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Found 3 results

  1. bobthebomb


    Hello everyone !! I have a small suggestion concerning the Game-plan cards. They are already a big improvement over just rolling a dice, but the cards apportionment could be improved. Present situation : We both Draw seven cards and keep 5. Proposed change : Drafting the cards 1) We both draw seven cards. 2) both players draft 1 card and give the 6 left to the opponent. 3)Both draft 1 card from the 6 cards you got from the opponent and give him/her the 5 left. 4) Repeat until you have 5 cards in hand and discard the left over. While a bit slower than simply dealing cards, drafting is fast, allow tactical decisions from the get go and guarantee a better division of good cards. What do you think ? /cheers.
  2. Flohsors Redfield

    Skills and abilities

    I have been toying around with this idea for a while now and was trying to come up with a solution that is not very intrusive but could lead to some options during play for each of the characters without losing too much of their uniqueness. Instead of having abilities attached to characters, provide a set of cards or cardboard sheets with skills printed on them. Each skill comes with three levels and costs one skillpoint (SP) to acquire. Leveling them up costs also 1SP per level up, but grants improved abilities. For starters you could say that each character starts with five SPs and successfully finishing a scenario in a campaign gives one additional SP. In order to avoid overpowered combinations it might make sense to provide certain abilities in a very limited quantity, so that only one (or two) player can choose it and also to increase the costs for leveling up abilities. Acquiring the initial ability could then cost 1SP while the first level up might cost 2SP and so on... Some abilities cannot be learned by certain characters (for example Sherry can never pick a gun based ability), while other abilities are limited to a few characters only (for example Ada's Intrigue ability) to keep the unique feeling of each character. I admit I took some inspiration from Descent which has a really nice simplified skill tree that still allows for some variety and distinct 'builds' and lets your characters 'grow' a little over time. And if you have played Resident Evil 6 or Revelations 2 you might remember this kind of leveling up of abilities or skills and assigning them to a limited amount of slots. Here are some examples of abilities I had in mind: Agility (level 1 lets you roll one additional evade die when dodging, level 2 gives you one extra move action per turn, level 3 lets you automatically dodge Zombies without rolling for evasion, regardless of the number of zombies) First Aid (level 1 lets you revive a fallen character in your space for +1HP and will cost you 4 actions, level 2 increases the healing to +2HP and costs 3 actions, level 3 increases healing to +3HP and costs 2 actions) Handgun Expert (level 1 allows you to equip handguns, level 2 allows you to reroll one attack die per attack action, level 3 gives you the Steady Aim skill that allows you to spend two attack actions for a single fired bullet that gains an additional red die) Herbal Lore (level 1 heals +1 HP when using green herbs, level 2 heals +1HP when using blue herbs, level 3 gives a red + green herb mix the same effect as a First Aid Spray) Sneaky (level 1 lets you ignore corpse markers, level 2 makes Zombies unaware to your presence unless you cause noise, level 3 lets you reroll the threat die when entering yellow or amber rooms for the first time) Survivor (level 1 increases your inventory by two slots, level 2 makes attacking with a knife at range 0 an automatic double hit, level 3 grants you the ability to heal +1HP but you have to skip your entire turn) Those are all custom abilities for now... although I might have more later. Please let me know what you think and/or post your own suggestions
  3. I propose we add the following sub-sections to the forum to facilitate better community. The Duke's Archives - for discussing lore and player generated fan fiction The Bonfire - for general discussion of all things Dark Souls Kiln of the First Flame - for discussing ideas and suggestions specific to the board game Things Betwixed - for non-Darksouls conversations