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Found 5 results

  1. BenHasaGo

    Tactics for a new player

    Hi all. New to guild ball and only played 4 games so far in season 4 and am looking for some advice. I’ve played the below team in the 4 games and had the following results (12-6 L to Ox Butchers) (12-2 W vs Fillet Butchers) (12-0 L to Shark Fish) (12-2 L to Corsair Fish) Hammer Marbles V. Harmony Tower V. Chisel Granite I’ll be honest the beat down game doesn’t appeal to me and the win I got had 2 goals scored by Hammer in his first 2 activations. I’m looking at a kicking game going forward and wondered on people’s comments for the below list as well as any tips and tricks they have picked up along the way. I was thinking: Honour Wrecker Harmony Flint V. Chisel Mallet And Lucky hovering around the list too as I quite like him, and he doesn’t seem too bad for a kicking game. Plus I like being able to clear conditions depending who I come up against (no idea who I would drop for him though?). Any comments on the line up and tips and tricks would be really appreciated. I’m off to a 5-game tournament this Saturday and although I’m a dead cert to be taking home the wooden spoon I wouldn’t mind trying out a team I can have a lot of fun with.
  2. tandgproductions

    New Release Scout Reports

    Hi all, We've put together some new scout reports to help you get to grips with the shiny new releases! Hope they help!! Veteran Ox: https://youtu.be/SRdxTuIka3w Brainpan & Memory: https://youtu.be/zLqCvXdqWcg Hag: https://youtu.be/ho9uk_6URl8
  3. tandgproductions

    Fish Week: T&G Productions

    Hi all, Just to let you know that we will be running daily videos on the Fishermen commencing Monday 15th August, below is the playlist that each video will be added to for ease of viewing. These videos are designed to give a quick snap shot of the players available and their relevant tactics/uses, for both new players and those looking for an easy overview. Hope they help! More guild weeks to come!!
  4. Hey guys. I'm looking to get some advice from more experienced on the forum. I recently started playing Guild Ball and decided on the Hunters as my first guild. I've played two games with the basic Hunters set (no Chaska or Seenah) against Brewers so far. Lost both (12-10 / 12-4). I find the Hunters have so much good synergy but it makes it hard to choose in which order to do things. Does anybody have some good tips regarding how much influence to assign each member, some good combos, where are good positions for each member to start? (I am looking at picking up Chaska in the future). Your advice is greatly appreciated. Regards.
  5. aggraae

    Help a noob out.

    Hi, im really new to GB. And i have lost all my games so far(played like 5...so not so many) against my friend with Union... so im just wondering if you guys can give me some tips how Butchers play? Been playing Warhammer and Warmachine Hordes in my days of miniature gaming, but never played a game when you activate one model then your oponent then you again. So i think alot of my bad play is just im bad at this type of game atm, because i never played anything like it. Im having a hard time making combos, like Princess moves up here , then Brisket moves up 4" from princess so she can attack att all. Several games i feel like Brisket haven't done a thing because my opponent has the ball and i can't get her to the ball holder. Well, so just normal tips and tricks. How do you deploy ? Do you move models in pair, wich one on the flank wich ones in the middel? Do you as butcher just keep the ball back with for example Brisket and then go attack mode with all the others? How do you play with Boar with just 2+ def so he just doesn't die... Do you often use counter attack or get +1 def when someone charges you? Well... maybe im just bad at the game( atm haha) , or Union is a good matchup against butchers,but any tips would be appriciated thx guys. ( last game i tried, Fillet, Brisket, Princess, Boiler, Meathook and Shank. Union player had Captain Rage, Avarisse, Decimate, Coin, Mist and Hemlock)