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Found 8 results

  1. Philthy Lad

    Muse on Minis Order tokens

    I don't know if this is the best place for this but is Muse on Minis going to repackage the tokens for The Order Minor guild and make dice for them?
  2. Located in Ohio USA I have a Engineers team (minus locus and Vet Velocity, and Salvo is missing an arm) with their season one tokens and a set of official clear Acrylic templates (like the kick and scatter ones). They don't have season 2 cards (but I have some sucky printed out ones for them. All models are built and metal, but aren't painted at all. Asking $125. Kickoff set. Everything is there (I believe), besides a couple tokens and marbles card. Asking $50 bucks. I need to sell these in the next couple days to get money for a warhammer sale, so hit me up!
  3. Just noticed that Frozen Forge now have season three Guild Ball tokens available ... https://frozenforge.com/ I hadn't seen this mentioned so far in the forums, so thought I'd post it. Frozen Forge made the original season 1 token sets for Guild Ball. (Tokens also available from Muse on Minis, Art of War and others) https://museonstore.com/ https://art-of-war-studios-ltd.myshopify.com/
  4. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92383879/Guildball/Brewers/Brewers%2012-2016.pdf I have updated these tokens to be current as of December 2016. Enjoy.
  5. We've got some nice new products for Guild Ball over at Art of War Studios - Upgrade token sets for Grace and Benediction, and individual Union player sets - for those of you who use Union in your line-ups. Come check it out! https://art-of-war-studios-ltd.myshopify.com/collections/guildballcompatible
  6. I am selling these new unopened items: - Young Theron LIMITED EDITION : 20 euros - Honour Metal Kickstarter EDITION : 20 euros - Mist LIMITED EDITION : 30 euros Classic version: - Mortician's guild Token set (AoE, influence, plays - steamforged) : 10 - Mist : 8 euros - Shark : 8 euros - Theron : 8 euros - Flint : 8 euros - Obulus : 8 euros - Book S.2 : 4 euros Shipping from Belgium (to Belgium 5euros, to France 5.80 euros), other countries ask please... Not always on PC, so not always following the topic. Best idea is to contact via email (dantinnedumoulin @ gmail.com) Paypal is possible. Thanks, David,
  7. heribertovalle

    Homemade templates and token set

    Hey there Everyone! I'm just starting guild ball, and Trying to introduce friends to it. I'm about to have my first match this friday, so I decided to go for broke and put my laser skills to work on creating a good Template set that looks amazing and works well. This is the result! I decided to go fancy on this one and forego MDF for making good use of a scrap piece of plywood I had at in the workshop. The Board keeps tally of the goals and the Guilds competing, I decided to also create a dial with one team's relevant information, and to create condition tokens for both base sizes and some AOE's, I basically followed the templates offered up on the webpage. The templates I decided to cut in Transparent Acrylic (not my first choice since I prefer black smoked translucent acrylic for them, but I couldn't find any) and did something that's bound to be practical: The general AOE /deviation template Slots on the larger one, and can be removed as well. Well, that's it. I hope you all like them. I'm trying to release them as a fully free-to-download laser cut plan file for my Patreon (I create laser cut terrain and stuff for wargamers) but I'm waiting on an email I wrote to steamforged about if I can use the original Guild ball logo and Guilds symbols. If not, I'll release it without them, trying to be generic. Cheers and salutations from Mexico!
  8. Hello all, I was just thinking about tokens for Guild Ball Season 2 (hence the title). I'm just wondering what will happen once Season 2 arrives. I've got the Butchers and the Alchemists at the mo and have an order for the official tokens for each team. When Season 2 arrives how will we expand on our tokens? Will there be a new set with Seasons 1 and 2 combined (not ideal as I'll already have Season 1)? Perhaps a full Season 2 set with all the extras for the upcoming captain, mascot, extra player and "evolution" (not too much of a problem as I'll no doubt be picking them all up but what if people don't)? Or even available separately as you purchase the model (great for us but more work for Steamforged)? Anyone else thought about it or even have some knowledge about what will happen? Just thought I'd throw it out there.