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Found 19 results

  1. Hey all, Just played my first hand the other night and really enjoyed the grief and failure. Just like the game I thought it would be great to have an area where everyone interested can meet around the bonfire and discuss STRATEGY. My first lesson: Bosses need good hands, I am talking equipment with more then 2 dmg to get through armour, crazy! RULEBOOK - PDF PRAISE THE SUN!
  2. So, as a newer Mason's player I came to the forum a while back to seek out help for my Mason's. I've only played since July and loved the Mason's and haven't really touched another guild since starting the game. After learning some tech, and cheeky plays with the starting six, I moved on and bought the whole set, as well as A&G and Mist. I have been doing quite well in my meta, not many people have beat me a whole lot since I've learned the Masons well. I newer player from Nebraska moved down however, and we've had a lot of really good games, and it's pushed me as a player. All our games have been pretty solid, until today. Thresher, Jackstraw, Tater, Buckwheat, Bushel and Millstone, just destroyed me in a 13-0 match. Mainly Thresher and, Tater doing most of the work. I played the match with the starting 6 and here is a brief summary of what happened. I was the kicking team, and I had flint kick the ball toward cover, and allocated 4 to Honour, 2 on Mallet, 2 on Harmony, 3 on Flint, and one on Brick. He moves tater up the field, gets the ball, kicks it to Bushel, and ends, I move mallet up closer to tater. He then activates Jackstraw, pops some harvest markers, teleports up to cover, and now tater can countercharge. I move brick up for counter charge. I move marbles and pretty much end my turn he kicks the ball to thresher, and moves bushel up the field. I just move harmony into what I think is a better position and end. Now, I don't remember what Farmer shenanigans were pulled to get him closer up the field but here's where the unstoppable rampage of Thresher begins. Thresher runs in on mallet, ties up brick and marbles, and knocks both mallet and brick down, and kicks a goal and knee slides away. At this point I throw the ball to flint have him go and kick it to honour for momentum and hang out by cover, and then, i activate honour decide not to go after Jackstraw, out of fear of thresher and Tater, pass the ball back to flint, and dodge him away from bushel, because i was worried about balls gone. He ends with plus 5 momentum, to my zero. Turn two is where I just lose all hope, he starts with Thresher, runs in, and Mallet and marbles die right away, and honour gets knocked down Harmony takes 3 damage, and I just cry on the inside. I decided to take brick and try and punch Thresher some to no avail. Then Tater comes in and kills Harmony. So I moved honour up to fight thresher, which was a mistake, because he put her in the dirt, and made me waste 3 influence, And then Flint, cant get to the goal very well, so he runs away with the ball and he's at 7 momentum to my 1. Turn 3, queue Thresher destroyer of dreams, as he proceeds to kill brick, and leave honour on 1hp. Everyone else is at the sidelines from coming back, and flint cant do anything, so i just use flint to punch thresher 4 times before tater one finishes off poor hounor. So, I didn't expect Thresher to just run wild on the masons like that, and Tater really tied me up, which i thought i would be used to since I play brick. The other models didn't really do much harm, but man it was rough. I probably was a little too grouped up as well. But any advice, on playing into farmers would be appreciated, and any mason advice in general. Now that I work with all 12 plus the two union models I have a lot more options. But I typically don't take much of them on an Honour team, Hammer I take Tower, and Wrecker a lot, sometimes Vet harmony against hunters the rest haven't seen much play. So, to sum it all up, please help, any masons advice is appreciated, insight on models or tactics, and especially some help with Farmers, and their Captain who Likes to reap my hopes and dreams.
  3. Hi all, Wanted to share one of the kicking strategies I have been using with my blacksmiths that I have found to be quite effective. It is a very aggressive, explosive style of play. Note, I'm not claiming that I am necessarily the first to think of this - it's pretty straightforward - but I think it is good and worth sharing! My go to lineup for this has been: Ferrite (c), Iron, Hearth, Alloy, Furnace, Cast. That doesn't mean it couldn't work with some changes. The key models are Ferrite as captain, iron, hearth, and alloy. The last two spots are more flexible. The general setup is as follows: Alloy kicking. Hearth next to Alloy. Furnace nearby iron. Iron next. Ferrite on the wing, but still relatively close to the center. Ideally you want Ferrite within 6" of as many models on your team as possible - certainly Alloy, Iron at minimum. On the other side of alloy, hearth and cast (or cinder). Alloy advances and kicks - no specific goals with the kickoff, do whatever kind of kick seems the best - make sure alloy is within 6" of hearth at the end of his kick off advance. Allocation - 4 on Alloy and Iron, 2 on hearth, 1 on furnace. Last influence is flexible - can put it on hearth or ferrite. First activation - Ferrite legendaries, advances, Get Over Here on Iron to position him up to 6" forward. If she has 1 on her, she can acrobatics towards the wing a bit to spread out for positioning for later turns. Next activations hearth buffs iron with 2" melee, instructs either iron or alloy depending on board state, advances 6"(should be within legendary). Furnace tools up iron, advances to within 1" of either Iron or Alloy if either of them is threatened by an opponents' model (for sentinel - obviously not needed vs. a ranged gunline team). Last 2 activations you send Alloy and Iron zooming across the board. Order depends on board state. If your opponent kills the ball from Alloy, but also makes it so they can't score that turn, then you can send in Alloy to get dirty knives off, do some damage and generate momentum. If they keep it live for them to score, you can hold alloy back last activation as basically a guaranteed snapback goal. Tooled up, 2" melee Iron threatens 10" before impetus from the up to 6" he already dodged up previously. You can either use Impetus to get him into someone holding the ball and go for the goal, or pick a vulnerable target and try to take them out or generate a bunch of damage and momentum to carry you into turn 2. Tooled up Iron is pretty likely to do around 11-12 damage vs. a 4/1 model, and really starts to excel against 3/1 or other lower defensive stat combinations. The ideal outcome of this first turn setup is a goal and getting a takeout ready for top of 2. However, even in the worst case you should be able to position aggressively, generate a bunch of momentum, get damage out, and threaten the ball. The best part is that both Iron (through Ferrite) and Alloy have built in yo-yo mechanics - you can pull Iron out turn 2 if he is getting into a bad position either before or after he activates, and alloy naturally is bouncing in, out, and around the scrum with back to the shadows.
  4. Bimarck1000

    How do i play Smoke well?

    I'm trying to figure out how to play smoke effectively but it isnt going particularly well. It may just be that the playstyle of smoke's team does not click with me. It could also be that i don't actually know what im supposed to be aiming for with smoke. So i have a couple of high level questions about smoke in the current ruleset. -What is my overall gameplan here? Am i forming a cage and playing ranged combat? How many goals am i trying to score? -Whats my turn one gameplan on kicking or recieving? Should i be trying to hit opponents with circles for momentus inspiration or do i need to ensure no one gets into early melee combat? Union choices. I like mist because he fits my playstyle better (ie soccer midas) but then you need to run mercury to get fire circles. Just want some opinions on playing smoke as i either just end up playing her like an aggressive captain out of habit (which hasnt worked) or misplaying the control game. Thanks
  5. TheCaptain

    Mirror Match

    I'm curious as to how everyone here approaches the Masons vs. Masons matchup. I have put a ton of thought into it, and I honestly can't decide. Additionally, in a Big League (which I'm currently dealing with), the mirror becomes much more complicated when the concept of "loaned" players comes into factor. I seek your thoughts and input, fellow Mason's; how do ya beat rock with rock?
  6. Cynfawr

    Who to kick with?

    Hey guys, glad to see all the recent discussion I've had a few games lately and am struggling with who to use for the kick off. Particularly with Theron as the captain. A couple ways I've tried are: Theron kicks, threatening a 6 inf activation on anyone who comes in. Zarola can theoretically reposition him to line up better against opponents threats. Jaecar kicks. Use minx to try a marked target for extra range on a late turn charge. Minx kicks, goes for an early charge + retreat. Combo of marked target and midnight offering let jaecar follow up. Egret kicks. Fire off some poison and sit back for hard turn one denial. None of my plans so far have felt great. I've pulled a few gotchas but that's all I can call them What have you guys been trying?
  7. kaladorm

    Using vOx

    Hi everyone, I'm a new guild ball player and we've just started growing the community in Dubai. I picked up a butchers team and have played about 10 games so far, mainly vs Brewers, seaBrisket, and one game vs Masons. My 'learn the game' list was very simple Ox, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, Boar and Brisket - there was rarely a time where I wanted to choose anything other than the damage option on the playbook, but that seemed to work just fine. Still learning the game and of course our meta of 2 active players (and about 8 'interested' ones) won't be representative of the game as a whole. I've since expanded my list to the rest of the butchers and have had a couple of games with Fillet, including vOx. I've seen a lot of people saying that vOx is great but I can't figure out how to use him as well. I'd really appreciate a break down of how to use him and why he is so awesome, but here are some issues I've run into so far: - Whirling Chains seemed great to pull everyone in, but then I was stuck with 3 players around me who can just beat vOx to death. His defense didn't seem enough to save him once he'd pulled everyone in, is he meant to be a sacrifice? - Damage: When not engaged I can charge him into a good position but then I found his damage to be a little disappointing, even loaded up with.3 inf I was taking the non-momentous push and knockdown options to just get players into a better position. But if he's just used for positioning opponents then... - Harry seems better? Hopefully someone can help me use vOx a bit better Edit: For those just coming across this post, here is a summary of points made in the thread He can act as a battery (requiring little influence to be a threat) Loading him with lots of influence is generally not advisable unless you're sure you can get the kill (for The Old Ways) or you need multiple repositioning attacks Remember Lash Out. Remember Never Say Die. Get into 1.1" melee range to tie up enemy models nicely He's better at tying up low def models
  8. S3 announcement Obviously things are mixed up now. Exciting! I'll try to rework the doc so there's room for people to add notes about their S3 playing experiences. I don't have any myself yet, but I will soon. I'm also in America now, so playing bandwidth/tournament time is very different. I'll post my own experiences of course, but I made it a google doc so I could easily hand out edit perms to the community or anyone else who becomes more active than I am. Best, Drillboss ---- Intro This is the start of an (IMO) overdue Engineer's tactica. To start I'm just compiling various reports and tactica articles into one place--the astute reader can mine the reports themselves for what works and what doesn't . As I have time I'm going to fill in my personal thoughts on each of the players, then lay out tips and tricks for building and piloting teams run by either of our captains. I definitely intend to lean on the community as I know Ballista much better than I know Pin Vice, though I'll start with my own thoughts on each and look forward to hearing ideas about running either of them. If you have reports or tactica here or on another site which you'd like added to the list in the OP, please shoot me a PM or post here. Cheers, Drillboss Overview TACTICA GOOGLE DOC Because I find it easier to edit, actually going to maintain the tactica at the above link for now. Feel free to comment and ask questions right in the doc as I chop it up. Reports and Other Posts My own reports + shameless plugs: S1/S2 Early Vassal Stuff (Ballista) WCWW Winter Wreath (Ballista) Grinstead Cup and Proving Grounds (Ballista) Skull Cup (Ballista) Insert Funny Name 2 (Pin Vice) Vengeance (Pin Vice) Clash of the Guilds 2 (Pin Vice), Rush Goalie 2, Pumpkin Cup, Bend it Like Bonesaw, Great Balls of Fire (Ballista) UK Masters Weekend (Ballista) BIG Sweaty Balls (Ballista) Kickabout at Colours (Ballista) S3 Heretic Games Casual Tournament (Ballista) Las Vegas Open (Ballista) --- WCWW Interview about Engineers My "Plumber's Guild" Engineers More Reports and Tactica (feel free to PM or post if you'd like to contribute) Inverted Polarity (Discussion + Reports on Both Captains) Pin Vice Reports Ballista Almost Gets the Bounty Engineers at the Southern Ontario Open (Pin Vice) Fish's Engineer Reports (Pin Vice) Roley's Engineers (Pin Vice so far) [S3] Byron Coaches the Engineers Sweet Graphic of All Engineers Playbooks pre-S2
  9. Hi all, I've got a strategy question regarding what to do after getting your goal. I'll use a match I played last Wednesday as an example. Masons: Honour, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Tower, Flint versus Brewers: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Spigot, Stave, Mash He kicks off and the ball ends up perfectly for me to get with Mallet and I start passing the ball around to gain some momentum. In the meanwhile, my opponent is just setting up his pieces for turn 2, already expecting my Superior Strategy turn 1 Flint goal. He positions Scum and Hooper in such a way, that I have to go through the middle to score, which succeeds. Turn 2 starts with me at 4-0 and I win the initiative roll. The ball is positioned on Spigot, but Flint can easily reach it with Where'd They Go?! and a sprint. My idea was to momentous tackle Spigot, hope for him to not get 3 results on the counterattack for Ball's Gone and make another goal attempt with 3 dice, as I was within 8" of the goal. I know it'd be a death sentence for the striker, but I'd go for a 8-2 VP trade any day. Sadly, he gets his Ball's Gone result and Flint dies soon after. 4-2 Now the Brewers have the ball, but have shown no intention of trying to come and score. His team was fully built around trying to isolate my squad with Stave's barrels (of which I could lessen the impact with Tower's aura somewhat) and just killing the ball around the sidelines, behind his defensive line of Tapper, Hooper, Stave and Scum. Moving up my pieces one by one would be a death sentence, as they'd just get deleted before the rest of the team arrives. Scrumming against Tapper Brewers is never a good option, by the way... So basically, I tried some stuff with pushing Spigot out of the field with Mallet, after Spigs got too close to the frontline, to try and reset the ball, but I misplayed and couldn't reach Spigs on my Sup. Strat. activation, due to one of Stave's well placed barrels. (I jogged on the first activation, but should've sprinted. I came short 1,5"...) One by one, my guys just got caught out by barrels or pushes into their lines and I wasn't able to get the ball back. And trying to just go into the scrum would've been certain defeat. By the end, my entire team was positioned around my goalpost due to all the pushing and trying to hold off their attack as much as possible, but it all just felt really useless after losing the ball in turn 2. Lost the game with 5 take-outs (of which twice Marbles) and he just scored with Spigot on his last activation, due to everyone in my team being engaged elsewhere around my goal-post. So here's my question: what am I supposed to do when my opponent kills the ball with a superior brawler team?
  10. Hi there, so, by now I've done several solo runs (and with that I mean 1 character only), both normal and campaign mode and I can't help it, but with a lot of encounters I feel like there is just not much to strategize. As said, I've done several normal runs, completed Campaign 1 (Knight) and started Campaign 2 (Assassin) in the rulebook and in several encounters, there is just not much strategy to work against the need of proper gear. At the latest against the Large Hollow Soldier or the Sentinel, if you don't have any range 1+ (for Large Hollow Soldier) or range 2+ (for Sentinel) weapon, you are just forced to block/dodge at least each time you want to do any damage since you end or begin your turn in range of them, which means you need some decent defensive gear otherwise they will take you down with only 2 of their turns (or 3-4 if you got lucky rolls or have your character tokens available). Or you have some crazy meele weapon which will bring them down in 1-2 turns before they take you down. The single helpful strategy against those is to try to navigate them so only one is in range at the same time (if there are more) or none while you regenerate some stamina, but after all, this still doesn't matter much if a single one of them can take you down with 2 attacks in worst case. If bowmen like Greatsbowman are involved, there is basically nothing you can do apart from going in and try you have a good roll with your basic gear. Problem the other way around is, as soon as you got such a range 1-2+ weapon and got the enemies in position, since you are the only character, you can start to kite them around the tile without any danger, until they died to your attack rolls. As soon as bowmen were taken out, this worked for me 100% of the time. Both the need of good equipment (and if you even got a ranged weapon, you mostly can just kite them to death) and the feel that I don't have to think a lot about what I am doing after all, I don't know, just is a downer. Remember I'm talking about Solo mainly! Since the equipment get's more important with less players I feel, as others have stated in other threads, you better get lucky with the treasure you draw. And the other thing then: In campaign mode, since you only have to clear 1 encounter to get enough souls to buy an additional spark, you basically can never run out of lives assuming you are able to handle one of the adjacent encounters to the bonfire consistently. Which means you could grind until you got all treasure from the deck. And the moment I got such ranged weapons and got the bowmen down, I ended up short-cutting several encounters and just assumed I got them down, because it was not a question of if and how close (if I would need any character tokens), rather just how long until I've had good enough attack rolls while keeping distance and kiting them around the tile. So, I'm not sure if I really will finish this Campaign 2 with the Assassin solo. I ended up resetting the encounters over and over and died in the process once too so far, but with the equipment here and the all or nothing for dodging, you get killed really quick and if you keep rolling blanks and ones with the starting equipment and don't even get through the armor, there is not much you can do apart from keeping distance to the meeles and try to take down the bowmen while regenerating your stamina you've used for all the dodging and then try your dice luck on the meeles again with the same issues as mentioned above. In the end I draw 1 armor with 2 dodge dice and a 1 handed-weapon with better attacks and 1 dodge, but since I needed tier 2 for 3 and tier 3 for 1 of the stats, I kept resetting the encounters and making rounds through the 3 level 1 encounter (ignoring the 2 level 2 encounter, there was just no way with the starting equipment, especially against the Greatsbowman and the dodge difficulty 2 and armor 2) and I figured I would have to do a total of 35 encounters to be able to equip these items! 28 to get enough souls from the level 1 encounters for the stats and 7 level 1 encounters to have enough souls to buy sparks, to be able to reset as often as necessary, since there are only 3 level 1 encounters and as said, there was no point in going for the level 2 encounters. I figured, nope, I won't do the same 3 level 1 encounters, each basically 11-12 times knowing that it wouldn't be much of a strategic challenge each time, but rather good dice and succeed or bad dice and probably die or making it just longer. So, I skipped that and basically assumed that I cleared those 35 encounters and increased my stats! After that I was able to handle the level 2 encounters (including one with 2 Sentinel and a Greatsbowman if I remember correctly) and that's where I am currently in Campaign 2, not sure if I actually keep going or start to play multiple characters. Solo against bosses it really depends on the boss and the moveset how much strategy will be involved. If a boss has only moves/attacks with nearest/aggro, you mostly end up with the same criteria/requirements as above - gear check, not much strategy apart from only going in for the low damage attacks. If there at least 1 or 2 moves/attacks which don't have a specific target, these are the windows to go in, so keeping those in mind and working towards these throughout the other activations. These moments can bring back the fun and strategy to some degree solo, but as said that depends on boss and drawn behavior deck. Ornstein and Smough after heat-up, where I fought Smough in the end after Ornstein was killed, without my range 2+ weapon and an upgrade healing me for 1 at the end of each my activations, there was just no way I would have been able to do it, no matter how much strategy I would have used. Basically all behavior cards are targeted in my direction with move 1 and range 1 magical attacks including one leap for 7 magical damage, which I just can't deny at all. So, I was just kiting him around with a distance of 3, so he moves in, doesn't hit since I'm out of range, he then was at range 2, I attack with ranged 2+ weapon, move back once again until he does his leap every 5th activation for the 7 magical damage where I usually took 5-6 damage. So, I had 5 own activations with the armor upgrade to gain 5 health until the next damage leap and 7 magical damage attackand repat a distance of 3 for all the turns where he With all that said, please remember again I am referring to Solo mainly! The strategic part increases with each additional player from my experience, which is great and I was hoping to see in Solo too. To position everyone probably and deciding which route an enemy will take to make sure incoming damage (apart from those ranged guys who always go for the aggro no matter what) will be distributed evenly and such is great and works against the need of all that gear quite a bit in many situations. I probably will end up just playing multiple characters by myself when playing alone, since I don't see that I would miss anything here Solo which would lower that gear check and would bring back the strategy even just a bit. Probably end up playing multiple characters when playing alone going forward or skip encounters and go for the boss directly while figuring out what gear makes sense to keep the challenge up there where strategy results in defeating it, not mainly my gear and the dice rolls... Whoops, I guess I repeated myself sometimes and this certainly has been longer than I've planned for. I'm sorry... TLDR: Solo(!) disappointed me after several runs (normal and Campaign) because of I feel like there is not much strategy and 90% gear check, while bad gear means you better have easy encounters with good dice rolls or you will die sooner than later, while good gear means encounters aren't a real challenge anymore and it still come down to dice rolls, while with a weapon with range 1 or even 2+ results quite impossible to die since you can kite them all over the place while slowly (or quickly) killing them. Probably end up playing multiple characters or skipping/changing things when playing with one character only. *sad face*
  11. Seacitygamer

    Which Mercenary Makes the Cut?

    @DrillbossD and I were just starting to have this conversation in another forum thread, but I thought I'd post it to the main page and let everyone weigh-in. I'm a new guild ball player and am slowly filling out my Engineers team, so I'll probably be picking up one or two of the models recommended here. Question: If you can only take one Union model in your tournament 9, who makes the cut and why? Feel free to respond however you want or use this small form below: Union Model: Nine Model Roster: How does this model support your team roster? What do you hope to accomplish with this model?
  12. Desertspiral

    Inverted Polarity

    I've had my engineers team for a while now and dabbled with them a bit, however, until now they've always played a distant second fiddle to my Union team. I'm poised to change that though as I really want to move Engineers up to first string and really make some significant ground with them. The main obstacles I can see to this are firstly that I feel for me specifically - my play style is very aggressive and I prefer to execute take outs and maintain goal scoring as a secondary threat when the opportunity presents. This is almost the antithesis of an ideal Engneer to play style (in my mind) though as every time I've put them on the table and 'defaulted' to instinct I end up getting them bunched together where they lose on any mobility and get squashed. When I am able to overrule my instinct (and keep my hand in the box) though I have significantly better games with them and am also much more successful. The second obstacle to this transition is that presently I haven't painted any of my engineers. Thanks to @Shano I inherited a painted base line, yet as the roster grows I haven't devoted any time to painting them or coming up with a scheme that I like. This point of s easily overcome with a dedicated time investment and some discipline (Agot, lol and hots are all vying for my time in addition to GB games, work and life in general); it's a matter of choice though - so I have to make the call and get it done! With respect to play style though this is a harder thing, there is a real challenge to seeing blood in the water and choosing to swim past... I've had a couple of iterations with my Engineers and one that worked well utilized several union players mainly to shore up the gaps that Engineers have to reliable melee damage and momentum. I've found that Decimate and Gutter make excellent Engineer companions as they are both competent kickers as well as having exceptional melee abilities - even ifor perhaps because ) the rest of the team adds nothing on that front. I have had some good success with Ballista - I've always found though that it's like pushing a wheel up a cliff - eventually it gets away from you and that tipping point usually happens on turn three once you get engaged and the opponent starts to generate momentum. What I'd like to do now though rather than trying my fusion team is strike out from a new start point with a new design perspective and goals in mind. Firstly what am I trying to achieve; well for the most part that is win games and as Engineers are designed as a goal kicking faction it makes sense to conform to those strengths rather than trying to bend a square through a circle port. I've decided to that end that I want to give Pin vice a go, I've had her for a bit and just never managed to get the model put together. I think it's because I really haven't decided on a ruling aesthetic for how I want to paint my Engineers. That being said though I really need to just make it happen and get her on the board so that I can at least learn to play her. I feel like the team that I want to start off with is using main spring (until Mother comes out anyway), Hoist and Velocity as they both conform to the scoring archtype as well as being mechanikcka for her plays. The last two slots are going to start off being a combination of Compound,Salvo, Colossus, and either Decimate, Avarisse and Greede and lastly Rage. I'll need to chop it down to eight at some point however for the moment this is the selection that I want to go with and see if I can get an effective scoring team up and running. I'm going down to IF tomorrow where I hope to get some practical experience and develop some of these ideas into strategies and maybe break my streak with Engineers.
  13. Seacitygamer

    Playing Out of the Scrum

    Background: I am a new Guild Ball player, and Guild Ball is my first foray into tabletop miniature war gaming. However, I've been playing board and card games for over a decade, so I'm bringing that with me into this game (good or bad ?) I was suckered into the game with the Guild Ball Kickoff box, which is a brilliant way to breach the board gamer market imho, and then found out one of my new friends at work had been playing the game since the Kickstarter. Needless to say, he has been a fount of knowledge and we have played about two games a week since. After reading through all of the fluff, player cards, and watching some YouTube videos of different teams, I ended up picking up an Engineers team and have committed to playing them for the indefinite future. My Team: Ballista Salvo Ratchet Velocity Harry the Hat Mainspring Issue: I'm struggling to go 3-0 in my games. I think the problem lies in this unavoidable scrum that locks up most of my players in the middle of the field. My friend, mentioned above, played Butchers S1 & S2, and decided to roll out a Hammer led Mason's team for S3, which I am pretty sure he plays like the butchers. With the help of Wrecker, he usually manages to corral my team into one area, and through the help of crowded out effects makes my character plays nearly impossible. So my problem is twofold: 1) I have only really played the game with him so I think his play style influences the way I think about the game and 2) I need to figure out how to avoid the scrum or get out of it when it comes. So I turn to you all for some advice. What can I do to better my effort? How can I more efficiently use my players to grab the win? How does one go about playing towards a 3-0 win? If you have any clarifying questions, please ask because I am sure you all know more than I, so I am probably just missing some things ?
  14. So, with tap-in on the books, does that mean goalies are now worse than they used to be, or am I just crazy? Because right now I feel kind of forced to take Vet Velocity and Compound together to disable tap-in from making my life miserable. What do you guys think?
  15. These are some general thoughts and ideas on the Fisherman team's abilities and plays. These are simply my opinions and ideas and they do not encompass all strategies or capabilities of the team. Hopefully some of these ideas can help some players learn a new trick about their guild. If you have an idea or suggestion about something else that should be added to a player's profile, or have found a mistake, comment below and I will consider adding it. I hope to add a new player every 2-3 days. Without further ado, here is Shark. Shark - Captain, Striker Stats Base Size: 30mm Melee Zone: 2" - 2 is always better than 1 right? MOV: 7"/9" - One of the best base movement stats in the game. Helps Shark get where he needs to be on the pitch quickly TAC: 6 - Average captain dice. Not amazing, but nothing to scoff at either KICK: 4/8" - Again Shark has one of the best base stats in the game. He likes to score goals... DEF: 4+ - Solid Defensive stat for a captain ARM: 1 - Pretty standard for a captain INF: 4/6 - Again standard influence pool for a captain Character Traits Light Footed - Lets Shark ignore the rough ground penalty. This is especially helpful when going against models with Foul Odor (Fangtooth, Casket) Legendary Play Caught in a Net - [-4"/-4"] MOV penalty for all enemy models within an 8" pulse. This legendary can be ball busting if used early in the turn. Ideally, Shark would be the first player to activate on the turn this play is used to catch as many models as possibly in the legendary. Try to get Shark clear of the enemy clusters once he pops this play to keep him safe from your opponent's red faced anger... Make sure you smile every time they ask you how much movement debuff each of their players are at throughout the turn. Character Plays Quick Foot (Cost 2, RNG 4") - Increase friendly models MOV by [+2"/+2"]. I typically use this on the first turn if I am trying to set up a turn one goal (Let's be honest, who isn't?). After the first turn I typically do not use this play again. Usually 2 influence for 2 attacks for Shark is better for me. Although If I am low on momentum, this is a good way to circumvent burning or snared. Gut And String (Cost GB, RNG P) - Decrease enemy model's MOV by [-4", -4"] and [-1] DEF. This is Shark's bread and butter and should typically be used at least once every time Shark activates. Pair this with Shark's Legendary to destroy the enemy teams movement, use it to decrease DEF on enemy models for more successes with Shark or decrease DEF to set up for your other models to get more results. Any way you slice it, this is probably Shark's best play. Tidal Surge (Cost 3/GBGB, RNG 6") - Target model may make a 4" dodge. This play is extremely valuable, however, I find it extremely situational. Use this play turn one to get another scoring threat into position, use it to put enemy models out of a charge lane or out of melee with friendly models, use it to set up a charge or set up for a push off the pitch. The reason this play typically doesn't see much use for me is because of its cost. I would usually rather use three influence to be generating momentum and moving Shark around the pitch, and getting the 6 results necessary to proc this play from his playbook is fairly difficult. That being said, if I can get this play from the playbook I will always take it unless I really need a KD. Playbook One Success 1 DMG - Never take this result unless you are trying to finish off a player or trying to kill something with minimal Hit boxes Momentous 1" dodge - This will be Shark's #1 used playbook result not only because it is on the 1 result, but because it not only generates a momentum, but it also lets Shark reposition, which is what he does best. Two Success 2" dodge - This is a great result for Shark. The double dodge essentially lets him jump between players that are 7" apart without using his movement to do it. If you really need Shark to get somewhere quickly this is the way to do it. If you can afford the 1 success momentous 1" dodge though that will typically be the better play. Tackle - What good would a Striker be if he couldn't tackle the ball. Three Success 2 DMG - Same as the 1 DMG result Momentous GB - This activates Gut and String. Unless you are short on influence or you have already G&S the enemy model you should almost always use this ability. not only does it hamper their movement, but it sets up Shark to get more results on his next attack. Shark likes more results. Four Success Momentous 1" push, 1" dodge - If the enemy model is already G&S this is what I typically go for. Shark can either drag a low DEF model around the pitch positioning himself more fairly, or drag a model around the pitch to poorly position the opposition. This is also a great way to set up for pushing someone off the pitch. Five Success Knock Down - Although KD is a valuable tool, I often find that I will not choose this result over a reposition. A model that is G&S is almost as good as a KD'd model to Shark. However, if there is influence to spare, and you get the results, further lowering DEF and forcing your opponent to spend momentum is never a bad option. This is also great to have for those parting blows should Shark ever get the chance to make them. 3 DMG - Same as 2 DMG result Six Success Momentus GBGB - This activates Tidal Surge. Depending on the situation this can be used on an enemy model or a friendly model. Typically I will try to choose an enemy model That I can dodge into Sharks range to be able to keep repositioning Shark. If I am running low on influence to keep moving I might try to dodge a heavily influence loaded enemy away from friendly models or position a Friendly model in a better location. Kick off Strategy Typically I will forego kicking off with Shark in favor of another player. However Shark definitely has the potential to get a turn one if not second activation goal. In order to achieve this the ball either needs to be on the route to an enemy model or in possession of an enemy model. Typically I will try to kick the ball either off to one side where one of the opponent's strikers can retrieve the ball and get it back to a team mate, or I kick it to a non goal threat enemy model and away from the enemy strikers. Try to position Shark close to the halfway line, but away from enemy threats. If you can park him behind some difficult terrain or behind an obstruction and kick the ball there will be less opportunity to be pushed or moved out of position. Ideally the enemy will retrieve the ball and pass it back to a teammate. This is Sharks opportunity. If he is in range to charge the model with the ball that will usually be the best option. This will get you the maximum distance and the possibility of wrapping. Best case scenario you can take a tackle and a tidal surge. If you have influence left over, try to position yourself to buy a few attacks for the momentum before shooting on goal. Don't forget to use your legendary before you shoot and take the 4" dodge after the successful goal to try to keep Shark safe. General thoughts on Shark Activation timing - Although Shark is not as timing critical as other players, I do find I would rather go earlier in the turn than later. Shark likes to take a lot of influence for himself so he generates a lot of momentum for the team. That momentum is critical for a team that is reliant on healing, counter attacks, and Defensive stances. Don't get bogged down - Shark can deal with one or two models crowding him out, but don't wait to react until its too late. Shark has a BIG target on his back for many of the more beaty teams, so they will natural try to crowd him out so that when they send in their damage dealer they get maximum output. This is why I try to counter attack almost every attack that Shark is able to. (unless he will likely get KD'd) With a double dodge on 2 successes it is easy to ruin an opponents setup by getting shark out of scrums. Don't be afraid to lose Shark - Shark will get taken out. It is a natural repercussion of Shark's over extension play style. If scoring a goal will put you in a good position to win a game but Shark will likely be taken out, I will usually sacrifice him. Because of his speed he can get back in the game quickly and help support his team for that last goal or two takeouts. Influence allocation - Shark is greedy when it comes to influence. He typically wants 4+ influence so take your time in the maintenance phase to weigh your options on just how much he needs vs the rest of your team. Shark can run on minimal influence when trying to set him up for a snapshot however. Abuse your 2" melee. Never enter an opponent's melee zone unless you have to. Keeping at maximum melee range allows Shark to dodge in and out of melee zones to get maximum movement shennanigans. This will help keep Shark safe from counter attacks from models with low result KD's.
  16. Hello and salutations everyone! Wrex here from the Mathematicians Guild, you kill 'em, we derive 'em. I've spent a couple days compiling the raw, unmodified stats of the various players in Guild Ball into a single spreadsheet for my enjoyment and amusement, and included a few additional derived values from these stats. It is worth noting i have ignored playbook results, buffs, and teamwork momentum plays from this sheet - too many variables and I don't want to think about them. Another important note is that these measurements are to other models. Meaning that when I say Brisket has a Long Goal threat of 15", she must have part of her target's base within the 15". To get the target-spot values for Short Goal and Long Goal, add .5" for the size of a 30mm base - remember to always center the ball on the end of the measurement when the ball is scattered or kicked into play. Another interesting measurement that I didn't include is scatter range. To obtain this value, add 1" to the base Kick Range of the model, then 1" for the minimum, and 6" for the maximum. Again, the extra inch comes from the Ball-Model being centered after each step of the scatter (Placement on target spot for scattering, then placement on the ball's final location before being scattered). This is an oddity in the rules, since all measurements are taken from a base-edge to base edge, with the exception of the ball-marker. The derived values are: Charge Threat: Melee Range + Sprint Distance Short Goal: Jog + Kick Range Long Goal: Sprint + Kick Range Some interesting notes about the pitch: From center to center (The target spot for kicks on goal) goalposts are positioned 24" from one another. Logically, this does mean they are 12" from the goal line (Which sits 18" from the back edge of your deployment zone, but you knew that already). The furthest possible shot on goal is 21.63", which is located at the far left and right of the goal lines. If you're on your side of the pitch, you'd better bring a combo and some friends. This does mean the shortest half-court shot is 12 inches (duh), achievable by a large percentage of players with varying results. Some interesting facts about players, while i'm here: Outside of Mascots, Greede has the shortest range in the game, bringing in a measly 8" on the short goal range. Likewise, the longest threat of a goal comes from Vitriol and Shark at 17", putting them very, scarily close to that magic 22" number. All players in the game require at least two activations to score on their own on a clear pitch when receiving. However, there is an exception when kicking: 21 players can score off of a pass from another player on a clear pitch, if they are deployed front-and center of your goal-post. Alright, here's the raw data on Google Docs. Please make copies if you want to sort or modify the data. If you want to discuss this or comment on it, please do! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Wg-uJJD3ekhAwnWzRurZheTrIScJLxmq93iNGoletew/edit?usp=sharing
  17. Desertspiral

    Playing to Strength (My Union blog)

    Hi everyone, I've been playing guild ball for a month or so now and feel like I have a pretty decent grasp of first and second level game play, tactics and strategy and am really wanting to just discuss some next level theory and ideas specifically with regards to the Union and the things that we can do despite the apparent lack of synergy between our pieces. What I want to first discuss is the idea of maximizing the defensive elements of our line up and ways that we can further skew the odds into our favour especially once the brawl has started. Or to even avoid it in general. One idea i've been having recently is using Mist and Hemlocke - probably with Gutter and Fangtooth as a way to really control the tempo of the opposing team and stymie both their opportunities for positive traction as well as their momentum generation. I was thinking that using Mist - rather than a striker (or at least until an opportunity presents itself) have him throw down his smoke clouds in critical parts of the pitch where the front line elements of the team can benefit from the cover and whilst keeping the opposing front line out of it. then on top of that you can really double dip by having Hemlockes blind grenades and/or once the scrum has started using her to poison or heal as necessary. Then Fangtooth can hold the line with gutter harpooning their players into the killing zone as required. Black heart also helps out by providing the commanding aura to further skew the Tac scales in our favour and coin can be there to help get things started or overload fangtooth to four Inf and help him potentially get four un-masking' off in his activation. In retrospect it may not be innovative or exciting for the veterans out there, for me though - the idea of really compounding defensive tech to set up a brutal counter strike was like - a Keanu Reeves moment! On a critical turn using Black Hearts legendary for further def and having two players at def 6 makes it really unlikely that the enemy can build momentum that turn. Especially with the rest of the defensive tools we can call to bear. Exciting - I just really want to use this team now and see how it all plays out.
  18. This is not a guide!!! This is me, as a new player, trying to work out if I have the rules right, and if I'm thinking along the right lines. I got the starter kit, with Ballista, Salvo, and Velocity. I'm going in a little starter league next month. Now, I'm about the least competitive player on earth, but reading the rules last night made me pretty damn excited about the game, and I can't help thinking about some basic strategies. So here are my ideas. At least 50% of the reason for putting this here is so folk can correct me! Please do! I'm assuming we'll be playing on 2x2 boards, and I can see a lot of the opening strategies are going to be different on the bigger table, so any advice for that would be welcome. Influence I reckon I'm going to want to score a couple of goals as early as possible. Salvo wants 3 every turn if he can get it, and Velocity will want 3 or 4. One spare makes a big difference to Ballista, and two is massive. Wait, I'll do 'em one at a time: Ballista: I can't see Flurry being very useful in a small game like this. Maybe if the whole enemy team has been beating on him. but otherwise he's better smashin' em one at a time. But Deadbolt rocks, and Second Wind is going to be crazy useful on Salvo, and a major factor in Snap Shot plays, right? So often he wants both. Still though, I think early on, whenever it's necessary he can give up all but 2 to the others, and either Second Wind (if it's needed) or Deadbolt. But I'm almost always going to want Second Wind...? Salvo at least will need it, even if I'm not setting up a snap shot for Velocity. Salvo: wants 3. If he's near Ballista (and he should pretty much always be near Ballista?) he can potentially put out three shots with an MP spent on each (seeing as he gets the first Extra Time free, and generates a new one each hit). Against DEF4+, two dice will hit 75% of the time. So he's likely to get 2 or 3 hits every turn, as long as he's willing to risk that free MP he probably generated on the first shot. Plus of course he might need to kick or attack or whatever, but yeah, mostly he's my shooter. On the other hand, if I have one spare point left over, I'm better off buying the Deadbolt at the cost of a Salvo shot. Two Salvo shots are usually better than one Deadbolt, though, do you think? Only three players out there, so three knockdowns would be massive. Velocity: I think she's a pretty slow striker? Everyone else seems to have lots of ways to go faster. But I reckon she's going to do a LOT of charging. That gives her an almost certain 3" or 4" dodge (aiming for the 3rd column almost always...? You'd usually only pick column 4 if you wanted to chuck someone into the minefield, or move 'em out of a kick path, right?), with a shot at a 7-8" dodge vs a low defense guy (that is, column 3 on the first pass, and column 2 or 3 on the second, if I get really lucky). That gives her, for 2 influence, a 8" charge + 4" dodge = 12" (plus a tackle and maybe 3" more dodge), which isn't bad if there's a bad guy in exactly the right place. Even where I don't need to charge to get the range, I would think I'd want to do it mostly anyway if there's an enemy in a good spot (?). That is, jog / attack costs 1 influence, and there's a real chance at flubbing the roll and getting no dodge, especially if they have 1 ARM. It seems like spending a point on a charge to virtually guarantee at least a 3" dodge, with a fair shot at more, is going to be worth it almost all the time. Plus 2 MP! Seems a bargain for 1 extra influence. So unless she's engaged, and the other guys can't knock anyone over or out of engagement range, and she can't spare the attack to dodge herself clear... she's going to do a lot of charging. And then, she's going to want Nimble pretty much all the time. I mean, against a single attacker, Nimble is halving their hits. That's money, especially in such a small game, and with Reanimate forcing an extra attack or two to finish her off. I think she wants to go first quite often, too, since she earns some early MP very nicely. So yeah, Nimble almost always? So even without kicking, Velocity really wants 3 most of the time, and 4 if she's kicking or needing to do multiple attack-dodge-pathways. So early influence will depend on how much Velocity needs (and this ignores attacks, which obviously will be needed pretty often too): If Velocity needs 4 (e.g. charge / nimble / kick) Ballista gets 2 (Second Wind or Deadbolt) - missing 2 Salvo gets 2 (that's all I have left) - missing 1 --- If Velocity gets 3 (e.g. charge / nimble (Snap Shot later on); or sprint / nimble / kick; or attack / jog / nimble / kick) Ballista gets 2 (Second Wind or Deadbolt) - missing 2 Salvo gets 3 --- If Velocity gets 2 (sprint / nimble; or jog / nimble / kick; or attack / nimble / jog) Ballista gets 4 (Second Wind and Deadbolt) Salvo gets 2 (all that's left) - missing 1 --- If Velocity gets 1 (jog / kick; or just tooling about down the back, grabbing a ball or whatever) Ballista 4 Salvo 3 The moment I have just one goal, I get Ballista doing a Deadbolt and a Second Wind all the time except where Velocity needs 4 (while Salvo is mostly doing 2 shots). At 2 goals, he's at full capacity (4) every turn, with Salvo doing 3 shots unless Velocity needs 4 Influence, in which case it's 2 shots. So 1 goal is going to make a huge difference, and at 2 I'm almost at maximum capacity (apart from melee attacks by Ballista, and the odd 3rd Salvo shot), and can safely settle in to cautiously attrit them to death, if that's going to be viable. I guess Velocity is always going for goals, since she's not much use for anything else (apart from MP generation), but after two goals, and if I'm going ok in attrition, I can concentrate more on keeping her safe and preventing the other guy scoring. Yes? Edit: Wait, I just now realised goals are 4 VPs. I thought they were 2. Huh. Well.... the plan to rush two goals is a bit silly then, huh? Attrition / mid game I have 4 knockdowns at range, with most at 2 dice (so a 75% chance of knocking a DEF4+ down per shot). Ballista can use 3 dice if he's got a spare MP to spend (e.g. if Velocity bounced off something, or if Salvo hit all his shots), so that should help against 5+ DEF bastards. If I can knock down two enemies, and keep away from the third, they'll have merry hell getting to me, right? I mean, they can sacrifice movement to stand one guy up -> use the backwards player to pass to this one to earn an MP -> then spend the MP to stand their best attacker up -> have them at full Influence to charge... Which would hurt, but less than 2 guys doing that. If they don't have the ball, or if I knock down all three, or if my pushing can prevent them from getting to me (Ballista can end up 10" away from a Deadbolt target, so most folk with 6/8 speed and 1" melee are out of luck; and Salvo can, with Second Wind, end up miles off), they're sort of stuffed, apart from ranged attacks. So against a melee team, especially with lowish DEF, I do have a reasonable chance to slowly attrition them to death...? I mean, I think that, if I can get ahead early, I'll take advantage of the knockdowns to just have Velocity score as much as possible, but even if I can't there's a fair bit of whittling down I can do, yes? So I could start with Ballista, move somewhere to make Salvo happy, and knock someone down with a Deadbolt. Put Second Wind on Salvo before Ballista moves, usually. Salvo moves up, concentrates on knocking down whoever is still standing, and if he has a shot left over, go for the kick bolt. Then hide behind Ballista with Second Wind. Velocity either charges early on for some free MP (so Ballista can use it for 3 dice on a hard target, and so Salvo has a spare, and to use for counter attacks), or just plays it safe and goes for the ball / goals. Does that make sense? And I can soak a few hits with Ballista, who seems pretty damn tough. Soak a charge, pop minefield, and throw 'em both back with his 2nd, 3rd or 4th column, then shoot one in the face. In the FACE. Next turn they can't melee him without another 4 damage. Order of activation If I've got knocked down targets, I sort of want Velocity to go first to get some MP (and give an enemy time to stand up), then Ballista to put Second Wind on Salvo and shoot (using one of those MP / hopefully getting it back), and Salvo last... ...but then, if there are targets standing who haven't acted yet, I REALLY want to have Ballista or Salvo go before them to knock 'em over - at least it'll drain an MP. It really needs to be Ballista, since Salvo wants Second Wind before he goes - but a single shot at 2 dice is always going to be iffy. Sill, I guess that means Ballista is the one who will get charged if he misses, and that's better than the others. Or... should I usually have Velocity go first, get those two MP, and then use them to counterattack / dodge and push to minimise damage later in the turn? Ballista with some MP to counterattack seems like one hell of a tank: 3rd column pushes them out of range, knocks them down, and that's all she wrote (if they had to move to attack him the first time). With Tough Hide it seems like he'd be able to spend a lot of time under attack that way. High DEF It seems like I might have a lot of problems against folk with high DEF? The Alchemists seem pretty damn scary, with both high DEF and ranged stuff, so my knockdown shtick is going to be even harder. If I miss a few shots, it kinda looks like I'm in some pretty deep trouble. And advice? Tiny table Velocity can sprint 8" and kick 8", and there's only 14" between my deployment line and the enemy goal. So as long as she's not miles back she can kick a goal pretty easily. Everyone can, I guess. Just need one MP from passing to her or shooting someone. As long as only two players are between her and the goal, she's still likely to hit a normal kick (2 dice, at 4+, 1 hit required: 75%). That only takes 1 or 2 influence (depending on sprint or whether she needs nimble vs the counterattack), so that's her default move if she has the ball. At the same time, Ballista and Salvo are hanging out together, so as much as possible should position themselves to make it hard to kick around them at the goal - or at least have Salvo somewhere he can pick the ball back up after a score. They really want to be on my half of the table at the end of their activation, but fairly close to the middle, in between their likely kicker and the goal...? Is it even going to be practical to block with only 2-3 players? Phew If anyone read all that, you have your priorities deeply messed up. But thanks! And problems? Glaring idiocies? Advice? All comments welcome.
  19. LionTamer

    Mastering the Morticians

    Like many of you, the Morticians caught my interest with their concept art, and have held it ever since. While part of their stat line leaves much to be desired, where they really shine through with is their ablilities and plays. I think this will mean that they are a trickier team, to both use, and play against when someone is using them well. This thread is to share your favorite Mortician strategies/sinergies, debate tactics, and generally improve the over all play for Mortician coaches.