Anvil and Sledge to get the ball on Iron, who charged Ratchet on the other side, knocked him down and shot the first goal. But the Engineers doesn't grab the ball instantly so Cinder could kill the ball and a new one had been kicked in from the goal line of the Blacksmith's. Ferrite got the ball and managed to disarm Ballista and Hoist and shot the second goal to 8-0. Handicaped by Ferrite, both didn't managed to harm her badly. During round 3 Hoist got disarmed and had the ball and didn't managed to score a goal (no Momentum). So Furnace tackled it from him and passed it to Cinder, who shot the goal to 12-0. Obulus was very pleased about the result and the demonstration of the new weapons. The engineers were left upset by the new advancements.
  7. I lined up vs Ballista, Mother, Rachet, Collosus, Velocity and Locus. I had no idea how to play against Locus, what does he do again? It turns out he pushes Obulus all over the pitch, and very nearly managed to get him killed! Yikes. Its not a good idea to get into a scrum vs Engineers, theyre way too tough! Luckily I managed to pick on Rachet for a Casket-time!
  8. Facing off against Ox, Meathook, Princess and Boiler meant I knew it'd be tough to survive for long! The only option was to go for goals! It didnt help when Mist immediately missed a shot Luckily he picked up the ball and scored from here! Ghast died, Graves died and Casket was very close to death beofre I managed to score the winner!
  9. Match : Mortician VS Engineer Mortician Guild : Scalpel, Dirge, Cosset, Grave, Ghast, Bonesaw Engineer Guild : Pin Vice, Mother, Ratchet, Colossus, Hoist, Compound Turn 1 Mortician got kick off, Ghast kicked ball into the forest, then Mother sprinted and passed ball to Pin Vice then placed web for her next plan. Bonesaw ran into the left while Colossus moved to middle of pitch, but got lure by Cosset's sexy voice that made him unconsciously jogged closer to her. Ratchet cast earth blast on Bonesaw double time. Ghast charged Colossus and made him KD. Grave and Dirge ganged up Colossus preparing for Cosset's purification. After that Hoist copied earth blast from Ratchet and tried to hit Bonesaw twice, 1 missed and 1 hit. Scalpel kept standby for Pin Vice's coming. Turn 2 ( Mortician 2 - Engineer 0 ) Mortician won initiative-roll. Crazy Cosset taken Colossus down assisted by Dirge and Grave. Ratchet and Hoist engaged by Ghast so they couldn't do much. Hoist decided to copy Mother play and jumped into prepared web, then charge scalpel with full speed for momentum and dodged into snap shot position. Dirge flow engaging Ratchet. Pin Vice encountered Scalpel, sprint carefully into Scalpel back. Pin Vice hit and dodged, then passed to Hoist for teamwork play. Hoist made a perfect snap shot with bonus time! After goal kick, Bonesaw got the ball, but spooky decided to let Ghast engaging both Ratchet and Compound. Compound used horrific odour preparing for Bonesaw's coming. Bonesaw sprinted to Compound with his heroic play, then he made a beautiful goal shot to score back! Engineer guild made a goal kick, but unfortunately, ball scattered too far from Mother. With no inf, Mother snap ball but couldn't pass to anyone in team. So that made Grave could tackle ball and successfully passed to Scalpel. Scalpel made 4" dodge across forest and charged to Ratchet for taken-down easily. Turn 3 ( Mortician 8 - Engineer 4 ) Mortician won initiative roll again. Scalpel charged to Compound and make a successful goal kick! Scalpel scored a winner for Bloody Mortician! (12 - 4)
  10. Not_that_one

    Morticians off the hook

    Lightning fast, the Fishermen darted onto the pitch, almost faster than the eye could see. Even their mascot seemed to dart back and forth with unnatural agility. Just like that he was gone. Where did he go? The ball flew back and forth, a goal apiece. Not to worry, Obulus planned to reel in the Fisherman captain so his minions could tear him apart at their leisure. Disaster! Puppetmaster missed! Alas, the Fishermen scored again before Shark and Siren could be surrounded and taken down. Luckily Mist retrieved the ball and scored a winner for 12-8 to the Morticians!
  11. Not_that_one

    The Hunters become the Hunted

    With a roar, the Hunters strode out over the dusty clay field. The Morticians were waiting for them, eager to prove they were superior and more deserving of the attentions of Hemlocke. Theron was also confident. Too confident. He charged forward and was caught in the headlights of the Ferryman, who dragged him even further forward to his doom, swamped by the Morticians team. The rest of the Hunters caught up eventually, but it was too late. Whilst the bloodthirsty bear and winter wizard fought against grim graves and pathetic puppet, Mist was busy scoring enough goals to win the game for the Morticians.
  12. Fillet confidently took to the pitch with Veteran Ox, Shank, Boar, Meathook, and Princess following behind her. Standing opposite her was a team she new little about... Some old man named Thresher, a handsome, young Tater, an odd Jack Straw, a fresh-faced Bushel, and a stubborn Harrow... with a flock of chickens and a rooster named Peck... Things started well... Fillet kicked off to the Farmer's left, near Peck and Tater. The rooster grabbed the ball and pushed it towards Jack Straw, missing, but it scattered to Thresher. Fillet than launched herself (with the aid of 2" bonus range on her AOE due to a plot card) into Tater, caused her bleed condition to affect the Rooster & Jack Straw as well, and then through her Legendary to damage them all. Harrow tooled up Jack Straw, and then Shank, now having a damaged target in Peck, launched across the field and turned the chickens and rooster into fertilizer... Thresher & Jack Straw & Tater were able to do some damage to Fillet, but they hadn't count on her assault and were unprepared for it... The ball was slowly passed down the lines to Bushel on the far right flank of the Farmers while the rest of the Butchers moved forward as far as they could in anticipation of some blood letting in the following turn. Turn 2 started with Veteran Ox seeing that he could charge into Harrow, and with any luck, grab Jack Straw, Thresher, and Tater and pull them all into him... freeing up Fillet and Boar and Shank to come into the Farmer freely picking on the easiest target... He ran with drool flying out of his mouth at poor Harrow... when out of nowhere, Tater comes barreling in on a counter-charge that Ox didn't even see... and knocks the poor old veteran down before any blood is dealt... shutting down the Butchers counter-moves for that turn and leaving Fillet in a bad place... Seeing a goal run, Bushel monopolizes on that and passes and moves and gets the ball back, turning the corner behind Meathook to score (dice results were 1, 1, 1, and 6 on a bonus timed shot BTW.. lol).. The ball comes out on the Butchers right flank near Shank and Princess. The Farmers probably should have focused on Fillet and not the ball at the time... by leaving Fillet alive, Boar is able to come charging into Thresher and with Berserk and Furious and 1 influence is able to bring the Farmer's Captain down to single digits and generate enough momentum to stand up Fillet and Ox.. strengthening the Butcher's lines... Despite the recent damage, Thresher is able to rally and throw up his Legendary and with all the gang ups on poor Vet Ox, he is able to take him out, heal himself, and put some swings into Boar... Fillet tries to scrape back from the edge of defeat, bouncing between Thresher, Jack Straw, and Tater.. but she isn't able to do enough damage to take any one of them out without leaving herself too open for counter-attacks... Tater then comes over to take Fillet out... putting the Farmers up 8 to 1 at this point... Shank can't decide if he needs to score or put the hurt into the Farmers... he decides to try to do both.. goes for the goal, and gets it! Putting Butchers up to 5... And then at the start of the next turn, takes out Peck (again) to bring the game to 8-6 in favor of the Farmers... Bushel is also in trouble.. and after Meathook and Fillet lay into her, she gets take out... but just as quickly, Thresher finishes of Boar.. putting the Farmers up 10-8... In what should have been the final turn, the Farmers fail to kill Shank.. leaving him on just 3 health... but with no way to get the ball and score, he must be covered in the feathers of Peck as he is just a sitting duck for those 2 VPs... Fillet tries... tries.. tries to grab the 4 VPs she needs to win... she charges from WAY across the pitch into Jack Straw... chewing through him and his reanimate with brutality and taking him out and then bouncing into Harrow... but she isn't able to put enough into him to take him out (his healing aura saved the day)... and with that, Thresher steps into Shank and knocks the sociopath out of the game. All in all this was as brutal a game as I have played... Farmers have a TON of health and were able to weather a storm and come out on top... I totally messed up with Veteran Ox by allowing Tater to get that counter charge in which just set the whole team back and eventually lead to Ox, Boar, and Fillet being taken out.. .while if i had seen that and positioned differently, I think I could have generated the momentum I needed and pulled his team out of position ... But not seeing a counter-charge is always going to backfire on you!!!
  13. Filthy Hunthers have tied our score recently. If nothing changes they will win Hemlocke. Do we let that happen? Hell no! I counted battle reports, currently we have few active players and a lot of lads that played one game. If every one posted just one more game it would make huge difference. Most active players for now (aka hall of fame): Mechmage (10), HammerTime (9), Island (8), el009 (6), KevinBryant, Bbzs, Lhel (5).
  14. One of the hardest match ups for me. This time I decided I'm not in mood for a long, careful game and will take any risk to end it as fast as possible. Meatgrinding doesn't seem to work Teams: Morticians: Obulus, Drige, Graves1, Casket, Silence, Mist Union: vetRage, Strongbox, Avarisse & Greede, Harry, Gutter, Minx Spooks won the roll and decided to receive. Rage kicked off but the ball scattered unluckily for mercenaries - none of their models was in range to grab it. That gave Morticians more options for the first activation. My plan was to separate Rage and his team and take him out before these lunatics kill my team. Graves tooled up Ferryman and advanced slightly. Harry tried to protect the Usurper, placing a Molotov between him and Spooks but it didn't help much. Obulus lured the maniac closer, making him enter the fire and then charged him with confidence and knocked down. Rage stood up and dodged into melee knocking Ferryman down. In the meantime Union players were advancing to join their captain. Dirge recovered the ball, Silence passed it to Mist which made a goal run and scored. With his 2" kept Minx in check, making it hard for her to slice him in half. Ball was kicked off behind Union line. Morticians won the initiative. All they had to do was Shut Out Rage and finish him off before he activates. Silence charged in, dealt some damage and hit Usurper with his play (thanks to bonus time). Graves used Tooled Up on Ferryman. A&G attacked him and dealt tons of damage, didn't manage to seal the deal due to some unlucky rolls. Obulus went to town on Rage, nearly taking him out. Gutter finished off Graves and healed Usurper. Casket attacked Rage and managed to trigger legendary, putting him in the box. Harry tries to recover the ball but parting blow knocks him down. Mist kept dancing with Minx around the goal post, doing his best not to die. Spooks lose the momentum race and the initiative. Returning Rage recovered the ball and passed it to Gutter, knocking Obulus down in a meantime. Graves charged into the scrum to generate some momentum and cause bleeds to Rage and Harry. Union playeres teamed up on Silence taking him down. Seeing an opportunity for snapshot goal Ferryman activated, used legendary, stole the ball via Puppet Master and passed it to Mist. Striker failed the kick and ball scattered. Minx recovered it but was unable to hide it from Mist. Mercenary tackled to ball and fixed his mistake with a tap-in shot. Final score was 12:4 for Spooks (2 goals and Casket Time! versus 2 take outs)
  15. Second sunday match. Smiths were kicking. Teams: Midas, Naja, Katalys, Vitriol, Compound, Decimate Ferrite, Iron, Anvil, Sledge, Furnace, Cinder Cinder kicked off. Decimate used Second Wind on Vitriol and was barely able to recover the ball and kick it towards the team. Katalyst intercepted. This Kill the Ball is scary. Big guy failed his pass to Midas but managed to fix his mistakes. Smiths used their movement tricks to get closer. Midas passed to Vitriol setting her up for a goal run. Suddenly Ferrite decided to charge deeply into Alchemists lines and disrupted my plans disarming Vitriol. Striker activate her clone to get away safely and scored early turn 2 avoiding Sledges hammer. Decimate charged on the left wing waltzing between Iron and Cinder, capturing the ball and being thorn in their side. In the meantime Midas and Katalyst were doing their best to take Ferrite out but failed. Hired blade tricked the Smiths and escaped with the ball and scored while Vitriol was getting beaten by Anvil & Sledge. Iron went for desperate goal run and shot with 1 dice but failed. Smiths timed out. Compound finished off Ferrite and recovered the ball. Second VP from the clock sets the score on 12:2. Decimate was my MVP, for me she's a must have in Midas team.
  16. Sunday matches are our local tradition Today Smoke encountered Corsair, Alchemists won first roll and I wasn't kind enough to give the ball back. Teams: Smoke, Naja, Mercury, Calculus, vetKatalyst, Mist Corsair, Tentacles, vetSiren, Jac, Greyscales, Hag Corsair kicked off, Calculus recovered the ball and poisoned Corsair. Alchemists made a few passes and covered enemy with barrage of fire and poison while Fishes were trying to position their Captain well. Calculus dodged two drags in a row but got caught by the last one. Luckily, Corsair had no more influence to punish her. I scored with Mist and Jac kept the ball for himself. Katalyst charged towards Fishermans suffering condition damage. Jac was good target for Intensifies that damaged also Corsair and Siren. Mercury tried to finish her off with fireballs but failed. Corsair managed to take out Calculus and score. Smoke captured the ball, used legendary to finish off Siren and ran away with the ball. Turn 3 Katalyst finished off wounded Jac and charged into Hag. Corsair tried to reach Smoke carrying the ball but there were too many Alchemists on his path. Smoke charged the mascot to generate momentum and scored second goal. 12:6 for Alchemists
  17. Seeing as how the images themselves have data too large, here are two game reports for demos I ran for new players at my college, they were sort of impromptu and are missing some things (pitch, plot cards, etc) so lets refer to it as backyard guildball. Reports hosted via imgur https://imgur.com/a/NMjIC
  18. UTasteSoSo

    Obulus, once again, smoked!

    Once again Obulus and his Mortician's Squad stumble against a Smoke led Alchemist's team. In a daring last minute line up change Smoke brought in both Hemlock and much maligned Venin along with the big Veteran Katalyst, MVP Mercury, and crowd favorite Flask. She faced Obulus along with his ubiquitous black bird, Dirge, Cossett, Ghast, Graves, and Silence. Turn one saw the Morticians kick, which was retrieved by Hemlock whom also threw out a cloud of noxious gas to impede the spooks, after passing to Smoke in the backfield. Silence responded by attempting to Tuck Smoke, however the Captain proved too slippery for that. After some jockeying for position Flask was left with the ball and the Spooks were closing in on midfield but the alchemists did manage to take Dirge from the sky. Turn 2 saw the Alchemists take the initiative and in a daring maneuver, Smoke left much of the Stiffs team gagging and reeling from her chemical shower. Vet Kat charged a weakened Obulus but the crafty Captain was able to keep his feet and after Silence and Cossett were through the hulking beast was left down in the mud. Crafty as ever Obulus darted in like a shadow stealing the ball from Flask and putting it on target for the first goal of the game. However Venin had bided his time up to now and once Obulus was spent, he charged Silence, easily dodging into the midst of four poisoned Morticians and released his own toxin. The result was disastrous as it was bloody and sent both Cossett and once again, Dirge to the sidelines, but more importantly it left Obulus and Silence weakened and vulnerable! Turn 3 began with Smoke down 6-4 but they were able to strike first and that is when the MVP Mercury made his presence known! He directed his fire at first toward Obulus and then Silence, both in their weakened state couldn't stand up to the heat and were BOTH taken out. In a fit of rage a poisoned Graves made every effort to set up Ghast to ruin Mercury for his efforts but the stalwart MVP survived but would be left weak and staring at the crazed lady cosset. Fortunately the hulking Katalyst would close the match by pounding Graves into the turf all the while screaming, "WITNESS ME!" Dejected the Mortician's limped away as Smoke once again emerged victorious. The Captain winked at a certain spectator after the match. It is said that it was the free agent Mr. Hallahan who was the recipient! Alchemists WIN 12-8
  19. Played a couple games today. Game one, Hunters Vs Butchers Exciting game, as I unleash my newly built goal Damn, what a hot goal. We set up with my opponent deploying back as he fears the snare Amazing, my goal has clearly fightened the Butchers! A hot shot from my side of the pitch Oh, oops. I score two quick goals while keeping a safe distance from Ox and company My opponent takes out Jaecar twice and Ulfr once as I kill Boiler and score one more goal to clinch the win
  20. Kaiser

    What Harry brings

    I'm just curious as to what Engineers feel that Harry has a potential to bring to the table. I mean this in both a lore aspect and on the pitch. I'm not really familiar with Harry's character, so I don't know if he's a former Engineer that joined the Union or if he just likes to carry a big wrench.
  21. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the match summary from last night’s bitter feud of Butchers vs. Fish Line-up: Butchers (Simon) – Ox (c), Truffles, Boar, Meathook, Shank & Harry Fisher (Rich) – Corsair (c), Tentacles, Greyscales, Hag, Jac, Sakana Background: So to set the scene of last night’s intense game, Rich and I have played around 12 games of Season 3 against each other with the majority of those games being Fish vs. Engineers and I didn’t win a single one of them! I then invested in Butchers and we changed the match-up with Rich taking Morticians and I won the following 2 games. Last week Rich reverted back to Fish and smashed the Butchers 12-0 #sadfacetime so last night’s game had a lot riding on it... would the Butchers take another kicking and the fish show they truly are the kings of the sea or would the Butchers give them a little surprise? Scores: 4-0 Fish with two players being taken out (Harry and Shanks) 8-0 Grey Scales scores 8-4 Butchers take out Corsair and Grey Scales 8-8 shank scores a cracking goal.... and things really start to heat up 8-12 Butchers take out Hag and Corsair Highlights for Butchers: Greyscales failed a counter-attack double dodge which was crucial as then he was open to being taken out Corsair failed to steal the ball twice with rough seas (4 dice needing 4’s) Man of the match: Harry – Goad won me the game as whilst it was 8-8 Sakana had the ball and was a big threat to scoring a goal with most my players the other side of the pitch however Harry crucially got goad off (couldn’t bonus time) and managed to stay alive to ensure Sakana couldn’t do anything with it whilst the rest of the butchers ripped them apart). Pics from the game:
  22. Hunters kicked off against Blackheart's Union team this past Wednesday with a real back and forth nail biter of a game. For the Hunters; Theron, Hearne(o), Chaska, Jaecar, Snow, and free-agent Hemlocke played a passive/aggressive control and take-out game looking to 'Bait The Trap' against Blackheart, Rage, Decimate, Mist, Strongbox, and everyone's favorite Harry "The Hat" Hallahan who were ready to 'Raise the Stakes'. Stymied by pinning arrows, skewering spears, and snaring foot traps Mist was unable to score the first round and was caught in a precarious position close to the Hunter's defense and took some scraping for it. Chaska loaded his boombox and put the finishing double tap on Mist and let Snow chase the ball across the front of their goal (2-0 Hunters). Snow should have been paying more attention because her frolicking put her in striking distance of Decimate who, despite being snared, had enough footwork to charge in, tackle the ball from the white wolf, and put the Union up on the scoreboard with a goal (4-2 Union). Meanwhile Theron, Hearne, and Hemlocke were keeping Harry and Rage busy with snares, surprise forests, and a cloud of poison. Though they stood right in the center of the pitch they didn't control it, the Hunters had them stuck right where they wanted them. Mist returned to the pitch, but only briefly as Hearne was able to skewer him, Theron pinned him, and a poison cloud from Hemlocke put him back in the care of the sawbones (Tied at 4). Blackheart came running up the field to fill in where Mist fell and found himself underestimating Chaska's aim. Two solid hits from the boombox put Blackheart's foot just over the line at the edge of the pitch (6-4 Hunters). Jaecar wound up with a foot on the ball and an opening just to the side of center-pitch. He sprinted right past Harry and thought he had a clear shot on goal but suddenly the ball seemed to hit a big rock just lying right in middle of the pitch and stopped. Except it wasn't a rock, it was Strongbox with a successful tackle on the counter attack. This triggered Raise the Stakes so the turtle passed to the only available target in 4 inches, Rage. Unfortunately, possession of the ball is a strange concept for Rage and Hearne was easily able to wrest it from his control later on, lobbing the ball out in front of the Union goalpost so Jaecar could easily saunter up and tap it in. (10-4 Hunters). At losing the ball, Rage loses his mind slams Hearne for all he had left (10-6 Hunters). Blackheart knows that the best revenge in Guild Ball is written on the scoreboard. In one solid march (with a full stack of influence) he barrels past the officials at the side of the pitch, snaps the ball as it comes his direction after Jaecar's goal, shoulders his way past Chaska (1 damage, momentous dodge) towards the only thing he can see; Harry's big red hat. He is able to dodge to get in range of Harry and touch Decimate's base. He makes an easy pass to Decimate, getting a free Give n'Go teamwork thanks to Harry's inspiring presence. He instantly turns around and shouts back to Decimate to return the pass On My Mark allowing him to receive the Pass and Move to within tap-in range for free, again Harry needs a raise. Blackheart makes an easy goal to tie it up at 10. Since Mist decided to stay off the field and in the physician's guild care that round the Hunters didn't have any easy marks to pick from. Harry had the lowest health remaining so Chaska stepped up and took a knee to steady his boom box aim, getting Harry's attention with a few pellets from his first shot however his second shot failed (double 1s!), Blackheart must have gotten some mud in his bang powder. Harry only had 3 health left and was set upon by Hemlocke. She had planned to unleash all manner of magical witchery (full stack of 4 influence) but found the old tried and true string of melee attacks more reliable as she pinged the last three health off of Harry in 3 attacks to get the game horn to sound ending in a 12-10 victory for the Hunters.
  23. speedfreek

    Scalpelling out the weed...

    I tried, I failed. She’s yours now... you’re welcome. Take your weed and go...
  24. Hello, the Masters of the Blacksmith's started an hidden agenda to support the Brewer's for Decimate. They put on their costumes and started a fight against the Spooks. Because of a Graves hidden behind a painting desk (and some lazy coaches who don't wanted to go two stairs up), Obulus had to play instead. It was my second Blacksmith game and the very first game for the Mortician player with this guild. The opening was pretty simple. Iron rammed everybody two inches in front, Anvil towards the goal. Hearth then was going in front, but was a bit to aggressive. Graves, Cosset and finaly Casket were able to charge her. The Spooks Kick Off went horribly wrong and the Blacksmith started with the ball. After a few passes (and the already mentioned dodges) Alloy went for the first turn goal. 4:0 Then the Spooks player started the next turn. The bleed tooked Hearth out and the turn 2 started with a 4:2. Then a massive scrum started. Sledge hammered Cosset down (6:2) and Scalpel finished Alloy (6:4). The Bird hold the ball but was to near of the scrum. Sledge piledrived it away, send the raven home (7:4) and give to Anvil, who gave it to Iron. Iron finished off Cosset a second time (11:4) and then rammed his way to the goal. He tried very hard and got it. (this as a short summary of 3 Turns) One new vicotry for #Brewcimate!
  25. Seasoned Brisket shows weakness In the Butchers game plan with her swift victory, her Shadow game Is working and Butchers eye up her Double Agent Gutter.