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Found 10 results

  1. Yet again, I'll keep this thread up-to-date with the cards and models for the guild as they get released on the blog. Hunter's models that can play for the Falconer's: Veteran Hearne (also plays for Hunter's) - remains unchanged from the Hunter's Guild Egret (also plays for Hunter's) - remains unchanged from the Hunter's Guild
  2. Hi all, giant disclaimer, this topic is about the Brewers in the season three fluff so if you aren't up to date you may want to look away now... . . . . . . Has that guy gone..? . . . Good, he's an arse hole anyway... . . Getting back on topic, while the Brewers guild didn't have much prominence in the core storyline in the book, they started off well with Hooper using text based flavor of his cards abilities to start off one of the arching storyline which runs till the last page of the book.. Also, I think the clandestine meeting between Tapper and Brisket is a good showcase of both their personalities while also including Friday and some comic relief from the previously mentioned Hooper.. Getting onto the team section of the book, it's been made very clear that there is a large rift in the ranks of our guild.. While not as messy as the Butchers civil war, you can see that there are two camps and that the power is slowly bleeding in Esters direction.. Regarding the power struggle itself, I like that it appears to be being kept fairly civil, but with Esters showing she is far more willing to play the political game than Tapper which is why she's probably earning more favor with the higher ups in the guild.. Also, I think Tappers introduction followed by his character blurb is a great way to start it all off.. Add to the fact the voting system which is showcased there in turns out to be a debate about naming an Ale is a flavorful way to introduce the current state of the guild.. I won't go into to much detail of each character to allow for later discussion, but one of the hint I do want to bring up is the name Amber.. I can't remember if she's been mentioned previously in the fluff or if she's a nod to the one of the potential rulesets which may have been used for "rookies", but she gets mentioned a few times throughout the Brewers section.. Long story short, she has grown up around the guild and was particularly fond of Tapper.. Due to this Esters has manipulate a way to get her removed from the guild in order to weaken Tappers position.. While it's unclear who she is or where she came from, in a game which contains a lot of "charmed male" I think we could do with another lass to back Tapper up.. (2" melee, unpredictable movement, just saying) Lastly I think the subtle nod to the other guilds (including the Blacksmiths) and the general pacing of the story lines is a good way to firmly place the Brewers into the world.. I'm also a big fan of the name of the tavern our lads and lasses tend to frequent throughout their tales.. If you haven't read this yet, go grab a book and do it now.. Feel free to comment on your favorite parts of the Brewers fluff.. #saveAmber
  3. I'll keep this up-to-date with the latest cards that get spoiled on the blog. Skulk (Also plays for Morts): Pelage (Also plays for Morts): Veteran Graves (Also plays for Morts) - Updated to work with both Squeak and Vileswarm Bonesaw (Also plays for Morts) - Remains unchanged from Morts New condition - Desease
  4. This topic is based on fluff events that take place in week four of the Union in Chains: Harry. If you don't want to be spoiled, don't scroll down. Harry bit it but his hat lives on. The verteran model who the Alchemists and Engineers are fighting over is a different person, but based on the description of the UiC event, will be named Harry and have the Veteran keyword. This means she won't be playable in the same six player roster a oHarry. The question I have to ask is why? Naively, multiple versions of the same player can't play on the same team because each player is unique and one of a kind or because any given roster must exist at a single point of time in the lore. The existing roster rules don't reflect this interpretation. vRage can hand out blood coins to Snakeskin why Coin gives a bag of coffers to Harry. Reasonable from a gameplay perspective, but ridiculous in the fluff. Perhaps it's for balance reasons. One shudders to imagine Gutter making 8 attacks under Tooled Up and Bloody Coin or oKatalyst serving a player up to vKatalyst. This doesn't hold for all veterans however. The original forms of Spigot and Graves prevent their veteran versions from hardly ever seeing the pitch but few players would be concerned if they saw both across the table. The fact that Union Captain is named Brisket has no rules effect whatsoever. This leaves me wondering, what does it mean for a model to be a veteran?
  5. Redmaw

    Who Dis.?

    Courtesy of Facebook and people with sharper eyes than me.. Was too busy buying things and getting spanked at Darksouls again.. btw, I know I tagged "spoilers" i this but try to keep it to random speculation rather than actual fluff spoilers... Thanks..
  6. Good Evening Legends and welcome to the Hall of Legends Podcast: Legendary plays. In this debut episode I talk a little about what the future holds for more Hall Of Legend podcasts and have an interview with Mat Hart from Guild Ball and Steamforged Games discussing his fishermen roster. Plus, I have some spoilers hidden in the episode so make sure you give it a listen! In the future the podcast will talk about lots of different skirmish games. There's been some technical difficulties but thank goodness, that seems to have passed, and we can all enjoy the podcast now. Apologies if your in multiple groups, I won't be spamming the post again, just with the first episode. And sorry if you've seen it spammed twice, last time it didn't work! ?enjoy! Let me know what you think in the usual ways- Here - below/ Facebook - Hall Of Legends Twitter -@HallOfLegends Blog - Halloflegends.co.uk Email - halloflegendstavern@gmail.com https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-halloflegendss-podcast/id1146118544?mt=2#episodeGuid=http%3A%2F%2Fhalloflegends.podbean.com%2Fe%2Flegendary-plays-welcome-to-the-hall-of-legends%2F
  7. Mr. Grumble

    The Tower Skywalker theory

    Edit: I changed the title from the Mallet Skywalker theory to the Tower Skywalker theory for obvious reasons. I'm a bit slow, but I just learned that Tower's father was a previous Mason guild ball captain. Apparently Chisel has watched many guild ball matches but has little natural talent. I'm speculating that Chisel and Tower are brother and sister. Below are relevant quotes from the fluff that describe Tower's dead father and Chisel's relationship to Tower and (indirectly) Tower's father. ----------------------------------------------------------- In Tower's fluff blurb in Season 1 "It was unlike any goalpost a Guild Ball pitch had ever seen and at last he considered it ready to be showcased in tomorrow’s match. Pausing to give thanks to his (Tower) father for passing down the plans for his great design,..." The mysterious Mason schemer's in Tower's fluff blurb in Season 1 "‘You see his skill, the dedication to our craft.’ It was not a question. That much had never been in doubt. Had his father not died, we would have had a Tower in our ranks long ago" Mallet to Tower after winning the final of the Frontier's Cup "Well done, lad. You would’ve made your father proud today" " I can see something of the Old Man in you. He was before your time, but he was a fine captain, just like Honour." Greyscales talking about Chisel in her fluff blurb "I think she’s sweet on Tower, too, but an old man like me might have that totally wrong." "She never had the natural skills or ability of Flint, Friday or Vitriol mind you." "I can tell she grew up watching the Old Man and his lads from the lovely little touches she adds to her plays and movements." Both Mallet and Greyscales reference "the Old Man" as a proper noun, but the use of lower case "old man" is common in the fluff. For instance, it's used by Flint to refer to his own father, by Harmony when referring to Mallet and by Mallet to refer to Greyscales. ------------------------------------------------------------- I am waiting for when Tower becomes captain in season 5 and faces Obulous on the pitch. The Mason's are losing horrifically and Tower is terribly injured somehow. Obulous standing over him: "Join me, and I will complete your training " Tower: "I'll never join you!" Obuolus: "If only you knew the power of the Morticians. Mallet never told you what happened to the Old Man." Tower: "He told me enough! He told me you killed him!" Obulous: "No, I am your father." ------------------------------------------------------------ Anyone else have any unhinged fluff speculation?
  8. Today we have a sit and talk about Guild ball and bring you all some exciting news and insight to the Season 2 Campaign system! We speculate how deep the campaign system will take us based off the amount of information given to us by SF! Also keep watching as we get to Spoil 2 of the Campaign plot cards! Big thanks to SF for the information! SORRY FOR BACKGROUND NOISE WE HAD FANTASY PLAYERS WHO HAD PLANNED FOR GAMES BEFORE WE GOT THIS INFO!
  9. https://www.instagram.com/steamforged_games/ Hey guys, @Guildball tweeted that they will reveal some spoilers once they get 500 followers! So lets go follow them!