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Found 3 results

  1. blindside

    Best value single box team

    I was hoping you guys could give me an idea on which boxes to look at purchasing after the starter box. I was wanting have a couple more teams available and play with friends, possibly have two games at once. Rather than buying everything for a single guild, I was hoping to just buy a couple more guild box teams. I was wondering if people here could give me an idea on which guilds boxes to look for. I will already have brewers and masons teams from the starter box. I am wanting a couple single box teams that are fun to play with and against with just the single box team alone. I am hoping the teams would be competitive versus the two starters teams and not really have any bad players. I hope that I am not asking for too much. I am pretty interesting in the minor giild teams. Does anyone have an opinions on which box sets would be the best for me? Thanks so much.
  2. Returning to GB after about a year away (only had a couple games then) after not really playing since s1 with Brewers (basic team plus Stoker). Even back in s1 I only played maybe 8 games, so I was never an accomplished player, but my team is fully painted and I loved the system. Recently bought back in with Falconers (pre order), some terrain and a pitch on the way. Hoping to not get blown away with 12-0 and 12-2 results vs a local meta full of tourney types. Any tips? Anyone in the Nottingham UK area that isn’t already a tournament goer? Dont get me wrong, I know it’s good to learn from someone better than u and that means losing a fair few games, but it’s harder to draw learning points while getting annihilated.
  3. Mr. Bleak

    Won my first game of Guild Ball!

    So I had been peripherally aware of Guildball for the past several months as a few of my local Warmahordes junkies converted, then after Adepticon it seemed like everything really ramped up for Guild Ball and I decided to finally at least look at the website. As soon as I saw the art and models and read the main rule book I knew I had to get into it. I waffled on picking a guild for what felt like ages (and I still have rosters made up for just about every team) but then I went in to a local shop yesterday and finally got a demo game from the local pundit and I played Fish into Alchs. I had been leaning Fish, with Union as my runner up, and as soon as I actually played the Fish I knew they weren't for me; I like to scrum too much and my fishes got destroyed by conditions (Shark is not happy being Blinded, not at all) and Midas doing Midas things. So today I went back to the shop and bought a Union starter, built it, and painted Decimate. A few hours later I played my first game with my models against Brewers (Tapper starter w/Hooper and Friday) and won 8-4, with Blackheart scoring twice (including a first turn goal! He's such a beast!) So I'm pretty happy with my decision, and I'm excited to expand with Coin, Avarisse and Greede and Mist (and Alts of VRage and Hemlocke I think) I'm curious how the rest of the community got into the game of Guild Ball and into Union? Do you think my 8 man plan is reasonable for a beginning player?