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Found 2 results

  1. So now that the mega boss expansions are coming out, I'm looking forward to getting to use the Dancer's treasure, and Ornstein and Smough's treasure. My question though is this: After beating O&S, do I get both of their treasures, or just the treasure for the one I killed last (like in the video game)? I'm hoping both their treasure is available to the party, for use to go after the mega bosses. Has there been any clarification on this? In addition, it takes me solo about 2.5 hours to beat the game (from fighting the mini boss to beating main boss). Hopefully the mega boss expansions will have some rules added to skip the beginning part of the game and beef your character up so you can get a game started right at the beginning of the mega boss encounters. Otherwise, it will take me 4 hours to play this, just solo. With every added person playing the game, it's been average of adding 25 minutes to the game's play time. This is by far the longest board game I own now. What are other's experiences with the time of playing this through?
  2. Ok, so I was fighting Ornstein and Smough last night and was confused about the health they can get when the other one dies. The cards say they gain health, but if they were already at full health, do they get ABOVE their top starting health? The dials don't have that as an option so I'm hoping it just means they would gain health UP TO their maximum health. Any assistance on this clarification question would be great!