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Found 6 results

  1. Neo_Maquiavelo

    New blog in Spanish

    Hello there! I want to show you all my recently made Guild Ball Blog. It's completely in Spanish, as I've found that the community that we have here in Spain, and maybe also in Latin America, has sometimes a few difficulties with the lenguage. My aim is to translate all the news about Guild Ball that I've found in the official web, or in other blogs, to help those players to understand them easier (and also to get as hyped as I am with them) I hope it also helps me with my English Philology degree (Don't know if my teachers love Guild Ball) So here it is! ¡Dímelo en el campo! (Tell it to me on the field!) Hope you guys enjoy it, and remember to show it to any Spanish speakers you may know (or if you want to practise reading it, you're wellcomed)
  2. Hola a todos. Abro este post para que tengamos un FAQ en español. Ya que el manual tiene muchas erratas y falta información mas clara sobre la segunda mecanicas. Mi primera pregunta es... La gárgola según el manual es un minijefe pero en la carta aparece el icono de jefe. Y a parte en el primer escenario hay que derrotarla dos veces. Es más fuerte la segunda vez. O es la misma ? Cual es la diferencia ? Como se combate ? Cuando se derrota la primera vez se resetea todo el tablero ?
  3. So we have a extimation...and it was super awful...come on we have to wait the end of summer. I will kill the next British / German / French / Australian backer who will complian about his delay XD
  4. Hello, Since you've just uploaded the Rules book in Spanish I've been reading through it. I've encountered a few parts of the rules that are still in English. I've checked also the French and German rules book to have a comparison. In the Spanish and Italian Rule book, the Stats in 11th page (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Faith) are not translated, but in the other two (German and French) they are. Also in the French one, in the Ember part, they have the translation of "Ember" between "()", but in the Spanish and Italian there is no translation, so it would be nice to have it. Also in the 15th page of the Spanish rule book, in the "Resting at the Bonfire" part, the point 5 is partially translated. These are all the mistakes I've found, if anyone have found more fell free to post them. Hopefully you can easily correct this things so the translation is perfect. Thank you for the hard work with the localising!
  5. Hi, One month ago (april 11) you said "Revised Italian and Spanish rulebooks are estimated to be online in up to 10 working days as a downloadable PDF.", that was april 25 as estimated date. Today spanish and italian backers we are still waiting the translation. We do not know when we will receive the game. Please, can you say something about? status of the translation? a real date? what resources are going to be reprinted? Regards.
  6. Nuevo torneo en Madrid 23 de Abril en Goblintrader Norte Madrid (Spain). https://dimeloenelcampo.wordpress.com/2017/03/31/nuevo-torneo-en-madrid/