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Found 332 results

  1. Engineers have the best union in chains sculpt. I've been playing in a very tight race to get Hemlocke for Hunters, but I really think the game needs engineers vet Harry. Alchemists are way ahead at the moment, what's going on? How do we turn this around?! Full size: http://uploads.im/Yfy4u.jpg
  2. Quwaz


    So veteran "female hat" is going to Engineer guild, but what will happen to my Harry? Will he still be playable with his current errata card rules? For how long? In the keynote the dev said "union players will no longer be available once the matching minor guild is released" so does that mean my Harry is just a useless chunk of metal soon? What about the decimate and A&G I have too? Is Steamforged going to refund my money for selling me non-playable models? I can't exactly sell them to a union player since Union is squashed soon too.
  3. Kueller

    Mysterious new player?

    Who do people think this might be?
  4. Pending Forum Suspension

    Let's not jump to any conclusions but...

    So the ferryman wrote a letter. We now have the Hunters/Morticians Union in chains threads locked and a confirmed vMinx going to Hunter (looks dope as hell) and vHemlocke going to Morts. The thread got closed early which I don't expect for the other 3 but it does set a precedent of a team that doesn't win getting a different model. Not saying we should stop playing or anything like that but it does make me wonder who would be up for grabs if we were to lose Gutter. Presently these Unioner members play for us: Fangtooth, Gutter, Hemlocke, Snakeskin. Taking Gutter out of the equation we have: Snakeskin is not an option for plot reasons (start spoiler) she dead yo (end spoiler) Hemlocke can't because obviously she is a Mortician now. This leaves us with only Fangtooth. (if we stick to traditional lines) Assuming that Brewers win (haha how could they not at this point?) that leaves us as the only team the big guy plays for that doesn't have a Union in Chains model. I don't think this necessarily means this means that is what is going to happen though. With the Solthecians presumably doing their own thing and Rage MIA right now we simply are not left with enough eligible models for everyone to get someone unless Rage and A&G get distributed which I find unlikely (but not impossible.) Not really a whole hell of a lot going on until the Steamcons so why not just speculate to our heart's content? What say you seadogs? Are we getting a Veteran Fangtooth if we lose? Might the Butchers get a Seasoned Rage if we win? Will it be new models all around? Could more models follow in Brisket's footsteps and abandon their old homes the same way the American Football lost it's mind when Nebraska left the BIG12? Zombie and ghost players? Giblin makes an appearance as a model? Speculate away!
  5. Farmers (Grange, Peck, Windle, Harrow, Tater and Jackstraw) vs Brewers (Esters, Scum, oSpigot, Friday, Mash and Stoker) The drunks have shown up on our pitch and we are not terribly happy about it. Windle is particularly upset about it so we gave him the ball after the Brewers Kick Off did not go well. Friday tried to get cheeky and it bounced over the line even on a reroll. Turn 1 was spent jockeying for positioning as I used Grange's aura to make passing relatively easy. I mean, we STILL had the chicken miss a pass, but he managed to walk over, retrieve it and pass again successfully. He got it right the second time because I threatened to fry him up if he failed. (We are allying with the Butchers here. Kitchen violence seems an appropriate threat for livestock) It isn't long until we have good, proper scrum on our hands. Grange is doing what he does best and getting in the middle of the action and telling everyone to sit down, while also putting up his Legendary. Sadly, Windle got hit with a Howzat! and ended up just outside the aura range so he lost the ball in the process (hence why it has gotten free where it is). But we get up and go to work. In this picture, we also see that Windle is about to go in and do his job right. Here, he managed to finish off both Esters and Scum while getting off Snack Break to score 4 VPs. During some of the commotion here, Friday also got beat up but still on the pitch. This is the aftermath of the previous dust up. Friday goes after Tater here and whiffs pretty hard thanks to Charmed. The Pretty Boy just does not care! Following up from this, Esters comes back on the pitch and ends up near her buddy Stoker again, but triggering the Counter Charge from Tater. Tater whiffs the easiest Mow Down of his life and deserves to feel bad about his life. Jack Straw goes planting, grabs the ball and gets into position behind his team by the end of the turn. The turn passes over with Windle engaging Mash so he activates and manages to put a beating on the big guy but he doesn't go down. He is sitting on 9 hp. At some point, we get Harrow up near the terrain piece and toss Tooled Up on Tater who only got three INF this turn (he knows what he did). Scum moves up near Friday and triggers the Counter Charge from Tater who decides he has stopped slacking and throws seven 5s on the Counter Charge. This enables him to wrap the book, taking the Mow Down (knocking down a 6 HP Friday, Scum and Harrow) as well as a 2 damage that becomes 3 because of Tooled Up, triggering the Sweeping Charge as well. This kills the cat (RIP Scum) and does 3 damage to both Friday and Harrow. Tater activates next, stands up Harrow (for that sweet, sweet Gang Up bonus on Friday), attacks her once, grabs the 2 damage result which becomes 3 and finishes her off, then spends 2 to charge sideways again at Mash, going base to base. Mash dodges away but is knocked down from Windle earlier and is 2+/1. Tater, AGAIN, decides to be a super star and wraps his book letting me select a 3(4), 2(3) and trigger Sweeping Charge to do 10 damage and take out Mash. 9-0 now. And the game ends with the Scarecrow dropping some Crop Dusting, teleporting up, and taking a Bonus Timed goal shot with the pile of momentum we have accumulated. You can also see where Tater managed to end up and where the aforementioned Esters and her fiery buddy were standing. Grange looks on approvingly with his arms crossed. Chalk one up for the Butchers!
  6. Farmers box set faced off against Union (Blackheart, Strongbox, Decimate, Gutter, Avarisse&Greede and Rage). My opponent was trying out a new team with Blackheart and that changed things for my favor, Windle scored all 12 points for Farmers through great setup by his teammates. Blackheart scored two goals and he took out Grange turn 3. Windle was able snackbreak their whole team pretty much and much away on souls.
  7. Slackerbrig

    Thresher seeks stronger foe

    Farmers (Thresher, Peck, Tater, Millstone, Jackstraw, and Grace) took on Masons (Honour, Wrecker, Harmony, Mallet, Granite and Tower) and a sweep of a game. First turn Thresher got into Honour, Harmony and Wrecker, then dodged to get to Tower and knock3d them all down. To start off turn two Thresher made them fear the reaper and he brought tater close with a counter charge that gave them both protection with Millstone and lost of damage to hand out. Thresher scored after taking out Wrecker then Jackstraw scored later on turn two. My opponent tried to kill the ball in a corner, but Jack can get anywhere. So jack retrieved the ball towards the end of turn 3 and my opponent conceded knowing jack will score again, and if he doesn’t, Thresher has a weak Honour, Harmony and Tower close by to finish off.
  8. Farmers (Thresher, Peck, Tater, Millstone, Jackstraw, and Grace) played against Alchemists (Midas, Naja, Compound, oKat, Venin, and Vitriol) in a masterfully well played game tonight. Grace was a fun sub in for Harrow and I still had plenty of harvest markers. At the end of turn 1 Thresher made his way into the Alchemists and knocked down 3 and dealt lots of damage with don’t fear the... turn two Jackstraw came in to help after stealing the ball from Midas and scored. Fun fact, Compound can’t do shit against Jack because he doesn’t advance really! At the end of turn two, Thresher took out oKat. Midas scored right away at the start of turn 3 but became an easy target for Tater to finish off. Thresher also took out Vitriol and Venin in one activation to secure the win for the Farmers 12-4.
  9. I don’t remember this game was well because it was 5 games ago but two days ago. Alchemists (Midas, Naja, Calculus, oKat, Venin and Vitriol) faced off against Masons (Honour, Wrecker, Harmony, Flint, Granite and Mallet). Alchemists did a good job controlling the middle of the field with the Alt Deployment with oKat knocking people down. This eventually lead to a Vitriol goal at the end of Turn two. At the start of turn 3 Vitriol was able to snag the ball off Flint and score a second goal. My opponent, being new, tried to get some points on the board and he rushed Flint up and scored. This gave Midas the ability to grab the ball, dodge around and score the final goal of the match.
  10. The game begins with the Alchemists kicking to the Hunters! The ball lands in a terrible position and both teams gravitate towards the edge of the pitch! Round 2: Crucible walks into a pitfall trap before attacking Chaska transferring FOUR conditions onto him! Holy Smokes! Veteran Katalyst however takes this opportunity to charge Chaska and promptly pummels her into unconsciousness! (2-0 Alchemists) Jaecar gets frisky and tries to push Crucible off the pitch but a well timed counter attack keeps her safe from the edge! Smoke quickly follows up on Jaecar's misfortune and pushes him out of the Pitch! (4-0 Alchemists) Round 3: Veteran Katalyst gets back to what he does best and begins to punch Veteran Hearn in the face with the the help of Harry, Crucible, and Naja. Veteran Hearn could only handle so much before collapsing to his knees. (6-0 Alchemists) Theron reaches the Alchemist goal as Smoke fails to claim the ball from him previously! He aims and snipes a beautiful shot right into the goal! (6-4 Alchemists) Round 4: Smoke receives a wicked pass off the goal kick! She appears beside snow out of the smoke to push the mascot out of her way gaining a momentum before running to the Hunter goal and tapping it in! She then proceeds to dodge 4" in the wrong direction giving the Hunters an easy line for a comeback goal! (I totally misplayed here and didn't put Smoke in the way of the middle trying to make sure she didn't die, major overlook on my part!) (10-4 Alchemists) The goal kick from the hunters launches down the middle with a monstrously good kick scatter! Theron runs up to the ball, grabs it, and continues towards the Alchemist net! He quickly stops, gives Mercury a wink before making a beautiful snipe into her heart! Mercury Falls! (10-6 Hunters). Theron then kicks the ball straight into the Alchemist goal to tie up the game! (10-10)** Veteran Katalyst activates and with his Golden Fists manages to take down the Bear (Had 1 HP) for the Win! (12-10 Alchemists) **This was probably our best game we've played in the last few weeks! It was incredibly close, and if @Malritch had assigned 1 more Influence to Theron on his last activation probably could have stolen the game away from me by sniping my poor Crucible (She had 1 hp) (We didn't measure the distance so she might have been out of range, either way was super close and I was possibly super lucky)! Great Game.
  11. The Hunters are back at the Alchemists home turf. Continuing their losing streak they decide to really come out of the woods and bring the aggression! Hearn manages to get up close and personal bringing himself a little too close to Harry and Veteran Katalyst on Round 1 to give them incredibly valuable activations! Hearn takes an early beating from the Hat and the Golden Hulk! Round 2 - Alchemists First! Veteran Katalyst charges Theron, while beating on Theron he causes Hearn's conditions to INTENSIFY and he collapses! (2-0 Alchemists) Veteran Katalyst continues punching Theron in the face causing him to collapse under his massive fists (4-0 Alchemists) With his last swing Veteran Katalyst connects with Egret causing her to keel over as well! However, Katalyst wants everyone to Witness him in his glory! (8-2 Alchemists) Smoke runs off the fast terrain, popping infront of the Hunters goal and taps the ball in for an extremely kick win for the Alchemist team! (12-2 Alchemists) Alchemists are Victorious scoring all 14 points! (12-2) This was probably the quickest game of Guild Ball I've ever played. Hearn got too close and due to activations was in a poor place for when my bruises went giving me a lot of free damage in that first round (Never really seen that happen before, definitely a big no-no, hunters learned to not be mega aggressive!)
  12. Serkesul

    Hunters Got Smoked

    Smoke and Theron met center field. The coin flipped and tumbled onto the pitch leaving the Hunters in the receiving position of the ball. Smoke leads with a great kick-off into the barrier of the pitch, keeping the ball close! In the first round of the game the hunters beat on Naja, reducing the poor mascot to 1 hit point, while also being completely lit on fire by the alchemists! The alchemists get to go first and veteran katalyst pushes his advantage, causing the pain of the hunters to INTENSIFY! (32 Damage! Big Plays) In the third round the Hunters finish off the poor snake as the conditions continue to pile up! (0 Alchemists - 1 Hunters) Veteran Katalyst continues his assault in the third round, smashing Theron in the face. Ulfr and Seenah fall to the onslaught as collateral damage! (4-1 Alchemists) Fahad gets put down by Smoke! (5-1 Alchemists) Theron falls victim in Round 5 to the poison running through his veins! (7-1 Alchemists) Smoke goes head first into the hunters, slow to gaining her momentum before tapping the ball into the net! (11-1 Alchemists) The Ball is kicked down the field from the Hunters goal, received by Jaecar and quickly sinks the ball into the Alchemist net! (11-5 Alchemists) However, Hearn couldn't escape his fate as Harry pummels him into the ground to claim the win! (13-5 Alchemists) Victory to the Alchemists! (13-5)
  13. We had a tournament in Virginia this weekend, and I went out for my first Guild Ball competition! In point of fact, it was supposed to be the Kick About Cup for the end of our KA league, but only three of the KA guys showed up, so we got "grandfathered" into the big tourney. Suddenly, I was playing on a clock for the first time and playing against seasoned veterans...yikes! Fortunately, everybody was really nice, classy, and fun- I had a great time. I played Brewers through both the KA league and the tourney, but I'm throwing my support behind the Fishermen for UiC. This is the last of my four games at the event. So then! ROUND FOUR: Fishermen (Shark, Tentacles, Angel, Greyscales, Hag, Siren) My Lineup: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Spigot, and Stave This one went really, really quick. Remember how I'm learning how amazing Shark and Greyscales are at scoring goals? Even more amazing than I thought, as it turns out! I also badly misplayed Stave in this one. I got a chance to blast Hag forward to what I hoped would be her doom, and so I pushed Stave up to get the barrel blast off, which worked, but then he was exposed and both Shark and Siren were able to farm momentum and dodges off him at will for the rest of the game. Shark literally crossed the entire board on his first activation to retrieve the ball and score a goal. The ball was kicked back out, and next turn, Shark was back at it again. To make matters worse, Hag got away on account of the team needing to pull back defensively (which they really had to do because Shark had caught almost my whole team with his legendary play). It made little difference; Shark was able to get the ball back and score again. This time, I kicked the ball as far away from anybody as I could and did what damage I was able in the scrum (such as it was). Greyscales was able to cover most of the distance to the ball while the rest of his team farmed a bunch of momentum (off Stave, naturally) for the purposes of winning initiative for the next turn, and on the first activation of turn three, the old seadog grabbed the ball, went in on Tapper to generate some momentum, "Where'd They Go?"-ed into tap in range, and bonus timed it to end the game 12-0. Mistakes were made. Lots of them- I should have hung Stave back to play demolitions goalie like I did against the Masons, and I definitely should have painted Mash before the tourney to have him in the lineup if needed- but still, I learned a lot, had a great time playing some great people, and got four matches posted up here to support my Fish! Now all I ask is that Veteran Gutter have Gut & String if we win her, so I can use these tokens I have left over from old Shark...!
  14. We had a tournament in Virginia this weekend, and I went out for my first Guild Ball competition! In point of fact, it was supposed to be the Kick About Cup for the end of our KA league, but only three of the KA guys showed up, so we got "grandfathered" into the big tourney. Suddenly, I was playing on a clock for the first time and playing against seasoned veterans...yikes! Fortunately, everybody was really nice, classy, and fun- I had a great time. I played Brewers through both the KA league and the tourney, but I'm throwing my support behind the Fishermen for UiC. This is the third of my four games at the event. So then! ROUND THREE: Masons (Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Tower, Mallet, Lucky) My Lineup: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Spigot, Stave This one went well for the boys and girl in Tartans. As it turns out, a Topped Out, Sic 'Em-ed kitty in Tapper's Commanding Aura can do a bit of damage. A scrum developed pretty early on in this one, with Hooper kicking off and the rest of the squad hurrying up the field. I'd played against Masons a few times, but never against Hammer. I was soon to be impressed by his playbook! The man of the match in this one, though, had to be Stave. Though you wouldn't think I was capable of it based on what happened in Round Four, I played him very cleverly in this match, sticking him back behind the gang and normally giving him three influence (which is a lot, but I was basically using Old Jakes with Tapper every turn to help compensate). He then just lumbered around throwing barrels to knock people down or around. Twice, the Masons found their ball carrier blasted away from the goal and the ball suddenly loose. An even bigger problem was that they often found their players unable to support each other or knocked down to be easy pickings for the rest of my team (when Stave wasn't tossing barrels, he was belly-bumping people onto their butts with that momentous KD on one). By separating the Masons, using Friday and Scum's comparatively long jogs to get in the way of others or stop counter charges (something they can both do just fine even without influence), and focusing down one target at a time, I managed to take out Brick, then Hammer, then Tower and Marbles in rapid succession. Tapper did finally get taken out, but I was able to bring him back in on the edge, ready to rush up and jump on Lucky, who was serving as the Masons' ball carrier. He even managed to gain control of it, rather than just beating Lucky up. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that at the start of next turn, both Hammer and Tower would be returning to the pitch, and would be in position to threaten Tapper easily. They got the ball, shoved him away, and sent Hammer sprinting down the sidelines after passing the ball to Tower. Remember how I said I did pretty well with Stave in this game? Probably my best moment of the whole tourney was Stave thumping over to blast Hammer off the pitch and into the crowd with a barrel immediately after the Masons' leader had put a beat down on tapper. Meanwhile, Friday retrieved the ball, and darted away to tap-in range. It was a chip shot, and she didn't miss. 13 (12) - 2, Brewers! Another victory struck for our allies, the Fish!
  15. We had a tournament in Virginia this weekend, and I went out for my first Guild Ball competition! In point of fact, it was supposed to be the Kick About Cup for the end of our KA league, but only three of the KA guys showed up, so we got "grandfathered" into the big tourney. Suddenly, I was playing on a clock for the first time and playing against seasoned veterans...yikes! Fortunately, everybody was really nice, classy, and fun- I had a great time. I played Brewers through both the KA league and the tourney, but I'm throwing my support behind the Fishermen for UiC. This is the second of my four games at the event. So then! ROUND TWO: Butchers (Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, Brisket, Boar) My Lineup: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Spigot, and Pintpot. GOLLY I wish I'd used Stave in there! This one was a bloodbath (aided in part by the prize of a Limited Edition Rage model for whomever got the fastest mascot takeout in this round). Since I was just here to have fun, anyway, I decided to hang winning the game and just go for that dog. In goes the squad- Sic 'Em, Knockdown, Commanding Aura, the works. By early in turn two, Princess was toast. (Scum goes after Princess) So I won the Limited Rage (yay!), but this proved to be pretty costly. I did a good job of managing Boiler, Boar, and Meathook- ok, I managed Boar and Boiler pretty well; Meathook I mostly left to her own devices and got lucky that she proved more set-up girl than actual threat, though she did do a pretty solid amount of damage. The one I did NOT manage well was Fillet. She basically got to roam around the table murdering people at her leisure- having played against only Ox on the Butchers' side in the past, I misunderstood that Fillet doesn't need to be near/supported by the rest of the squad to do huge damage, and doesn't do much for them in return, so I ignored her at my great peril if she wasn't close to the main action, and she surgically dismembered my team's stragglers and outliers. I did some good things, too- both Spigot and Friday each scored a goal, and this came after they combined forces to take out Brisket. I got my second goal and second takeout before Fillet could get her sixth, actually- but one of my takeouts was Princess, so I ended up losing 11-12. Still...Limited Rage. Totally worth it. =) (Spigot scores for the first time since I've played Brewers) (Friday scores as well. This evened my lifetime "Goals Scored by Humans" to "Goals Scored by Cats" ratio!) My opponent was a great guy and we had a blast in this round. Totally awesome. Totally worth it. Also worth one more game for the Fish for UiC! =)
  16. We had a tournament in Virginia this weekend, and I went out for my first Guild Ball competition! In point of fact, it was supposed to be the Kick About Cup for the end of our KA league, but only three of the KA guys showed up, so we got "grandfathered" into the big tourney. Suddenly, I was playing on a clock for the first time and playing against seasoned veterans...yikes! Fortunately, everybody was really nice, classy, and fun- I had a great time. I played Brewers through both the KA league and the tourney, but I'm throwing my support behind the Fishermen for UiC. This is the first of my four games at the event. So then! ROUND ONE: Fishermen (Shark, Siren, Salt, Greyscales, Sakana, Jac) My Lineup: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Spigot, and Stave. Holy wow can Shark score goals. This surprises no one, but as somebody who has loved the Fish since I joined Guild Ball, but doesn't have a lot of tabletop experience against them (and none against Shark; our one KA Fish player played pretty much all Corsair all the time), it sure caught me off guard. Shark was to prove my nemesis throughout the event. Slippery fishes indeed! The game got underway with me kicking off with Spigot and then sending him, Friday, and Scum chasing after the ball, while Tapper, Stave, and Hooper got set to hold the middle. Shark and Greyscales were just LIGHTNING fast in this match, getting up there, getting the ball, and slipping all over the place with it. My poor Brewers spent most of the game chasing their own tails, but one or twice one of the Fish got too close and paid for it in spades. The combination of Tapper, Hooper, and Spigot managed to surround Siren after the first Shark goal, and Hooper beat her down handily. After the second Shark goal, the kickout mercifiully went straight to Spigot, who looked downfield to see Friday lurking with a single point of influence more or less unattended by Sakana and Shark (who had both already acted at this point), so he sprinted closer and passed her the ball. She burned a momentum for "I Shoot Better after a Beer", snapped off a shot, and scored. Unfortunately, I had dramatically underestimated how fast Greyscales can be with the ball! The kick-out when his way, and he was able to scoop it up, charge someone (I think Stave?), stay at 2", trigger Where'd they Go? to scoot around, and get into a position to shoot the winning goal. A great game, and some lessons I hope not to forget (don't worry, later in the tourney, I do just that!). One more for the Fish!
  17. Fish-in-a-Beer

    Farmers eat Fish, too (part three)

    The adventures of the kick-about Farmers, working for the best interests of the Fishermen (for what I'm sure are 100% selfless reasons) continue! This time: Masons. Honor, Harmony, Brick, and Marbles vs my lineup of Grange, Windle, Tater, and Peck (I let my friend pick- I'd normally want another planter in there with both Windle and Tater to give some more influence to the team). The game was a pretty slow one, at first- the Masons kicked, and Peck scooped up the ball and tried to just keep away from Harmony and Honor as best he could. The Masons were very careful and moved up, using chain activations and careful support/counter charge ranges to make sure they could gang up on what farmers they were facing. Eventually, though, a general scrum formed in the middle of the table, and the Farmers started to get the upper hand, aided by the fact that they largely ignored the sisters and focused on beating down Brick and Marbles, who were easier prey. Windle was the hero of the match, using Big Breakfast and Snack Break to tear apart Marbles (for two VP!) before teaming up on Brick with Grange and Tater. Meanwhile, Peck skirted back around the outside of the fight and just plugged the ball sort of in the vague direction of the Masons' goal, leaving it hanging out in empty space as Marbles returned to the table. The end was pretty straightforward at that point- Harmony went over and grabbed the ball, but Tater was able to get in on Brick and trigger a Mow Down result, toppling her as well. The ball squirted loose, and we were able to beat down Brick and generate a bunch of momentum. There wasn't really much the Masons could do at that point except clear the knockdown on Harmony with a well-timed "Come on, Mate!" and hope that Tater would whiff when he went after her to generate the needed momentum to score (as I was obviously going to go first). Sadly for Harmony, he didn't, and generated a momentous...something or other. As it turned out, it didn't matter- he was within kick range and shot the ball in to end the game, 8-0. The game was much closer than the final score might have indicated. Ultimately, Grange's crowd-outs, consistent knockdowns, and the Windle/Tater bash brothers tag team got the job done, but if Harmony and Honor had managed to see off Tater or Grange, things would have turned bad for me in a hurry! Still, one more for the good guys (and by that I mean Fish, of course...)!
  18. Nate_Dogg

    Shark vs Smoke game 2

    Since the first game only took 10 minutes, we played a rematch with the same lineups. Fishermen - Shark, Tentacles, Sakana, Greyscales, Angel, Hag Alchemists - Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Mist, Vitriol This was a really good game, with a lot of back and forth scoring, and stealing the ball. Mist scored a goal early on in turn 1. Shark played Super Fan and was able to sprint 9" and dodge 6" from tidal surge with the Guild Identity card, and then kick from 8" to counter score. In turn 2, the ball was thrown back to Vitriol, who got it to Mist and scored a snap shot goal. The ball got thrown in to greyscales, who got some momentum, jogged and dodged 4" to shoot a tap in goal. I didn't bonus time it and Greyscales missed the tap in. Shark went to pick up the ball, legendaried so Calculus would have a hard time moving, and Shark scored the tap in goal. Thrown back into Calculus, who was able to pass it and it scatter right to Mist. Start of turn 3, Angel jogged and attacked Mist, and didn't hit any 5's, Mist rolled 2 6's on the counter attack and dodged out of melee. Mist then went and scored a tap in for the win. If I had just been able to get that 1 hit tackle with Angel, I could have super shot and passed 10" to Greyscales and gone for my own snap shot for the win. Cool game, very fun when both teams go entirely for the ball and no take outs.
  19. Played against my roommate going for an all out ball game. Played with new deploy and GiC. This was the shortest game of guild ball ever. Fishermen kicked off and scored 3 goals in 3 activations! Fishermen - Shark, Tentacles, Angel, Greyscales, Sakana, Hag GiC - extra 2" dodge once per turn Alchemists - Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Vitriol, Mist GiC - extra condition damage Turn 1 - Shark kicked off near the edge, ending in fast ground. Sakana and Greyscales deployed up front. Calculus got the ball, and tried to blind Shark, which missed. With no other option of somewhere to put the ball fearing Shark, she kicked the ball of the edge to hope for a lucky scatter. Unluckily, it went 5 inches toward alchemist goal. Shark sprinted 11" off the fast ground, then dodged 4" with tidal surge, and legendary played to hit 4 enemy players. Then shot a 4 dice goal and made it. the ball was thrown in, and Mercury missed the pass to Vitriol. Greyscales dodged and jogged around to grab the ball and passed it to Shark, who then made a snapshot goal. The ball was thrown back in and passed to Vitriol again, this time she got it, and kept the momentum. Sakana went and dropped smoke and charged Vitriol, getting 6 5+'s and wrapping. Then passed to Shark who scored another snap shot!
  20. Corsair took his roster up against the Brewers line up today. The Fishermen score a T2 goal with Greyscales after setting up in T1. Brewers came in hard and furious but Salt took a chance on being taken out, with a parting blow, fleeing for a loose ball. Snapping it along the way, he was able to score a tap in goal on 2 dice. The goal kick was certainly in favor of the Brewers but Corsair made it a little harder for them to score by KD'ing Spigot and dragging Friday away, but not before taking on some poison. Friday still managed to score a goal, bringing the score to 8 - 4. The goal kick was made at the end of turn 2. With the Fish winning the initiative, Greyscales made the best of it, snapping the ball after ganging a momentous "where'd he go" and scoring the Fish's victory goal. Thanks to Jason Carman for the fun match. The funny banter and snaps make our matches memorable. I always look forward to playing with you.https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1687945084609900&id=100001832758699
  21. Round 3 vs Union He ran: Blackheart, Mist, Strongbox, Grace, Decimate, and Old Hat. I ran: Thresher, Peck, Tater, Jack, Harrow, Bushel. I kinda like Bushel as a 6th in this list, because she brings an influence to the table, where WIndle doesn’t. She also doesn’t need any, cos I don’t really need her to do much. I made a big mistake here, grabbing the ball with Jack, and not getting away from Mist far enough. She pinched the ball, with no influence, although Tater got a charge (using Jacks harvet markets), he wiffed L. Thinking the ball was dead, I ignored her “pro tem” and tooled up old father, planning to take her out (tater did 4 damage, but missed the KD). I didn’t realise that Blackheart was as slippery as he was. He did his stuff, used “I’m open”, received the pass and dodged forward slotting a goal! I was down 4-0 before I knew it! I got some points back taking out Mist with Tater, and send the old man to deal with blackheart, and near killed him, but not quite.However the goalkick in scattered poorly, ending up on Tater (and dead for the turn) as he used his influence to finish Mist. Turn 2, my opponent won initiative, and Blackheart dodged away from old father, tackled tater, popped legendary, and buried another goal. The blighter. He paid the price as a result, as Peck wrapped and took him out on the charge. The ball was given to Thresher now, where it probably should have been all along. Strongbox advanced, and copped a Tater charge (charging past the target to mow down others is a nifty trick). Old father waded forward, with the ball, killing Decimate, Grace and nearly strongbox. 8-8. Next turn, Mist was back in the fray, and old father spent an attack to finish Strongbox, and move into Mist, kill her and the returning Decimate to get the win.
  22. Round 2, and Thresher went up against my own Engineers, played by a newbie who came 3rd in the tournament in a great result. He ran: Pinvice, Mother, Hoist, The Colossus, Locus, and Ratchet. I range the same list, except I swapped WIndle for Bushel (Thresh, Peck, Bushel, Jack, Tater, and Harrow). My opponent goes pretty hard at the punch, so I picked Bushel to try and snag a goal, to get the edge. This game, Colossus kicked, and the ball scattered way out wide, leaving it out of range for Colossus to retrieve, so I left it for a while. The old father moved up, covered by Tater and some harvest markets placed by Harrow and Jack. Peck nabbed the ball and ran behind my lines. My opponent made a mistake, moving Mother too close to Tater, who charged past mother, and managed to move down Colossus, Mother and Ratchet, and proc his charge swing for 3 damage all around. Colossus had no momentum, but did kd tater. Turn 2, the old father went first, and moved in, scything mother almost death, and hurting ratchet and Colossus. His attacks finished mother, then ratchet off. (3-0 up). Not to be outdone, Colossus singled out the knocked down tater, and started some hurt, so I moved Peck up, flicked the ball to Bushel, heroic to stand up tater and dodge, and put cocky on him, then spent a momentum to heal (Thresher hurt him). Up stepped Locus, and returned Tater to the floor swiftly, and put some hurt on him (Charge, Wrap, Mometus damage and Kd, attack and momentus KD, then another wrap…hot dice). Tater hopped up and hurt Colossus, leaving him near death, but Hoist took out Tater, leaving me 3-2 up. I won initiative again, and Thresher took out Colossus, and Hoist!. I was now 7-2 up, with the ball. Jack activated, porting up and placing harvest markers forward, setting a trap. Pin Vice was engaged with Thresher, so he copped some hurting but lived. I moved Tater up onto Jacks markets to head off the returning Ratchet and Mother, while Bushel nipped through and popped in a goal. Ratchet moved up to drop a bomb on Thresher and get a take out, however, my trap worked, and Tater countercharged, and knocked him down, dishing out some damage at the same time. It was a matter of regulation to finish Ratchet next turn with Tater for the win.
  23. Chriscdoa

    Butchers final push

    Butchers v masons Fillet, meathook, boiler, boar, vet ox, princess v hammer, tower, brick, mallet, flint, wrecker. Vet ox kicked off. Tower received and passes back, but couldn't reach flint. Lots of moving up. Flint tries to pass to hammer for momentum but misses! No one in range until brick moves up to far and ox charges with last activation of round, doing some damage. Start of turn 2 fillet hits 5 masons with pain circle thanks to bad positioning. Then legendaries and takes out tower. Hammer and mallet attack fillet but she survives. Wrecker moves some butchers about allowing flint to get through on goal and score. 4-2 Boar charges brick and flint and kills brick and flint. Bleed kills wrecker. Now 4-7. Hammer and mallet kill fillet. Butchers kill hammer and mallet. 6-11u Flint collects ball. Start of turn 4 flint scores, but meathook kills wrecker for easy win.10-12
  24. Scalpel's Spooks back the Butchers under Obulus Instructions for his shadow game, with her win over Ferrite's Blacksmiths. Played Straw from the Battlehammer, with my Scalpel lineup over his Blacksmiths which he proxies Alloy, Burnish, Hearth and Cast. I won 12-2 with Three Goals and a Take-out. Scalpel Kicked and with my first activation of the game git the ball off Ferrite and Scored! Mist closes first turn with a Goal after a bad Scatter after KD with Blacksmith trying to get the ball back.