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Found 4 results

  1. Optican

    Let's talk about Stoker

    I am going to share my thoughts about Stoker and I would like to hear what the rest of the community thinks about this guy! I feel he sometimes gets forgotten about and I want to shine a light on him, for better or for worse. Starting off with his stats, his MOV TAC KCK DEF and INF are on par compared to the rest of the team. His Jog may feel a little slow because he does not have 2" melee. His ARM is 1 higher than the rest of the team which I feel really helps to keep him in the fight. This will also prevent some models from getting the playbook results they are looking for when attacking him. I love his playbook! Momentous double push on 1 success is amazing. This allows you to push a model to a bad situation without much effort. It also makes a ton of momentum. If you get in a situation where you get a rap you can rack up the momentum which is what Brewers want! Most other models on the team with a small play book don’t have a good, reputable momentous result on the first or second column. I am comparing to O Spigot and Hooper. Being able to take an enemy model and move them from just a little bit to far forward all the way to ‘well that model is going to die’ can be a game changer. Down side to this play book is that with only a 1” melee it can be hard to double push in a straight line and keep the enemy engaged. Moving down the front of his card we can see 2 character plays. Molotov and Flame Jet. I have found that Molotov is a great zoning tool. Using a piece of terrain, such as rough ground or better yet an obstacle or obstruction, and the 3” AOE you can block off an entire path/section of the pitch. This will force them to run through the AOE and lose 2” of MOV from being set on fire or they have to go around it which will end up costing them more movement or put them in strange positioning. Flame strike is a neat ability that can get the last hit on an enemy that maybe ran away. It can also be used if an enemy counterattacked and pushed/dogged out of melee when you still have some influence left on you. Overall not that exciting. Flipping the card over we see he has Magical Brew! Healing him by 2 and clearing all conditions at the start of his activation. Being able to clear KD without momentum or forfeiting movement can be amazing. This can allow you to get the Momentum ball going at the start of a turn or help you recover if you spent all your momentum on a big play that didn’t pan out. The other trait he has is Burning Passion. I feel this trait is a trap. Is it cool to be able to hit someone for 4 dmg from 6” away using flame jet? Yes, it is cool. Is it cool to have another way to boost damage output? Yes, it can be cool. But it requires you to have the enemy on fire! If you ask me, this is the hardest damage boost to setup for the brewers. Not because fire is hard to apply, but because the other brewers mainly want the same thing; To knock people down. There are other beaters in the team that are more efficient and do the role beater. This one trait should not define him. This leads us to Human Ball of fire; his heroic play. I personally think there is just too much cost for what it does for the team. doing 4dmg to himself on a 16 HP character is a quarter of his health. The damage also comes at the end of the activation, so there is no healing it up after using this play without spending 2 momentum to have a different model heal him. There is only 1 situations that I think this play can be amazing. If he is near a model that is on death’s door, he can walk up, light them on fire and then finish them off. Overall, I am not a fan of his Heroic. Other modles can also take out low health people. So where does this leave Stoker? I think he makes my 10 man line up and will see play when I need another model helping the scrum. I think he can excel on an Esters lead team. Being able to put down rough ground(Esters) and Fire AOEs(Esters and Stoker) can help dictate the flow of the match. The speed boost can help get him in position if needed or the Defense boost can make him 4/2 def/arm. In a tapper lead team he can still help organize the scrum in your favor, but I feel he is not as needed. Pairing him with Hooper can be a deadly duo. Using Stoker as the head of the spear he can go in first and live to tell the tail. If Hooper is feeling generous he can give +1 arm giving him 3/3 or 2/3 even while he is KD. I use him mainly to feed people into Hooper and then putting down Molotov to prevent some goal threats or prevent some unwanted models from joining the scrum. He can make momentum with every attack and pull people out of position. He can easily pull people out of Cover or other beneficial AOE's. As a cherry on top, I also think his model looks amazing! I am not a professional so take my opinions with a grain of salt. Let me know what you think and share your thoughts on the model. Do you ever use him? Has he won you a game? Has he lost you a game? Do you think a different model can do his roll better?
  2. Hi all, apologies in advance as this may have already come up, but i simpley cannot find it. With the clarification that fillet can choose to cause bleed first on her character play, and then dodge, does this mean that when stoker uses his flame jet character play, he can choose to have the target suffer burning first and then gain the extra damage for his brning passion trait? Im sure the answer is no, but it seems that fillet gets to circumnavigate the rules with this, and nobody else benefits from this timing ruling? thanks in advance jk
  3. This was being discussed on Facebook, so I thought I'd put it here for an official ruling. Can Stoker use Burn the Floor on the forest placed by Theron from Nature's Growth? (I'm assuming yes as it's identified as 'Forest Terrain' but think an official ruling woudl help clarify things).
  4. From the collected clarifications Lob barrel: Push and KD are simultaneous, active player chooses the order in which they resolve. Does this set a precedent for other character plays with multiple effects? Would Stoker, for example, cause 2 damage with Molotov by choosing to add the burning condition before resolving the damage?