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Found 11 results

  1. Engineers have the best union in chains sculpt. I've been playing in a very tight race to get Hemlocke for Hunters, but I really think the game needs engineers vet Harry. Alchemists are way ahead at the moment, what's going on? How do we turn this around?! Full size: http://uploads.im/Yfy4u.jpg
  2. Let's not jump to any conclusions but...

    So the ferryman wrote a letter. We now have the Hunters/Morticians Union in chains threads locked and a confirmed vMinx going to Hunter (looks dope as hell) and vHemlocke going to Morts. The thread got closed early which I don't expect for the other 3 but it does set a precedent of a team that doesn't win getting a different model. Not saying we should stop playing or anything like that but it does make me wonder who would be up for grabs if we were to lose Gutter. Presently these Unioner members play for us: Fangtooth, Gutter, Hemlocke, Snakeskin. Taking Gutter out of the equation we have: Snakeskin is not an option for plot reasons (start spoiler) she dead yo (end spoiler) Hemlocke can't because obviously she is a Mortician now. This leaves us with only Fangtooth. (if we stick to traditional lines) Assuming that Brewers win (haha how could they not at this point?) that leaves us as the only team the big guy plays for that doesn't have a Union in Chains model. I don't think this necessarily means this means that is what is going to happen though. With the Solthecians presumably doing their own thing and Rage MIA right now we simply are not left with enough eligible models for everyone to get someone unless Rage and A&G get distributed which I find unlikely (but not impossible.) Not really a whole hell of a lot going on until the Steamcons so why not just speculate to our heart's content? What say you seadogs? Are we getting a Veteran Fangtooth if we lose? Might the Butchers get a Seasoned Rage if we win? Will it be new models all around? Could more models follow in Brisket's footsteps and abandon their old homes the same way the American Football lost it's mind when Nebraska left the BIG12? Zombie and ghost players? Giblin makes an appearance as a model? Speculate away!
  3. Quick phone edit of a great cosplay by @Jaymes Planning to do some artwork based on this picture to give to whoever posts the most games for hunters in union in chains, if there's any interest Full size: http://uploads.im/UySes.jpg
  4. Here are my match reports from the recent Potter’s Guild event on 29/10/17. Sorry for lack of photos, camera is broken. Game 1 – Engineers vs Engineers Lineups: Me (Ballista, Mother, Locus, Colossus, Velocity, Compound) Greg Day: (Pin Vice, Mother, Locus, Compound, Hoist, Ratchet) The bad blood between Ballista and Pin Vice was evident right from the kick off, Ballista straight away firing upon his rival, his deadbolt hitting its mark. Yet this only seemed to anger Pin Vice who, after seeming the Locus score, set about on dismantling the Lord Artificer – eventually taking him out. Even with Ballista sidelined, his team remained focused. Velocity scoring twice in quick succession before Locus ran in to score the winning goal. A 12-6 victory for the Lord Artificer, both on the pitch and in the race for which Engineer’s Guild Captain would bring ‘The Hat’ to their guild. Game 2 – Engineers vs Union Lineups: Me (Pin Vice, Moth, Locus, Colossus, Velocity, Ratchet) Mike Smith (Blackheart, Strongbox, Mist, Decimate, Minx, Gutter) Mist kicked off allowing for Mother to retrieve the ball and pass it to Ratchet. Seeing an opportunity for glory, Mist sprinted forward, tackled the ball from the Maverick but was unable to release the ball in time before Pin Vice swiftly leveled him. With Mist down and out, the cogs within Velocity whirred rapidly; with the ball glued to her feet she ran the length of the pitch, dodging the outstretched blades of Decimate, before slotting home and readying herself for the rest of the game. Pin Vice’s plan was going like clockwork. No sooner had the ball re-entered play had Colossus snapped it to him, passed it to Velocity who bagged her second. With defeat looming Blackheart turned his attention to the Artificer Queen, before Decimate sent her to the sidelines and rattled the goal with a stunning shot. Yet the late resurgence was not to be as Mother collected the ball before running it home. The 12-6 victory may just see ‘The Hat’, who was watching from the sidelines, join the cog’s ranks. Game 3 – Engineers vs Engineers Lineups: Me (Ballista, Mother, Locus, Colossus, Velocity, Ratchet) Jon Latham (Pin Vice, Mother, Velocity, Locus, Colossus, Hoist) Once more the war for control between Ballista and Pin Vice took centre stage, both determined to recruit ‘The Hat’ to their side of the power struggle. Following a pass from Pin Vice, Velocity was able to make it passed the defences of Ballista’s team and score an early lead, however, this would not last long as a combination of Ratchet’s bombs and Ballista put Mother out of action before the Lord Artificer breached his way to a goal. With the game so close, Pin Vice managed to scramble the ball back to Velocity who, despite Colossus’ best attempts, was able to score once again. The ball then came to Ratchet who swiftly offloaded to Mother. After waiting for Ballista to take out the opposing Locus and Mother once again – Mother was then able to run home for the winning goal to further strengthen Ballista’s claim to the right to recruit ‘The Hat’. 12-8. Game 4 – Engineers vs Morticians Lineups: Me (Ballista, Mother, Locus, Colossus, Velocity, Ratchet) David Cameron (Oblulus, Dirge, Casket, Ghast, Mist, Graves) Before the game, words were exchanged between Ballista and Obulus; though quite what was said by the Ferryman remains unknown. Following Obulus’ kick off, Mother recovered before Ratchet returned the ball to Oblulus in a bizarre turn of events. The Ferryman wasted little time in providing Mist with a chance to score, which he did with relative ease. Mother responded with a goal of her own, whilst Ballista, along with Ratchet and Colossus, brought the hulking Ghast to his knees. Yet the game was not done. Barely able to stand upright, Ratchet was at the mercy of the putrid smelling figure who bundled him into a snug-fitting place for him to spend the remainder of the game. Obulus then found himself with the ball at his feet and, following a nod from the Lord Artificer, sidestepped his way around the Engineers lines before slotting home the winner. A 12-6 victory for the Morticians, yet it was the after game scenes that were most telling. The sight of the Lord Artificer and the Ferryman, hands clasped together, surely signaled the approval of the Morticians Guild in the Engineer’s continued bid for the acquisition of ‘The Hat’
  5. Hello All. As I browse the forums over the past few days I notice more than a few ‘union in chains’ posts with only one picture, teeny tiny pictures, or even worse, broken pictures. As such I thought I’d take a moment to explain how to add larger images to forum posts. Many of you probably already know this, but this is for those who do not. There are probably also different ways to do it as well, but I find this to be the most reliable. Step 1) Take your picture! Step 2) Upload the picture to Imgur! If you are on your phone you may have a *share to* feature which is pretty easy. If you are on a PC you will need to go to imgur.com and drag the photo into your browser to upload. Step 3) Obtain the DIRECT LINK from Imgur. It should be i.imgur/somecharacters.jpg (sometimes .png). It should not have “Gallery” or “Album” in the URL. Copy this link. Step 4) Type out your forum post. In the bottom right corner there is a drop down which says “Insert other media” click it and select “Insert image from URL”. Step 5) Paste the imgur link you obtained in step 3 and click “insert into post”. From here you can resize the photo, large or small, inside the post to fit your needs. Step 6) Enjoy your beautifully formatted forum post! Hope this helps a few people. Now back to your regularly scheduled memery.
  6. State of the Union in Chains 10.17

    Did a rough count of the union in chain forums and it looks like the score is Hunters 31 to Mortician's 35. I ignored any post without pictures and as far as I'm aware the ones posted before the 9th won't count. We're in a much better spot than we were Friday, so good job everyone. About 10 or so of the spooks games are on Vassal, so I think that's whats giving them the edge. If anyone uses vassal, those games count too apparently!
  7. Get those numbers up!

    Really good start yesterday, but we gotta get those battle report numbers up if we wanna beat the spooks. I'd have already posted one myself but I had three different people cancel on me yesterday for a game. My goal is to hit three games a week throughout the event. What are everyone else's goals?
  8. Link for full size http://uploads.im/x4dw6.png
  9. How are people getting the union in chains avatar symbols on as there profile pictures in the forums. when ever I try It says it's to big. any suggestions?
  10. Let's Bring Decimate Home, Laddies!

    The Union in Chains is upon us, my fellow Drunks. And I for one am down for embracing #TeamDecimate. With access to Besters' songs or Tapmaster 5000's Commanding Aura, we've got potential for a quick moving killing machine, who's a decent baller. Anatomical Precision and Commanding Aura. Together. If you're not stiff or frothing down below at that, you don't have a beating heart in your chest. Besides, the Masons wanting her is good enough to take her as our own. Let's bring Decimate home, to the stablest Guild in all the realm.
  11. http://www.buzzsprout.com/57387/572988-episode-48-talking-union-in-chains-with-sherwin Andrew and Jason talk to Sherwin about the upcoming Union In Chains community event. They also talk about Resident Evil, and the WTC. You would like to support the podcast? Well now you can! Find Singled Out on Patreon, and become a patron to access their bonus podcast, Singled Out: Bonus Time! https://www.patreon.com/singledoutGB Eternal thanks to Beardminis for the heartfelt Patreon commerical, find his channel at http://Www.youtube.com/c/BeardMinis