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Found 16 results

  1. Forum, I'm back! After a bit of a Hiatus I have returned with an episode of RTL. There are only a few episodes left before season 4. Let me know what you think of the game and what match ups you want to see me tackle before the end of season 3. Also Sign up for my tournament Second Wind. It's going to be awesome! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Second Wind! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/434815553681222/ Longshanks: https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1344 Forum: http://forums.steamforged.com/topic/42403-second-wind-chicago-64-man-tournament/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheCurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Music: Epic - Bensound.com Follow Pat on Twitter: @PatVanV https://twitter.com/PatVanV The Longshanks Pitch Planner: http://longshanks.org/terrain/ Game Plans Video: https://youtu.be/iRPdTnBnRp0 Farmers Errata Episode: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/episode-36-errata-farmpocalypse
  2. Union in Chains! Tapper takes the win over sBrisket, casts his vote to #BringDecimateHome This was just a local friendly match, opponent conceded at the end of turn 2 because the game was so one sided. 10-4 brewers Turn 1 - Spigot kicked off to Mist, ending his jog within 8" of the edge of the pitch, because I was determined to finally use the Wingback plot card. The kick off failed, and scattered 6,6 right to Mist. Mist moved to cover and then passed to sBrisket, he made the mistake of leaving Mist in threat range of the brewers though. Friday dirty knives Benediction, since I didn't wanna waste her influence and he was the only one in reach. Benediction then sturdy and braced himself, and jogged back into cover. Then PintPot charged Gutter, again not wanting to waste his influence and she was the only one barely in reach. He did 3 damage and dodged to smash face on gutter and benediction. Brisket and Decimate played with the ball, getting momentum and bringing it up the other side a little. Tapper jogged to Mist and commanding aura, KD him, then did some damage, heroic influence to Hooper. Gutter went and attacked PintPot, getting some momentum. Spigot played Wingback and charged Mist, then next attack killed Mist, then tooled up Hooper. Hooper charged Gutter, and attacked, leaving her low hp. I was up 2 momentum. Turn 2 - I went first, with PintPot, because I could sprint to engage on Gutter, Benediction, and sBrisket. Smashed face on all 3 of them! Opponent called OP on that haha since you don't have to roll for it ..... Gutter got some hp back from attacking PintPot, Benedicion went sturdy and braced again. Spigot tooled up Tapper who had 6 influence. then sprinted and turned his Times Called heroic on, giving everyone +2 MOV. Tapper went in and charged Benediction, and attacked him with commanding aura, ignoring Sturdy and just doing damage. Brisket finally went for her goal and made a screamer, I played super fan and gave the ball directly to friday. Hooper killed Gutter and Benediction, (3hp and 2hp left each) then jogged over to Brisket and KD her. Friday dodged, sprint 10" heroic and kick 10" and scored. My opponent threw it back in to Mist but the scatter was bad, so no chance at another goal for him this turn. At this point he conceded the match as I would easily get another kill before he got 2 more goals.
  3. tandgproductions

    How to Play: Tapper Brewers

    So thanks for the great feedback on our last 'How to Play' video. With the responses we have had we're now moving to examine each captain and their common/most used plays. Here's Honour and Tapper from the Kick-Off set, ideal for getting new players up to speed. It's by no means perfect, but let us know your thoughts!
  4. Hey guys, new player here! I bought into the game recently and decided to go with Brewers. I actually have the whole line-up, but I want to try to play a stable team comp until I get to know the game a bit better, having only played 1 match to its completion. I was thinking about running the standard tapper team which seems to be Tapper, Scum, Hooper, oSpigot, Friday + flavour of your choosing, and I´m struggling to decide between Stoker, Pintpot, Mash and perhaps Lucky, the new mason/brewer hybrid, to fill the last spot. Eventually I´ll just give them all a go, but I like these forum discussions so I thought I´d start a thread! Stoker seems like a fun addition to the team, bringing some range abilities that can be interesting to use, especially early in the game. He also seems like a piece that can activate early and make some plays, which seems good in a group where everyone seems to want to go last except Tapper (Is that just me being indecisive? :D). Also the magical brew part seems to make him self sufficient! He does however look like a piece which demands influence, and I already have a hard time with that. Pintpot on the other hand, who I think is my favorite so far, absolutely has to get into the thick of things and thus doesn´t seem to add a lot of early pressure. He seems to make up for it by being incredibly efficient with his influence, and bringing some additional conditions which is fun. Rowdy is a fun rule, and I love the "Drink a beer, make people bleed" thing he´s got going. The fact that he can be a threat even if you don´t allocate influence to him makes him very appealing, because it seems like I always want to give the other players on the team a lot of influence. Lastly we have Mash, who brings that lovely 2-inch melee range and some cool CC abilities, while also being a potential goal threat. However, I can´t help but feel that oSpigot and Friday already got that part covered. But even after one game I realize how good the extra range is, and his playbook is kinda good. Coupled with unpredictable movement he seems to be a real pain in the ass. Now, these are just my perceptions about the players and there might be a ton of nuance that I have missed, but which player would you recommend for a standard beginner roster? So far I´m leaning towards Pintpot, but that might just be because his entire concept amuses me! Would you highly recommend either of the other players?
  5. Forum, We are mixing it up for episode 10! You guys asked about getting my opponents thoughts so we are trying that out. This is the tenth episode of Run the Length a gameplay commentary series for guild ball. In honor of the tenth episode, we are changing up the format slightly. Instead of me explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match Alex and Pat are playing and we will hear their thoughts throughout the game. Both Alex and Pat are on USA's WTC Team as well as hosts of Strictly The Worst Guild Ball Podcast. Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Alex's Twitter: @LeftSlothrop https://twitter.com/LeftSlothrop Pat's Twitter: https://twitter.com/PatVanV Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheCurkov
  6. New players often make the mistake of trying to build an all-out Killy team and bench Friday. More experienced usually include Friday in the lineup but utilize her as strictly as a goal-scorer who can also reposition the cat. Really experienced players utilize her goal scoring, cat calling and incredibly powerful ability to set up take-outs. Here's an article illustrating how Friday makes take-outs so much easier. http://midwestwargaming.com/its-friday-or-the-highway/
  7. Greetings forum dwellers! This is the eighth episode of Run the Length a gameplay commentary series for guild ball. Join me as I breakdown an Alchemists vs Brewers game against Pat VanValue explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match. Pat is one of the USA's WTC Team members as well as a host of Strictly The Worst Guild Ball Podcast. Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Pat's Twitter: @PatVanV https://twitter.com/PatVanV
  8. Greetings people of the Forum! My new Guild Ball YouTube Series continues. This is Guild Ball Gotchas! Welcome to the second episode of Guild Ball Gotchas where I go through the biggest surprises and powerful combinations in Guild Ball and walk you through how to play around them. This episode we are covering The Pat Cat. Special thanks go out to Pat VanValue, Zachary Poulos, and Alex Botts for assisting with this video. The GBG Logo was designed by Dano Amonette. His Instgram is https://www.instagram.com/deadpoolxanko/?hl=en Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ The Dice Math was done by RedSam and his Dice Math App can be found at http://redsam.xyz/guildball/dicemath/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
  9. Pending Forum Suspension

    All Stars Game

    Here is a fun one for you. Drop 2 Influence from each captain. Now drop any Legendary Play. Now make a team with no captain and any mascot you want. Who is your team? EDIT: To add a few constraints and clear up vagueness. Captains can now play where ever and are considered "friendly guild models." You may still use any mascot. Other normal team building rules apply.
  10. Another Figo League report for you all! https://minnesotaminiaturemurdersports.wordpress.com/2016/10/18/guild-ball-figo-league-gameweek-three-fishermen-v-alchemists/ Yes, I know: More pictures! And I took more this time! But then I switched phones between playing this game most of a month ago and writing it this week. More pictures soon. I promise.
  11. Hello! I experimented with a new form (for me) of Battle Reporting for Guild Ball. Take a look and let me know what you think! https://minnesotaminiaturemurdersports.wordpress.com/2016/09/15/guild-ball-figo-league-gameweek-1-fishermen-v-brewers/
  12. Hello Guild Ballers! I would like to start a discussion to help me in my Tapper game. My blog is not the place to have an interactive discussion, so I'll put it up here, on the steamforged forums. Here's what I want to know: What first turn plays do you think are best for a Tapper team and why? How do you set up your players and what players do you bring. Obviously I know that the answers to this question are near to endless. There is no right or wrong, there's just playstyle. You do what you want to do to make the game fun for yourself. But still, some set-ups are more competitive in nature than others and I'd like to know what your playstyle is like, but with TAPPER. So let's forget that HELGA (Esters) even exists for the remainder of this thread. And I didn't say if you only play Esters you can't have an opinion. I do have some love for the chubby curves of the horned lady, but not in this thread. To answer my own question: I usually play this line-up: Tapper - Scum - Hooper - Stave - Friday - Spigot I tend to set them up like this when receiving the ball: Hooper opposite the kicker (to retrieve the ball) Tapper near the middle with scum close to him on the side of Friday. Friday and Spigot on the same side as the enemy striker (or the best one if they each take a side). Stave goes where the crowd is on the other side or depending on the team goes next to Hooper to possibly go get the ball and drag in the kicker himself. When Kicking (read below for who's the kicker) Stave goes on one side, Spigot and Friday on the other and the rest of them huddle up in the middle but able to get to Stave when needed. I'm a player focusing more on the brawl than on the ball. I tend to go for a 4-1 play. But have ended more games as 5-1 and 6-0. For me I have what I call a 'Stave start' or a 'Friday start'. With Stave, when kicking, I try to get the ball close to an edge. Whoever is coming to get it is in danger of meeting the edge of the field. When receiving, a player activates, fetches the ball and depending on what team is on the other side Stave gets the ball and dodges 4'' up the field, ready for a lob Barrel. Now I don't field Stave against Midas or Hoist - Alchemists are high DEF models anyway and lobbing a barrel their way is more often than not hoping for the best. Engineers have the same issue. - I don't use this tactic against butchers either and am reluctant to put Stave within Hammer / Mallet range against Masons but I normally do field him. I delay the pass to Stave against butchers to see some activations on the other side first. If they come close and the risk is low for Stave to meet Boar or Ox next activations I might go for it. If there's a group where I can get multiple hits with the lob, I'll go for it. Knowing fully well Stave needs to activate first next turn to get the hell out of dodge... When Stave does use his barrel Lob I tend to look for a target to shoot towards my brewers. I have been known to shoot Boar and Seenah back, I prefer them sitting on their arses. And it is a rare treat where I can barrel lob somebody off the table edge. With Friday I give her Tooled up (from Spigot, although I have brought Rage to the game once before) and put her within range of Tapper looking for 2x Dirty knives on two different targets if possible. If not, meh, twice the same, the effects don't stack, but the damage goes in. It is rare for me to leave her outside of the Tapper-pain-train-range to shoot her knives at something. I have been reluctant to go for a first turn goal with Friday when receiving. (Get the ball with X, pass it to Y (gain 1 momentum), let Y pass the ball to Spigot (now on 2 momentum), walk him up to within 4" of Friday, pop his heroic (back on 1 momentum), pass the ball to friday, dodge her up 4", then shadowlike her forward (6" up the pitch) then sprint for 8 and shoot (8) to goal (with the last momentum or -with an extra pass in between- for the heroic I shoot better after a beer...) The thing is my normal team isn't good at passing all that well. I don't want to activate Tapper first who's a 3/6 KICK, Stave is only 1/6 and I really want to wait to activate him for the barrel lob, Hooper gets 2/6 (and usually fetches the ball for me) and Scum is only 1/4, sure Spigot's aura helps, but I have failed more often than not) Plus I'm thinking it might not be a fair trade; I shoot for 4 VP, give the ball to the enemy player (enabling him to get 4VP) and give away Friday for a potential 2VP. That's In any other line-up I have brought I have almost always used the 'Friday Start'. And even if I bring other players in, like Mash f.i. I still use that same tactic with Friday. Although with Mash I make him kick, hoping for some dodge-push results on a player close enough to bring that enemy player into Tapper range. I still play the 'Friday Start' during that turn, if possible at all to soften up the target for Mash with dirty knives. I used to wait for Spigot to give tooled up until 3rd activation. For the off chance that Tapper would get a target, but since that doesn't happen anymore I activate him when I need a fast - Spigot goes, tools up Friday, go- kind of play. Spigot's activation has moved up in my 'younger' games and Friday goes as soon as she can after that to get a target that is within range while staying in Tappers range. Do these tactics sound familiar for any of you brewers players out here? Is there some other first turn play I should try? Let me know! I have pondered about an early activation with Tapper for the Marked Target play, but who do you send in then? It's not like he'll get to throw it on somebody that's close enough already for him to charge. And Mash is the only player that has pushes AND dodges, to come back into safety after pushing the target towards Tapper and his mates. When receiving the ball I have thought about not going to get the ball at all, hoping there's a player on the other side willing to come and get it, but then my VP-exchange might be a 2-4 trade for the enemy since if he'll get the ball he's going to score, or at least will be looking for that goal. But building on that, I should be able to take out another player in that same turn, making it 4-4 getting the ball back and then it's all about who's the better player again. I just don't like the 'should' and 'what if' reasonings... So that's it!
  13. So, last night's game against our local brew-meister went as usual - a lot of fish with Broken legs. I really struggle with what to do in this match up, especially if I have to kick off to him. Scenarios A - I kick off, he has the ball and I have no good way to generate momentum without exposing myself to getting ganked. If I don't engage he gets to shuffle about a bit, pick up momentum with passes and position himself to beat on me in t2. B - He kicks off, I get the ball I generate momentum with passes along the back and then score. I start the next turn with initiative but still have to retrieve the ball from a scrum of angry brewers. T2 I have again the choice of stand off, or get stuck in. I'm interested in what Shark team you play into: Tapper, Scum, spigot, Mash, Hooper and gutter. Last night I tried something a little different by maximising my striking potential, but I just found myself even less able to generate momentum. Shark, salt, greyscales, sakana, siren and angel Previoulsy I have run Gutter instead of Angel in that six.
  14. Slobberbox

    Late turn strength

    So I've only gotten a couple of games in, but I'm finding that my brewers really come alive latter in the turn and the way they ramp up seems to provide a great deal of tactical flexibility. I've only run Tapper as captain so I can't comment on Esters (yet). Maybe it's just the fellows I've played but other teams seem to stack influence on their star player(s) (like vs alchemists I felt like it was brewers vs Midas and Must). While I've found it useful to spread mine out and use old jakes to take advantage of what opportunites arise. I also like how the team has a buff for everything. You need to score? (Or just threaten) push Mash across the center and pop super shot, anyone, even the cat, is a threat with tooled up, commanding aura, and two extra INF (and Hooper can almost take two out when he's got 5 influence). This also means that I seem to struggle early in the turn, as well as the first turn where I don't have much momentum going. I'm interested in what you fine gentlemen (and Ladies) think. Am I missing out on anything fun? Should I focus more on maxing out tapper?
  15. So two examples with the same point: Tapper gains enough (6) Net Hits to wrap around his Playbook on a target to select the Play Commanding Aura and 1 DMG. Both results are simultaneous, but are resolved as individual instances. -Is the player able to resolved Commanding Aura first and thus generate 1 (+1 from Commanding Aura) DMG? Hooper gains enough (8) Net Hits to wrap around his Playbook on a target to select 3 DMG and KD. Both results are simultaneous, but are resolved as individual instances. -Is the player able to resolved KD first and thus generate 1 (+1 from Shove the Boot In Trait) DMG?
  16. Blackheart/Tapper cast Commanding Aura. Gutter casts Chain Grab at Target model outside of Commanding Aura. Target is Pushed in to Commanding Aura. Is the DMG from Chain Grab a Playbook damage result? (Sounds like its just a play?) -If no then that solves this question there. -If yes when does the additional DMG from Commanding Aura apply? --When the target is hit, or once it has been Pushed?