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Found 8 results

  1. TheREALFlyDog

    Stave X Windle

    It started as a joke of me threatening the mighty Moose Jaw meta with Stave/Windle slash fic. And then I remembered I'm friends with an Illustrator. Spigot and Friday ain't the only players with secret liaisons, eh? An old hand and a young buck. When their eyes met from across the pitch, it was like an Exploding Barrel in their hearts. Would their desires stay unresolved, or would they Stop Slacking and take a huge risk together? Stave X Windle.
  2. From the Collected Clarifications Thread: Ball behind the line:- If a model is knocked-down while in possession of the ball-marker, and the ball-marker scatters behind that model's own goal line, that model's team may still generate MP. The placement of the ball-marker is done by the opposing team's Controlling Player. What if the model inflicting the knock down condition is on the same team as the model suffering that condition? Suppose Stave collects the ball and walks behind the Brewers' goal and centers the Lob Barrel character play at his own feet to knock himself down. If the ball lands behind the Brewers' goal line, can the Brewers continue to generate momentum? If Tater knocks down another Farmer with Mow Down and the ball scatters behind the Farmers' goal line, can the Farmers continue to generate momentum?
  3. Pending Forum Suspension

    Stave Can't Take Life Anymore

    So here is one that I couldn't easily find. If Stave hits himself with Lob Barrel and is within 4" of the pitch is he disallowed from pushing himself out? 4" push is "up to" for the player that used Lob Barrel which makes me think that he would be protected from this by the fact that models can't voluntarily leave the pitch. The reason I ask is because you can push a model out of bounds but you can't dodge one. Just curious if a friendly push is different in this case than an non-friendly push. Presumably Get Out! would work the same way. If for some reason you can indeed push your own player out does that mean you have inflicted the taken out condition? Surely there is no way SF would've wanted anyone to score points by pushing their entire team out of bounds as that is just silly and ridiculous. There may be corner cases where Stave sacrificing himself (even if giving up 2 points) is beneficial. This has probably been answered but I could not find anything with "Stave push" or "Stave push out" that was relevant.
  4. mr baron

    Stave Redux

    I want to like Stave, but his def/arm of 2-0 and no reach seems very problematic. The barrel lob range of 6" seems a bit short and its only an AOE 3" which means that you are probably only hitting 2 models. It feels like he needs to be just a bit better. I do agree that in some games it might be situationally brilliant if you catch 3 models and then set up Tapper and crew to go in for the kill. Curious to know if anyone plays Stave regularly in their line up of 6.
  5. Granite's trait Between a Rock and... states: Once per turn, when an other friendly model within this aura suffers damage from an enemy Attack or Play, after the Attack or Play is resolved, this model may make a Jog. When is a play considered to be resolved? For example, some sustained character plays such as Minefield and Feel My Pain deal damage after they are first used and their effects don't end until the end of turn. When, if ever, do these plays trigger Between a Rock? Legendary Plays, such as Chemical Shower and Exsanguinate, last until the end of turn (afaik only Rigor Mortis doesn't). Are these ever resolved for the purpose of Between a Rock? Similarly, heroic plays such as Stave's Explosive Barrel, last all turn. Is the damage from Explosive Barrel, which resolved previously, or Lob Barrel which just resolved? The Forceful Blow trait deals 3 damage on the charge. In an Honor vs Hammer match, Honor's Mallet charges Hammer's Brick selecting 1 damage, which is prevented by Tough Hide but triggers Forceful Blow. Does this trigger Hammer's Granite's Between a Rock?
  6. It was recently ruled that Snow's Oh Ball does not allow him to advance further than the edge of the ball marker because once he touches it his distance from it is 0 and therefore further movement can not be towards the ball marker. How does this ruling affect Staves's Lob Barrel? If the center of the template is over a model's base, movement in any direction keeps the distance from the model to the center of the template at 0 and is therefore not movement away. This would suggest that a model under the center of the template can not be moved by the push. Is this correct?
  7. Vitruvian Goblin

    Ranged Brewers?

    Ahoy-hoy! I've just managed to acquire the beginnings of a Brewers team (Starter box plus Spigot and Scum) but haven't played with them yet. I know that the standard way to play them is as a beaty team but I was going through the cards and it struck me. Esthers, Scum, Stave, Stoker, Hemlocke and Spigot/Friday could be a weird ranged option for the Brewers. Access to Lob Barrel, Blind, Fire Blast and Blast Earth sounds even more condition extreme than the Alchemists. Now, I haven't used this team (not got the minis) but I was wondering what people thought of this idea. Tried it? Is it just plain stupid? Freaking amazeballs? Let me know. I'll also accept rampant abuse.
  8. Puber88

    Explosive brew

    Is anyone here using stave's heroic play? I can't help but think a more useful skill would have been to give the burning condition to better synergise with stoker. im a big fan of stoker, but he could use a bit of help to make hm slightly more viable. though, asked Jamie p on Twitter and they are looking at ways of bringing stoker more into the game!