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Found 3 results

  1. I know you can pick up the ball during a Lure jog, but I have a question about a specific scenario. Suppose a model in possession of the ball drops it 1" away from them, such that it's "directly away" from a Lure source. Will they be able to pick it up during the Lure advance (which makes them move directly towards the model)? They are starting an advance 1" from the ball, but if they move at all they will be over 1" from it. Thank you.
  2. I tried to search this but didn't find anything similar. Can a model snap to the ball if it is placed within 1" of the ball but does not move? Hearne can teleport to a forest and jackstraw can teleport to a harvest marker. If jackstraw teleports so that it is within 1" of the ball, can he snap the ball and teleport to a next harvest marker and move after that or does he have to move 0,000001" at the first harvest marker?
  3. If Siren has the ball and successfully passes it to Kraken, can I then have Kraken dodge 4" with the gained momuntum AND drop the ball to a player next to him at the same time? The rule for dropping the ball reads "an active model in possession ... may give up possession at any point during its activation" and in the definitions section active model is defined as: "Active model refers to the model currently being activated. During a model’s activation; if any other model performs an action it temporarily becomes the active model for the duration of that action." So in the example above, when Kraken makes the dodge does he become the active model and is therefore referred to as the "model currently being activated" which then allows him to drop the ball?