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Found 3 results

  1. Flohsors Redfield

    Community suggestions

    Hello everyone! I thought it might be a good idea to collect all the suggestions that were made during the kickstarter in this place to avoid them getting lost and maybe get a confirmation or veto from SFG on them. Everything that's left when the game ships can then be added via houserules/homebrew 1. Symbols on the blue dice - a couple of people are afraid that the dice in their current state are too unforgiving, while others stated that the dice are perfect. Some people suggested to just add an additional single hit to all (or just the blue?) dice. I have an idea that might cater to both sides. Why not add 1 single hit to half of all the dice? That way people can randomly select from the pool or intentionally go for the dice with better or worse odds. 2. Put the abilities on an extra set of small cards - the character sheets will simply state what ability each character starts with, but players are also free to pick or shuffle and draw the cards in the beginning of the campaign. That way you can add abilities that do not match any character, but could potentially increase replayability. Those are just some random thoughts I wanted to get out there ... I have another idea regarding modular character sheets, but that's not fleshed out yet Have a good one everyone!
  2. Gervill Froad

    Boss Suggestions

    Hello SFG! I have been watching and obsessively reading the comments every chance i get i have an idea and suggestions that i have been wanting to share but since i have not pledged YET i have not been able to comment 1st suggestion: Looking Glass Knight A.K.A The Mirror Knight. The reason i am suggesting this boss is because of the most recent Stretch Goals that are adding Invaders.... Maybe the "heat up" card can be the summon invader card. I think this could make for a very unique and exciting fight! The rest of the suggestions are just to show support in adding these bosses to the game: Knight Artorias King of the Storm + Nameless King ( my favorite boss fight is DS3 ) But even just the Nameless king would be awesome in the board game Fume Knight Gwyn Anyway... these are just things that i would love to see I also wanted to thank all of you guys at SFG for reading this and staying active in the comments. You guys rock!
  3. CrusaderEm

    Player Name Suggestions

    I thought it'd be fun to make a thread that let people share names they'd think would be interesting for future players of their favorite teams. I like the names Mortar and Deadblow for possible Masons. Cool fisherman names could be Leviathan or Tsunami. What are your ideas?