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Found 7 results

  1. I realise that this has been answered in this thread: However, i believe that the assumptions used for this ruling were incorrect and wanted this clarified as it comes up often in games. I believe that this was ruled based on assumptions for things like minefield and things which require movement of one form or another into, which this does not. Lightening reflexes state it takes effect when "an enemy model ends a dodge within the aura". A dodge of 0" fulfills the criteria to trigger as it has ended within the aura and the criteria does not state any requirements around moving/advancing. In my game on stream at Vengeance my opponent triggered a push/dodge result, pushing me and dodging 0" to avoid this based on the previous ruling. Could this please be re looked at?
  2. Hello, a quick question regarding Lightning Reflexes. The ability allows Skulk to jog directly towards a model that ends a dodge within 6 of him Once per turn. If my opponent makes a dodge using the game plan "Seize the Initiative" and ends within 6 of Skulk, how is this resolved? Is this not considered a turn, thus not allowing Skulk to react, or does the ability trigger, allowing him to use his opt allowance for the following turn? Thanks!
  3. Rocanegra

    W: Steamcon Skulk (found one)

    Hi there, I'd like to know if there's an Steamcom Skulk sculpt available at a reasonable price, I had to cancel my travel to last year's Steamcon, and now I realized that I've falled in love with the little scumbags, so ... any one over there? Regards edit: already got one, thanks!
  4. If Skulk declares a counter attack and the attacking model selects a dodge on there playbook that takes them out of his melee range, but still within the 6 inch aura of Lightning Reflexes, can he use lightning reflex to engage the attacking model and still get his counter attack? My understanding of the sequence of an attack timing says yes since both would trigger at step 4, After the Attack is Resolved, then it is up to the controlling player to decide the order in which they are resolved. Is that correct?
  5. Hey lawyers, Can we please have some clarity on the wording of Skulk’s Goal Rats trait? The wording is ‘if a free-ball is placed in this aura in base contact with the friendly goalpost, except when resolving a scatter, this model immediately gains control of the Ball marker’ As written it seems that the only way for this to trigger is from a model unsnapping the ball in base contact with the goal. The intent seems to be for missed goal shots. But a missed shot causes a scatter. So either this is intended to only work for unsnaps, in which case the wording is fine, or for goal shots, where it isn’t? Some people in the community are suggesting a difference between ‘resolving’ and ‘resolved’, I.e. the intent is to allow a scatter to happen before the trait triggers, but the Ball is only placed once during a scatter - at the end of process. So that interpretation would seem to make the wording redundant? The Ball isn’t placed on a successful or failed pass or shot until the scatter resolution (in the case of a fail) and in a pass to space the Ball is placed in part 4 of the kicking sequence THEN a scatter is resolved. During a scatter the only place is at the end of the scatter. Therefore unsnapping is the only (Maybe there’s a play that lets you? Can’t think from the top of my head...) means of placing the ball that DOESN’T cause a scatter. Everything else - including shots - would scatter and therefore be exempt?
  6. Episode 52 Andrew and Jason Talk to Jamie P and Bryce about Steam con, as well as the new rookie league, and have a detailed look at the rookie versions of Mash and Chisel. You would like to support the podcast? Well now you can! Find Singled Out on Patreon, and become a patron to access their bonus podcast, Singled Out: Bonus Time! https://www.patreon.com/singledoutGB Eternal thanks to Beardminis for the heartfelt Patreon commerical, find his channel at http://Www.youtube.com/c/BeardMinis
  7. Here are some pictures showing the development at Steam Con of Skulk, the first member of the ratcatcher's guild. The first ever convention-designed model, and expected as a give-away at next year's Steam Con. Starting with a normal head: Add some scary teeth: A few too many rat-skulls? Striking a pose: Adding some shape: Render completed: Out of the 3D printer: Painted (sorry it's out of focus!): Front of card: Back of card: Really interesting to watch the model being sculpted by Russ and see how the game designers go to work. I'd like to see the rest of the ratcatchers now. Maybe a manipulative captain (The Rat King?) who officially leads the ratcatchers and unofficially leads a band of pickpockets/thieves. Players could include Sneak, Bubble and Squeak (brother/sister pickpockets with linked activation) and Scratch the cat!