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Found 4 results

  1. Help Make Guild Ball Great...Again! June 4, at Flagship Comics and Games, 1049 Queen St., Southington CT Play to 12 vp, 45 min clocks, until a "champion is crowned!" 8-man roster, pick 6 and reveal sheets simultaneously FB event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1541630236132629/ Please NOTE: This is a rescheduled tournament. The event scheduled for May 21 has been moved to June 4. There will be NO TOURNAMENT on May 21 in Southington. I recommend you head up to The Whiz in Westboro, MA on May 21 for a tournament there: https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/the-whiz-may-guild-ball/feed
  2. Hey all, We will be starting up a Figo League here in Southington, CT on Wednesday nights, from 4-9pm (note that league games can also be scheduled for other days if both players can agree on a date/time). Will run for 8 weeks, starting May 11. We have a Figo League Kit, so some nice art prints and a Hunters patch are a part of the prize support. Entry fee will be $10, with all funds divided up into store credit at the end. What we have done for other games is award raffle tickets based on your final score, as well as for other achievements along the way, and have a raffle of all the prizes at the end. That way, winning the league gives you a better chance of winning prizes in the raffle, but everyone has a solid chance of walking away with something. It also lets people have some freedom to choose prizes (when your ticket is called you pull a prize from the remaining pool of prizes). If anyone has serious objections to this method I would love to chat about it, but this will probably be the way we do things for leagues from now on. For the Facebook inclined: https://www.facebook.com/events/213600892353360/
  3. Hey Everyone, I wanted to send out an open invitation to anyone in the Southington, CT area. We at Dark Omen Gaming Club just completed the first week of our eight-week long "Explorer League" and have posted the results here. Basically, it is a league designed to help introduce us to the game and the match ups, with each of the players coaching different guilds each week. We are keeping track of various stats, and will name an "All-Star" Team at the end of the eight weeks. We are all learning the game, so we are keeping it very low key and fun, and I have provided four painted teams that anyone can play each week (working on the rest!). For those of us who weren't crazy enough to buy all the teams already, it is a great opportunity to try out the different guilds and see what "fits" before buying models. And for everyone it is a great chance to play all the teams and learn the nuances of the game. We provide pitches, terrain, and even some bad jokes. We will be updating the link periodically, so if you are interested in the results I will be updating this thread. And by all means, if you are intrigued by Guild Ball and live anywhere near Southington, Connecticut, please come on down! This league is open to anyone and everyone, no matter your skill level or knowledge of the game. We play every Wednesday night at Flagship Games and Comics (1049 Queen Street), as well as whenever we can get in a game. Shoot me a PM if you are interested and I'll get you a demo!
  4. Hello everyone, Just wanted to reach out to the community and let you all know that we have a small but growing group of excited Guild Ball players out of Flagship Comics and Games, 1049 Queen Street in Southington, Connecticut (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flagship-Comics-Games/115627471791297). We usually play on Wednesday nights (from about 4-9pm) and some Monday nights as well, with some weekend days when we can manage it. If you want to come down for a demo, shoot me a PM. If you want to come and play some games, we'll see you there! -BT