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Found 1 result

  1. Had a tournament yesterday at a gaming convention where I played Brisket3 in every game and won every game with 3 goals minimum (had a spare kill in the finals). This, quite simply, proves that all of you are wrong about her being the worst Union captain. I've singlehandedly proved otherwise. No, the fact that it was a 9 person tournament that we didn't play the 4th round on doesn't matter. Nor does the fact that I have more games than I think the other 8 guys combined (Not joking, half of the dudes there are from a pretty new meta). None of that matters, I went 3-0 and curbstomped people, and obviously she's better than Rage2 or Blackheart. /end sarcasm. That was my best impression of the UK meta. I'm done now. I actually don't think Brisket3 is super high in the power curve, but I'm not the one to call it either. I'm really comfortable with her because I like her playstyle and I've been playing her since she hit shelves. I've won all but less than a handful of games with her, but a lot of that was how new she was in the meta, and how new she is in this meta. The legendary is essentially a free goal, and between a normal one with mist and a free one from Brisket, I'm able to put a lot of pressure on the opponent who still doesn't know what all she does. So, I do enjoy playing her, and I like how she plays and the striking toolbox she brings, but as far as how good she is in the meta, I'm inclined to agree with more prominent players who know their stuff, like the STW guys. As far as players that do like her though, I can talk about the games real quick, what I've seen with her over the last year and my lineup. Yesterday, I took her, Rage2, Strongbox, Gutter, Decimate, Rage1, Benediction, Mist, Harry, Minx. I've usually played Coin with Brisket because I really like the free bonus time and influence and I think Strongbox struggles to keep up with her, but of the two mascots, it's more important to have Strongbox with Rage2 than it is Coin with Brisket3 imo. Benediction is a solid addition to the list and so Coin had to go. I'm a little split on Rage1 but when I want to play a 2-2 game with Brisket (So like into Masons maybe, or Farmers) Rage really enables it either by doing most of the damage himself or giving Brisket3 a MOM3 on column 3. With 6 INF, that's not bad. Brisket3 always gets Harry and Mist. Either Gutter or Decimate, sometimes both. It depends on how much 2'' melee I want. If I'm facing down countercharge or furious (Brick, Seenah, Rage1/2, Tater, etc) then I want Gutter for sure. If I don't have both of them, then maybe Rage will be one or maaaaaybe Minx if I really want INF efficiency. I have played Benediction with her before, several times in fact, but he's really redundant with Harry and the only thing he does better is the Solthecian thing to give Mist that dodge. Harry is better though because of the free dodges from passes. This means Rage2 always has Gutter, Benediction, maaaybe Harry, probably Minx and then maybe Mist or Decimate. I've been dropping B3 a lot lately because for some reason, Butchers are popular in my new meta (We moved across country three months ago), and one guy was absolutely dominating with Hammer. Into Engineers, Fish and Alchs, I don't drop Brisket. She'll get outkicked for sure and there's enough 2'' melee to get around her UM. UM is really solid against Butchers as long as Gutter can keep things like Boar engaged. She's consistently shut down Ox and Hammer both with UM and I'm able to play her extremely aggressively into those 1'' melee monsters because of both UM and her T< one column 2 for the counterattack. She's less good in the Honor matchup but she's good enough that the Hammer guy had to step back and make life decisions. Generally, I pick to receive. If I don't receive, Mist kicks the ball and sets up with 6'' of Brisket and within 3'' of cover if at possible. This puts a massive amount of pressure on the ball on the other team and I have scored many times with my first activation after kicking the ball to them. Mist charges in, tackles, farms momentum and scores. If I receive, I play the passing game, making sure Mist is within 4'' of Harry and 6'' of Brisket for the free 6''. If I can land him near cover, even better but it's rare I need to do Acrobatics or smoke bomb. Between Mist and Brisket3, it's fairly difficult to hide the ball, and Decimate or Gutter make that even worse. I've switched to Decimate mostly for Brisket3 because she's got better access to tackles and she's faster than Gutter, but again, if I need the 2'' melee, Gutter's a fine striker. Both are excellent targets for "I'm Open" as well. Harry just pushes things around, throws molotovs to control the board and gives free dodges. On Brisket, it's cool if I use "With Aplomb" but most of the time I'd rather take the 1" dodge. I've scored "With Aplomb" twice in a game and gotten a kill and that felt pretty cool but it's situational at best. I actually used "Route One" for the first time yesterday, but again, pretty situational. I generally only use it if I start within 6'' of the ball. Otherwise I'm better off charging and using the legendary to get within range of the goal or hiding the ball somewhere. "I'm open" gets used almost every game, if not a few times. Really lets her pull the ball across the board and score when your opponent thinks the ball is locked down on a model already activated or too far away. So I really like her. She's able to get out of a lot of scrapes, I'm open is great, the T< on column 2 is the greatest thing about her and her legendary is surprisingly handy. A really solid toolbox for striking against teams that want to fight. Quick overview of the 3 games I played. Off the bat, I landed a Blacksmith player. He played a really clean game but only had a handful of Blacksmith games, which was great because I'd never played Blacksmiths. I took Benediction, Gutter, Mist and Decimate in this game. Benny was the only surprise but he took Ferrite as his captain and I really wanted a model I could hide the ball on from Ferrite and Iron. Braced, Sturdy and Poised make him a bit of a challenge to get through and that's why I bring him with Rage2 normally. To hide the ball. I don't actually know what the full gameplan of Blacksmiths is. A 1-4 game maybe? 2-2 on a good day? I'm not sure. Either way, I kicked off with Mist. I made a mistake on the next activation which I charged mist in, and I kept him at max melee from the target. This is normally a good idea except that he didn't have momentum for counter attack, so I should have gone in closer. Being at max melee though meant I was out from the goal and had to kick the ball back to me. It didn't scatter well and he recovered the ball. He spent the rest of his turn focusing on killing Mist, scrumming him with Anvil, Sledge and Furnace. Everything I had shifted up, and Ferrite and Iron moved up the board to recover the ball, leaving it on Iron. Turn 2, I won initiative because Brisket got to whack Iron a little in the last turn. Decimate ended up stealing the ball, dodging out and running away to score on the first activation. He began hitting Mist again. This where things got pretty rough for him. It would take 4 models 7 activations and two turns to kill mist. Some of this was bad dice, some of it was DEF5 and Mist standing up whenever I could. However, between Sledge, Anvil and Furnace, (And Cinder briefly) it should have gotten done. This scrum was also way in the back by the goal where Mist had tried to shoot from and left me the entire board to do what I wanted while Cinder, Iron and Ferrite took on the remaining 5 models. Sledge recovered the ball, tried to finish Mist. Brisket ended up using a legendary to get into Mist (dodging him out of the scrum), steal from Sledge, run off and score the ball. The ball scattered badly and came back to Ferrite. Furnace finally killed Mist and after a few other activations, we went into Turn 3. He won initiative, and used his first activation to knock the newly returned Mist off the board with Iron, but Brisket immediately came, stole the ball from Ferrite and scored again. This game went bad for him for a number of reasons. Mainly, Mist refused to die and the scrum was well away from me. Secondly, none of the 2'' melee models were anywhere near being able to get into Brisket3 and she did whatever she wanted with 1'' melee models, including stealing the ball twice. The next game was Ox butchers playing the standard 6. That was the first problem. I received the kick from Ox. The problem with Ox, among many, is his threat range is really static between the Molotov from Harry and Brisket's UM, Ox has yet to actually cause me problems personally. It's Shank I have to watch for, and Boar if he can clear him off. Mist would dodge up to score turn one. Turn two, I actually lost the +4 initiative roll, and he used it try and get Ox into the fight on Harry. Brisket activated, legendaried out around Boar who had engaged her last turn, stole the ball, ran away and scored. The game essentially ended when the ball scatter back to Brisket1 on his team scattered badly away from her and right to Gutter. Brisket would retrieve it but couldn't do anything about it. I sacrificed Decimate to Shank and Boar, but Harry shoved Ox off casually and went to engage Brisket1. By the end of Turn 2, Brisket3 had Gutter, Harry on her, with Strongbox nearby and Mist had stolen the ball. Immediately on Turn 3, he charged Princess, farmed momentum, dodged off and scored. Again, Molotov, some terrain usage and UM meant Ox did very little this game. I also prevented Furious on Boar every turn but the first one, neutering that as well. The game really went south after the ball scatter. There wasn't much of a chance at that point. And as long as Ox doesn't kill Harry immediately, Harry can shove him around pretty casually. Fillet was at the tournament, (3 butcher players) but this guy wasn't playing her. Fillet would be more of an issue I think, but she still doesn't like Unpredictable Movement. At this point, there were 3 undefeated players, but the guy lowest on the list with less VPs and worse SOS didn't want to play 4 rounds and was happy to pair down. That left me into a Hunters game. If the other guy had played, he was playing Shark and I would have dropped Rage2 in to that. Against Hunters though, even Skatha, I'll play Brisket3. I think Brisket3 outkicks Skatha fine and has simpler shenanigans than she does. Against Theron, I definitely out kick him and her legendary essentially ignores Pinned for a turn if I want it to. I brought Decimate, Gutter, Harry and Mist to this one. I was thinking Rage or Minx but he picked Seenah and so I definitely wanted Gutter for that 2'' melee and the odd chance of dealing a million damage out because of the bear. I received the ball, passed it down the line to Mist who would score at the end of turn one. Early in the turn though, he fed me Jaecar and didn't get him far enough back to keep Harry from bringing him back in. Early in turn 2, Decimate would kill Jaecar. Theron focused on pinning Mist and keeping him from getting the ball off of Chaska who received the goal kick. However, a super cheeky Brisket3 dodged off of Jaecar to get momentum, charged into the scrum against Chaska (in rough ground no less). She tackled the ball, only got a 1'' push from Chaska in return. She then used the legendary to dodge out of a potentially bad scrum (Seenah and Ulfr were both very close) to Mist, who dodged into Seenah to engage him and then she scored. The game devolved a bit from there as Chaska shot Brisket off the board and Ulfr tried to work his way up the board. For the most part though, I controlled the board state, ignored Theron, and pinned Ulfr down. Eventually, Decimate charged into Seenah for some great momentum and dodged out. Harry tackled the ball off of Ulfr, gave it to Gutter and knocked Ulfr down. Seenah was too far away to help and killed Mist instead. Gutter pushed Ulfr out of the way, farmed momentum, sprinted up the board and kicked to Decimate who snapshotted a goal for the win. This game was a little tougher and I tried hard to keep Brisket alive but once you're within 8'' of the board edge, Chaska gets pretty excited. Overall though, the issue was that for all the control Hunters bring, Brisket's got a ton of dodges, and UM/counterattack kept her out of trouble against Theron and Chaska both. In fact, shooting her was about his only course of action. Seenah was largely controlled by Mist and Gutter. Ulfr is an ok striker under Skatha but is largely useless with Theron. Jaecar got murdered early and couldn't do much. I did lose both models, both strikers in fact, but this was where the Union's ability to multitask shined and Gutter took up the slack with Decimate and finished the job anyways. Final thoughts. This wasn't an invitational tournament or even a tournament in the norther midwest USA where there's a lot stiffer competition. So don't take this as tried and true proof of anything. I could hop on vassal today and show that I'll still get my butt kicked. I do like Brisket3 though. I didn't miss Coin as much as I thought I would, and Confidence is better than the extra dice in most cases. I only missed that extra Inf but Brisket3 usually wastes one or two anyways. I might sub out Rage for Grace eventually, she'd be an ok backup striker and brings a lot of INF. Idk. I really enjoy playing Brisket3 though. I can afford to be pretty ballsy with her against 1'' melee captains and it really frustrates people to have something so close, but so far away. They spend a lot of time trying to solve that puzzle rather than just ignoring her and shutting down Mist, or killing Harry. I think once people get used to her, Rage2 may have better options consistently but I still really really like her into Butchers and Masons for sure.