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Found 19 results

  1. ShortcutBacon

    Themed terrain and goals

    Greetings fellow laborers, Looking to make some themed terrain for the best team out there and was hoping for some inspiration. I already have a windmill goal in construction. What kinds of terrain/goals have you constructed? I would love to see them.
  2. Pending Forum Suspension

    Opportunity to buy plastic terrain and goals.

    So I this conversation won't go super far in terms of getting a resolution (at least I can't imagine an official word on it) but I feel like maybe it is one we should have so we can show our interest. I would really appreciate it if there were an opportunity to order goal markers and terrain (even bundled together is fine) for existing guilds. What I mean is that if the plan is to go to all plastics in the future and to model them after the Blacksmiths and Farmers I'd like the opportunity to purchase those components without coughing up $200 to complete the 4 teams I have. I know there are the upcoming terrain packs but it would be pretty cool if SF could throw a bone to the folks that helped get them this far by offering those components in a "Goal and Terrain" supplement pack. Even if it were web exclusive and even if they were only available in limited batches it would be nice to be able to get those pieces (they are pretty nice if you haven't had a chance to see them in person) without buying the whole team again. So I ask @Steamforged, please take my money.
  3. So I had my first adventure with using Kneadatite Blue/Yellow epoxy putty (Green Stuff) over the weekend. I made some pieces of meat for my Butcher's goal. That stuff is sticky...to the point of being hard to get it shaped and do what I wanted it to do. So... what's the trick to sculpting with that stuff... does simply wetting your fingers/tools make it more manageable? Any other tips and tricks with this stuff for my future creative attempts?
  4. I have a question about the standard scatter rule. The ball cannot be intercepted as seen in the rule book, my question is, does the ball "jump"over people and obstacles to land in the final spot? For example, a standard scatter resolves with 100 percent of the ball path going directly through a character and ending a few inches past that character. Is the ball "blocked" by that character and snaps to that character, or does the ball go "over" that character and land in its final resting spot inches away from the character? In that same scenario, replace the "character" with a terrain obstacle. Would the ball be blocked by the obstacle, or jump directly over it to land on the other side of the obstacle? Remember, this question is for standard scatter rules, not kick scatter rules. Thanks!
  5. With the release of those videos from Vengeance (I unfortunately missed the live stream) I was able to watch the games. One of the thing that I've noticed are some of the beautiful terrains that are used (that I assume fit tournament rules). I recognize some of them from solidgroundstudios but there are a few I do not. Anyone have any idea where they're from? (E.g: Crate from Mat Hart v. Jason Fox game). Thanks, much appreciated.
  6. I've been thinking for a while that there aught to be an automated way to set up terrain for Guild Ball - one that doesn't rely on human judgement to determine fair placement and that takes some of the guesswork out of how many and what kind of terrain pieces to use. That led me to make what you see here - a mobile web app that can randomly generate pitches of terrain and ground at the tap of a button. Hopefully some of you will find it useful http://redsam.xyz/guild-ball/terrain-generator/
  7. This is a visual log of my journey through the steam powered world of guild ball. My first team is Masons
  8. heribertovalle

    First Guild Ball terrain

    Hey there! I'm having my first Guild Ball game this friday with the local game club. As the club host and founder, I always think about trying to go the extra mile whenever we actually formalize an event like starting a league or trying out a new game. Guild ball deserved this treatment. So: I created this. Hope it works out well for this friday!
  9. Dynamite_Aaron

    Terrain and Furniture

    Hi, Seen a couple of threads talking over terrain and furniture which could be used to populate the board and thought the below may be of interest. http://shop.battlesystems.co.uk/fantasy-dungeon-terrain-7-c.asp
  10. Anthony_Medves

    Printable Terrain

    Any links to printable terrain? Haven't had a chance to play with my Hunters and want to test them out, but don't have any terrain to use.
  11. Judge Magister Gabranth

    Affordable Additional Terrain

    Looking to add pillars or walls to your game? I found these on amazon. I don't plan to order any just yet, but reviews seem positive. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=srs%3D13108731011%26search-alias%3Dspecialty-aps&field-keywords=printed
  12. Hello All, Has anyone checked out or purchased the broken egg 2D guild ball terrain pack. Am I wrong or are most of the obstructions illegal for organized play. I have not purchased them myself but used them at a store who had purchased them for demo use. They have about 4-5 "obstruction" pieces and they are definitely larger than 2 in in some measurements, either length width or diagonal. There is a small wall in the pack but even that is about 3" long and about 1 1/4" which would make the diagonal way bigger than 2" not to mention it's more the 2" long. Am I misinterpreting the terrain rules? My understanding was that obstructions could be no larger than a 2" circle, barriers no larger than a 3" circle, rough terrain and forest no larger than 6" circle, and fast terrain no larger than a 3" circle. Please correct me if I'm wrong. thank you
  13. ratkaster

    Terrain and Scoreboard

    Took some time out from painting minis to make a set of tournament equivalent terrain...and something to help keep track of scores. Fast Ground Obstacles Rough Ground LOS Blocker Tourney Terrain Magnetic Scoreboard
  14. WarpWookie

    Terrain Size

    Hello, Looked through but could not find this question. In the tournament packet terrain is defined as no larger than X in either direction. Does that mean Length and width or diameter. second question, other than terrain cannot be placed with 6" of another terrain piece or goal token is there any other rule for terrain placement? ie. terrain cannot be placed in a deployment zone. thanks
  15. LeadDiceandBeers

    Guild specific pitches

    With Season 2 just round the corner with the official campaign rules it got me thinking that we've seen some great teams and goal tokens but only a few themed pitches. Im hoping the campaign system has some home and away slant to it so got planning some guild specific pitches and associated terrain pieces. Some ideas I've had so far are: Alchemists - tiled floor lab with vats as obstructions Morticians in a mortuary or charnel house, with slabs as obstructions and broken tiles as rough ground Hunters on an arid plain or Savannah or a frozen wilderness Masons in a workshop or quarry. Anyone had any other thoughts? Pictures of completed pitches are more than welcome.
  16. Deflater Mouse

    Guild Ball in the town square

    Thought I'd show off my new pitch... The edge of the center square marks deployment lines, the French drains mark the goal line, and there's a subtle brick pattern for the goal locations... Brickwork was made with sticky back foam, then sand and PVA for grout... Hope you like it...
  17. JJLayfield

    How much terrain?

    So I am currently just using a couple of wall sections on the pitch to break up movement lines etc. Using them as barriers as they are too long to be obstructions (probably 3 - 4 inches long). I am looking at making some barrel, crate, and produce stacks to use as obstructions and maybe putting a tree or 2 in the collection. Then add small (approximately 3" diameter) patches of difficult ground to the pool so to speak. How much terrain are people playing with, and in what sort of mix? What do we consider to be too much or too little? While I was learning we played without terrain for simplicity but found that it just made charge lanes too easy and getting effective takeouts and dodge playbook results far too easy and effective. I have a feeling that 5 terrain pieces is probably an ok number...
  18. Bad Majesty

    Smack my pitch up!

    Hey people, I've recently picked myself up a Brewers team to kickoff my foray into Guild Ball and as a lover of terrain building I've also decided to craft them a home pitch. I'm starting with a Brewers ground first but I plan to hopefully churn out a several more based on some other themes. I'm kinda heading into this project with little to no planning and making it up as I go along so any tips, advice or ideas along the way will be most appreciated. My tools and resources aren't the most extensive but I enjoy learning new techniques so maybe I'll pick up a new trick or two along the way. If anyone wants any explanations, tutorials or guides for anything I do just let me know and as long as I didn't wing it too much I'll do my best to explain. My Brewers pitch is going to have a flagstone and wooden feel to it with maybe the odd metal gubbins and water features dotted about. I also plan to add some buildings and decorations down the sides to give a centre or town kinda feel to the whole thing. Anyways, enough rambling on, Here's the start to my yet unnamed Brewers pitch... The foundations to the whole board comes in the form of insulation foam from B&Q As it required 2 pieces I had to create a central extension (made from spare foam) After marking out the pitch and the lines I made the outer stone frame from craft foam I tried to create a slight stone texture by rolling actual stones across the foam (it sorta worked....ish) I started to add some wooden features for the goal and centre by using embossed plasticard [/url And finally after the weekend of work, the framework is done and all is starting to take shape (It's a bit of a jump to this stage, I got a bit giddy and forgot to take photos) I'll be updating this during the week and hopefully with some close ups of the little details I'm starting to add in. Work on the flag stones has begun and it is hella time consuming but I'm very happy with the results so far. Hit me up with any C&C Cheers BM
  19. stef686

    Guild Ball Pitch

    Over the Christmas period I've made a start on a Guild Ball pitch for my games room, and to be used in future Guild Ball tournaments at Leicester Phat Cats no doubt! My idea is that it's a pitch put together outside a pub specifically to host important matches. Here's the board so far: Around the pitch will be fencing with some advertising boards - will need to think of some comedy names for those! And also the pub itself, which will have Icy Sponge boxes on the outside kind of like a dugout.