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Found 33 results

  1. After a successful goal by Smoke, in what order do Run The Length and Watch The World Burn resolve? In Collected Clarifications, Run The Length has been ruled: "Occurs at the end of the model's activation, alongside other end of activation abilities." This leads me to believe they are triggered simultaneously, and so the active player chooses the order in which they resolve. If that's true, for clarity's sake, say: Smoke scores a goal within 4" of 0 burning/poisoned enemy models, declares and uses Run the Length to dodge such that she is now within 4" of 3 burning/poisoned enemy models, and then resolves Watch The World Burn. Does the Alchemists player receive 3 momentum? Smoke scores a goal within 4" of 3 burning/poisoned enemy models, declares Run The Length but resolves Watch The World Burn first, before dodging such that she is within 4" of 0 burning/poisoned enemy models. Does the Alchemists player receive 3 momentum? Thanks!
  2. Hi all I've played about 20 games with alchemists My main is smoke I would like to know in which pairings midas is better than smoke And in particular Thresher, Hammer and Corsair I have many problems against these captains Regards
  3. Bimarck1000

    How do i play Smoke well?

    I'm trying to figure out how to play smoke effectively but it isnt going particularly well. It may just be that the playstyle of smoke's team does not click with me. It could also be that i don't actually know what im supposed to be aiming for with smoke. So i have a couple of high level questions about smoke in the current ruleset. -What is my overall gameplan here? Am i forming a cage and playing ranged combat? How many goals am i trying to score? -Whats my turn one gameplan on kicking or recieving? Should i be trying to hit opponents with circles for momentus inspiration or do i need to ensure no one gets into early melee combat? Union choices. I like mist because he fits my playstyle better (ie soccer midas) but then you need to run mercury to get fire circles. Just want some opinions on playing smoke as i either just end up playing her like an aggressive captain out of habit (which hasnt worked) or misplaying the control game. Thanks
  4. ShortcutBacon

    Dealing with Alchemists

    Greetings my fellow labourers, New player here, all in all maybe 5 games under my belt. I recently found myself playing a game against Smoke Alchemists. (Smoke, Flask, Katalyst2, Mercury and Vitriol... not sure on 6th) What followed was a smack down of my mostly paperdoll team (Thresher, Peck, Jackstraw, Tater, Milstone, Bushel) Final score 4-12 So my question to the community; How do farmers deal with a smoke team? Any advice is appreciated. To answer a something that may come up, yep, Turn one Vitriol goal was a thing... shes quick.
  5. Forum, Episode 13 of Run the Length is up! In this episode, I finally take on the dreaded Corsair! The very matchup I complain about on Strictly the Worst. I hope you guys enjoy! This is the thirteenth episode of Run the Length a gameplay commentary series for guild ball. Join me as I break down an Alchemists vs Fisherman game against Pat Van Value explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match. Pat is known for seeking value not only in guild ball but in all aspects of life. He also Co-Hosts a podcast with me Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast. Skip the Draft: 3:14 Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ How to play my Smoke list: http://forums.steamforged.com/topic/38884-how-do-i-play-smoke-well/
  6. Goldfinger590

    Butchers get smoked

    Played my Alchemists into Butchers. Using Smoke for the first time (2nd game with Alchemists overall) Alchemists: Smoke, Flask, Mercury, Calculus, Vet Kat, and Vitriol Butchers: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Vet Ox, Boar, and Meathook. Butchers got some early kills in but wore thin on the condition game and they lost their leader after failure to shoot a tap in goal. Alchemists win 12 - 6.
  7. Pics of the game - https://imgur.com/a/mToDM New deploy rules, forgot to play with GICs This was a game played against my roommate who was trying out Smoke for the first time. It was a pretty long game, but the Mortician's took the win. Turn 1 - Mist kicked off, running away from Vet Kat and kicking near the line between Ghast and Casket. Harry got the ball and passed it back towards calculus, also knocked down both Ghast and Casket. Obulus puppet mastered Vet Kat and made him jog backwards into rough ground, out of charging range of everyone. Calculus gave the ball to Smoke. Ghast stood up and KD'd Harry, then did 2 attacks of damage to him. Smoke got the ball to Mercury and moved up. Casket attacked Harry, leaving him at low HP. Vet Kat moved to midfield. Mist got some momentum off Vet Kat. I was up on momentum. Score 0 - 0 Turn 2 - I started with Casket, legendary play and killed Harry. Then jogged over to Vet Kat and knocked him down. Calculus laid out poison, Ghast beat on Smoke a bit. Mist danced around and stole the ball from Mercury, took a 3 dice shot and missed. Flask got the ball and brought it up to Smoke. Vet Kat KD'd Casket and did some damage. Obulus ends the turn by pupper master Smoke and make her pass back to Mist. Had to hit a 5 cuz he was engaged, got it. Decided not to snap shot but to score on first activation. Score 4 - 0 Turn 3 - Mist dodged with the ball to get momentum from Vet Kat, got it. Took another try at goal and made it this time. Calculus got the ball after throw in. Obulus went around and took the ball immediately, dodged around Caclulus and took a 2 dice shot and missed. Vet Kat killed Obulus then. Smoke got the ball and did some teleporting to score, but she was low on HP. Mist had scored and been left at 1 HP twice, but was on fire and died at the end of this turn. Score 8 - 8 Turn 4 - Obulus came back and attack Smoke, doing 3 damage to kill her. After Smokes goal, I had the ball and passed to Mist who had come in. Was able to go 10" and shoot 8" to take one last goal for the win. Score 14 - 8
  8. Sunday matches are our local tradition Today Smoke encountered Corsair, Alchemists won first roll and I wasn't kind enough to give the ball back. Teams: Smoke, Naja, Mercury, Calculus, vetKatalyst, Mist Corsair, Tentacles, vetSiren, Jac, Greyscales, Hag Corsair kicked off, Calculus recovered the ball and poisoned Corsair. Alchemists made a few passes and covered enemy with barrage of fire and poison while Fishes were trying to position their Captain well. Calculus dodged two drags in a row but got caught by the last one. Luckily, Corsair had no more influence to punish her. I scored with Mist and Jac kept the ball for himself. Katalyst charged towards Fishermans suffering condition damage. Jac was good target for Intensifies that damaged also Corsair and Siren. Mercury tried to finish her off with fireballs but failed. Corsair managed to take out Calculus and score. Smoke captured the ball, used legendary to finish off Siren and ran away with the ball. Turn 3 Katalyst finished off wounded Jac and charged into Hag. Corsair tried to reach Smoke carrying the ball but there were too many Alchemists on his path. Smoke charged the mascot to generate momentum and scored second goal. 12:6 for Alchemists
  9. Chemical Breeze states "This Character Play may only be used once on each ongoing-effect AOE per turn". So, if I have 2 separate AOE's after using Chemical Shower, can I copy each one, or is the whole Chemical Shower treated as one ongoing-effect, regardless of how many AOEs I actually have on the pitch thanks to Smoke's Legendary?
  10. Lineups today consisted of Smoke, Flask, Katalyst, Decimate, Calculus, and Venin vs. Fillet, Princess, vOx, Brisket, Boiler, and Meathook. This game was predetermined by the Longshanks that it would be played under the new Alternate Deployment format and with Guild Influence Cards. Filet and her Butchers opting for Crushing Force and Smoke and her team just wanted to sit and Watch the World Burn. Not too many pictures here but Butchers receive a Smoke kickoff to which they get to Brisket for protection. As she spends two turns holding the ball Smoke was able to get poison on five Butchers on turn one to allow Venin to also stack the bleed effect on them via coagulation. After turn one the Alchemist team had proceeded to deal out 21 points of condition damage slowly wearing them down. During turn two Fillet was able to remove Calculus and Venin was removed by Boiler with his buddy Princess but Fillet suffered almost 10 damage at the hands of Katalyst. This is where the game changed and Smoke deterioration of the Butcher team paid off. With most of there health near zero Smoke began the turn by watching vOx die of poison damage during the maintenance phase. After this, Smoke called out her legendary to inflict the taken out condition on Boiler and Meathook with one AOE and deal another three damage to Fillet leaving her with four hp. Smoke would then casually walk up and with 6 attacks do four damage on Fillet using multiple Bonus Times and a gang up from Katalyst. Brisket would go on to score a goal the following turn but a handy Super Fan plot card allowed Decimate to run the ball up the field quickly and pass to a wide open Katalyst who would take the ball in for an easy game winning goal! Once the game was over all that could be heard was the crowd chanting, "WE WANT HARRY!" over and over again.
  11. Today i had to start competing for Harry. Smoke, Mercury, Calculus, VKat, Flask and Venin went out to challenge Obolus, Dirdge, Bonesaw, Graves, Ghast and Silence. Alchemists won 12:8 only by TOs. Kick Off made by Calculus Obolus after a failed Goal-Run VKat making the Final TO for the Alchemists
  12. I've been measuring Smoke's Chemical Shower like I do for Calculus or Mercury's plays. Measure 8" to the center, and that's as far as the AOE can be placed. But after re-reading the wording, it seems to indicate that you would measure to the nearest edge instead, effectively giving Smoke 11" of threat with the circles. Here's my logic: The first sentence from her legendary reads: "Position two [3"] AOEs within [8"] of this model." "Within" is defined as: "A model, marker, or template is within a given distance when any part of the base or template is within that given distance, including touching." Also, the section of the rulebook that says you measure to the center of the circle is located in the "Character Play" section, so it wouldn't affect Legendary Plays. Is this correct, or do you measure to the center like all other AOEs?
  13. Granite's trait Between a Rock and... states: Once per turn, when an other friendly model within this aura suffers damage from an enemy Attack or Play, after the Attack or Play is resolved, this model may make a Jog. When is a play considered to be resolved? For example, some sustained character plays such as Minefield and Feel My Pain deal damage after they are first used and their effects don't end until the end of turn. When, if ever, do these plays trigger Between a Rock? Legendary Plays, such as Chemical Shower and Exsanguinate, last until the end of turn (afaik only Rigor Mortis doesn't). Are these ever resolved for the purpose of Between a Rock? Similarly, heroic plays such as Stave's Explosive Barrel, last all turn. Is the damage from Explosive Barrel, which resolved previously, or Lob Barrel which just resolved? The Forceful Blow trait deals 3 damage on the charge. In an Honor vs Hammer match, Honor's Mallet charges Hammer's Brick selecting 1 damage, which is prevented by Tough Hide but triggers Forceful Blow. Does this trigger Hammer's Granite's Between a Rock?
  14. Forum, I am back with the ninth episode of Run the Length a gameplay commentary series for guild ball. I added a new scoreboard and HP recaps at the end of turns. Let me know what you think of these changes. Join me as I breakdown an Alchemists vs Butchers game against Alex Botts explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match. Alex is one of the USA's WTC Team members as well as a host of Strictly The Worst Guild Ball Podcast. Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Alex's Twitter: @LeftSlothrop https://twitter.com/LeftSlothrop
  15. Pending Forum Suspension

    All Stars Game

    Here is a fun one for you. Drop 2 Influence from each captain. Now drop any Legendary Play. Now make a team with no captain and any mascot you want. Who is your team? EDIT: To add a few constraints and clear up vagueness. Captains can now play where ever and are considered "friendly guild models." You may still use any mascot. Other normal team building rules apply.
  16. Greetings forum dwellers! Episode 7 of Run The Length is up! This time I play against Zachary Gray's Hunters. Zach is on the USA's WTC Team and was nice enough to play his off guild for me. Due to very fortunate timing the game uses the new OPD. Let me know your thoughts on the game by commenting here or on the video. Hit the like button it helps others find the series and share this with your buddies. Thanks for watching!
  17. Quwaz

    Why Midas?

    Am I the only person who never liked Midas? I have played Alchemists since I started playing when season 2 came out, and all I heard was: "Midas is so good! OMG Midas best captain in the game! He is so great! Why would anyone ever not run Midas forever?!?" But I never got the hype. He is decent I guess, but I always like the control and synergy of Smoke more than the randomness and influence hogging of Midas. I actually like him a little better now in Season 3 after he lost his terrible power steal ability (which was also over-hyped and never worth the influence cost) and now seems like a point guard to move the ball to Vitriol (but his poor kicking ability is annoying). What am I missing? I just don't get it...
  18. TheCurkov

    Alchemist Matchups

    I played smoke the entirety of season 2 and I really like her play style, but do we even play her anymore? Let me clarify what I mean. Let's assume we are taking a roster to a tournament with both Smoke and Midas on the roster. What match ups do we prefer Midas in and which ones make us select Smoke? I think there are a few no-brainers here when it comes to selecting Midas over Smoke. Brewers are all but immune to the conditions game between magical brew, Esters' heroic, and Hooper's heroic the conditions game seems like more trouble than it is worth. Union is also a problem for Smoke. I am having a hard time imagining that a Union team would not play Hemlock as part of their 9 or would leave her on the bench vs Alchemists. But when we consider the match ups other way around I find that there is little pointing me toward Smoke over Midas. My initial thoughts on when to take Smoke have entirely to do with when I want access to blind since Midas does little to help Calculus and outside of applying blind she does nothing for Midas. I consider the Blind match ups to be Butchers, Fish, and Masons. The 2 captains issue is further exasperated Katalyst vs Vet Katalyst. You can't have both on the roster and each captain clearly prefers one over the other. The roster I am currently considering is: Midas, Smoke, Flask, Mercury, Calculus, Vitriol, Katalyst, Compound, Harry. But I think you arguably could replace Katalyst with Vet Katalyst. The other answer I have considered to this problem is to just play one captain, but under the new organized play rules this is Strictly The Worst (and also my single largest gripe with season 3.) If we decide to not play Smoke every roster is almost exactly the same since we have only 10 selections left to make. Midas, Flask, Naja, Calculus, Compound, (one of the) Katalyst('s,) Mercury, Venin, Vitriol, A Union player (lets not kid ourselves this is Harry.) I think everyone that is leaving smoke at home is deciding between playing 2 mascots or playing every other option available. Let me know your thoughts.
  19. JacctheInsomniac

    Smoke's AOE Abilities

    1. Does Smoke need Line of Sight to the AOE's she's choosing for Chemical Breeze and Alchemy Mix 2. If an AOE effect is duplicated with Alchemy Mix such as Mercury or Calculus's, then are models within the duplicate when it's positioned considered to have entered it? (While these models begin burning/poison...ing?) 3. If you drop Chemical Shower onto a model who is not currently suffering Poison, do they begin suffering poison in addition to the immediate 3 condition damage, or are you required to find a way to fulfill the "enter the aoe" clause for them to begin suffering poison. 4. Does Venin's Sacrificial Puppet benefit from Momentous Inspiration?
  20. Episode 3 of Run the Length is up! Hope you guys like this one! This week I am playing against my practice partner Nick who's Masons beat both me and Alex Botts at the Grognard Games tourney last month. I would also love feedback on how the community would like their match reports. Everything from camera angle to what kind of overlays you guys want let me know!
  21. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help clear a few things up. Can Venin use melting body if he already has the poison condition? Also, when Smoke uses Chemical Shower, then Alchemy Mix to duplicate one of those AOE's, does that duplicated AOE also deal 3 damage? I apologize if this was answered elsewhere but I was not able to find anything
  22. Hey there! Just streamed a litte match in our local gaming club. Warning: Rude german language
  23. Hi Big League question. Suppose Mercury uses the play Fire Blast, and the Alchemist player reveals Experimental Mix. Smoke uses Alchemy Mix on this AOE. Does a model entering the duplicated circle receive Burning and Bleed? Smoke uses Chemical Breeze on the original AOE. If you position that AOE on top of a model, do they receive both Burning and Bleed? Smoke uses Chemical Breeze on the duplicated AOE. Same question as before - if you position that AOE on top of a model, do they receive both Burning and Bleed? In a new game, Smoke uses Smoke Bomb. Can they reveal Experimental Mix to make it a 1 cost play that deals 3 damage and creates a 3" AOE providing cover and bleed? Thanks for the help!
  24. Smoke's Legendary Play, Chemical Shower: Position two 3" AOEs within 8" of this model. Models within one or more of these AOEs immediately suffer 3 condition-damage. Models entering or ending their activation in either of these ongoing-effect AOEs suffer the poison condition. Tough Hide: Enemy Plays that cause damage to, or Playbook damage results that hit this model are reduced by -1 DMG. Does Tough Hide work on Chemical Shower? I can see it multiple ways. It Works: Tough Hide works on enemy plays. Chemical shower is an enemy play. It Doesn't: Tough Hide doesn't work on conditions. Chemical Shower deals condition-damage. My understanding is that the reason Tough Hide doesn't work is that it is described as triggering on enemy plays or playbook damage results. During the maintenance phase, when conditions do damage, neither of these is occurring. Therefore the model takes full damage. But then why does Chemical Shower specify that it deals condition-damage? As far as I'm aware, there are no "damage types" described anywhere in the rulebook. Damage is just damage. Rules as written, I think that Tough Hide does work on Chemical Shower but with Chemical Shower's wording, I wonder if there is intent to get around the as-written rules. Is there a rule somewhere that I haven't seen in the books that clarifies this?