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Found 2 results

  1. Can vHarmony soak damage with all of her boxes marked? In what situations can she do this? Playbook damage results that trigger AOE/pulse traits. AOE/pulse Character plays. Ledendary plays that deal damage in a pulse. This is a thing because of when the timing charts say that you check for taken out. Lawyers only please.
  2. In regards to Veteran Harmony's Team Player, who/what is considered to be the source of damage; is the original source of damage considered the source, or is Vet Harmony (through her trait)? I can think of two situations (plus one variant) where this could be important, so figured clarification could be appreciated. 1. If Veteran Harmony takes damage through application of Team Player while within 4" of Granite, could said damage trigger Between a Rock...? 2. If Veteran Harmony is taken out as a result of taking damage because of Team Player, is the opponent considered to have "[inflicted] the taken-out condition", thus generating a point of Momentum? 2.a. If Veteran Harmony is taken out as a result of taking damage because of Team Player after Veteran Katalyst has activated Witness Me!, can he suffer the taken-out condition and generate an extra 2 VPs?