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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, Suppose Obulus casts Puppet Master on an enemy model that started engaging Skulk and has it jog out of his melee zone. Does ending that advance trigger the puppet master? Does it work the same way if the enemy model did not start the advance engaging Skulk? I.E it jogged into and then out of the melee zone. This will also affect Lure.
  2. When does Momentous Inspiration actually award the momentum? For example: Mercury is within 4" of Smoke and uses Fire Blast. Fillet and Boiler are in the circle. The Alchemists player is on 0 momentum. They declare the roll on Boiler first, and get a hit. Would they have a momentum to bonus time the roll on Fillet, or is it not awarded until the entire play ends?
  3. Hi, Suppose I have a Super Fan plot card. Do I play (and resolve) the card immediately when the goal is scored (before Run the Length is declared and resolved) or do I play it after Run the Length is used. Thank you. Super Fan Requirements The friendly team concedes a goal. Rewards Instead of making a goal kick, the Controlling Player may place the ballmarker in possession of a friendly model within [6”] of the friendly goal-post. S3 p44: Run The Length! After scoring a goal the active model may spend [1] MP to immediately make a [4”] Dodge; this Dodge takes place prior to the Goal Kick.
  4. Hi all, apologies in advance as this may have already come up, but i simpley cannot find it. With the clarification that fillet can choose to cause bleed first on her character play, and then dodge, does this mean that when stoker uses his flame jet character play, he can choose to have the target suffer burning first and then gain the extra damage for his brning passion trait? Im sure the answer is no, but it seems that fillet gets to circumnavigate the rules with this, and nobody else benefits from this timing ruling? thanks in advance jk
  5. Pending Forum Suspension

    Parting Blow Knockdown

    So a parting blow can cause damage, a tackle, or a knockdown. My question is when does the parting blow trigger in relation to the active model's movement? Model A is activating. Model A has a 6" move and elects to move the entire advance away from Model B. Model B has a 1" melee zone. Does Model A move the entire length of his advance and then the attack is triggered? Or does Model A stop just out of 1" allowing the attack and then proceed with his turn? I couldn't find a clarification for this and I apologize if it has already bee answered I just could not find a thread with a similar question with the search tool. Thanks in advance for clearing this up.
  6. If a model ends its activation with unspent influence, does it keep that influence until the end of the turn when it is reallocated, or does it get "spent" when that model's activation ends? I ask because many of Hammer's tricks are associated with this. RAW seem to indicate that Infiuence not spent stays with a model, but this seems a bit cheesy to me,
  7. The situation I have is very specific, but it may translate into other situations, or not. Midas is activating first to attack Fangtooth. Because of Gluttonous Mass, If Fangtooth counter attacks and KDs Midas, Midas would normally have no momentum to stand. Of course Midas does have his LP which will allow him to generate momentum on spending the INF for the attack to stand up. So my question comes to timing when a LP can be used and how that works. My Warmachine logic dictates that "feats" can be used anytime, even between say a charge move and a charge attack. I am not sure if that logic translates here though. The sequence goes 1. Midas declares Attack/Charge 2. Fangtooth declare Counter Attack 3. Midas moves/attacks So two things need clarified; A. When may/must Midas declare his LP is being used, Can it happen after Fangtooth declares a Counter Attack or do I need to decide before. B. When is INF Spent. Would that happen Before step 1, after step 1, or after step 2. -B2- As an alternative- Could Midas Charge, use Heavy Burden after move before attack to remove Glut Mass I know this is a little complex, but I am working on a complex article about Midas and want to work out some details so I do not misinform anyone.