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Found 1 result

  1. Back to Thursday Night Guild Ball (TNGB) I read a bunch going into the match up, even taunted my opponent how Theron was a murdering SOB against Farmers, but when it came time to choose my 6.... Hunters Skatha Snow Jacear vHearne Zarola Seenah I don't know why I did this. Farmers Grange Peck Windle Bushel JackStraw Harrow I kicked off w/Seenah, and the match started. I want to start this by saying, "I hate Windle, no, I LOATHE Windle." My opponent did a good job of controlling the ball for the first turn. He got Grange up into Seenah, base to base (and after this game, I now think Seenah is a trap against Farmers). So the lesson I learned with this, her roar is useless on a 2" melee model if he's base to base with her. My first turn, I moved into position up the flanks to pinch the ball in. Skatha up one flank, Jaecar and vHearne up the other. I left Seenah in the middle to clog it up, knowing that Windle was coming for her. Zarola hung back in the middle of the pitch. The Snowball is becoming second nature for me, which is good. The first game I played with Skatha I didn't understand the play, so avoided it. Now, I love the play, especially w/Snow. First to go down was Seenah. Grange, Windle combo are just too much for it. I tried to get her out of there, but to no avail. My opponent is very, very good with Windle, and he always hits the Big Breakfast. 0-3 Turn Two Sigh, more of the same, WIndle big breakfast, JackStraw moving up and down the field with Fart Clouds, and Bushel threatening. Windle ended up taking out Zarola as well. Fair, I don't have much experience w/Zarola, well not much with Hunters in general. This was my fourth game to be exact. 0-6 It's getting serious now. I need to generate MoM for vHearne, who actually has the ball on the right flank. He actually threatens nicely, but I'm out of goal range by 1/2"...poor measuring on my part is costly. I can't score w/vHearne this play. I have him tee off on Jack Straw, pass over to Jaecar, and pass. On Jaecar's activation I score a nice easy tap in. 4-6 My opponent basically conceded the goal, he goes for the old man. Turn Three vHearne gets knocked out of the game. I actually never won an initiative roll. I won't blame dice, but the time i really needed to win a roll was this turn. My opponent casually remarks this is a time I could have really used Egret, or Ulfr for more football threats. Windle strikes again 4-9 Ball gets passed up the middle to where Bushel is hanging out, she scores the game winner. I had Seenah up in her grill, but he had Windle down there too...I roared Windle out, but it didn't matter. Opponent played very, very well (i won't discredit hit play), dice were good. For me, mistakes were made, and dice didn't help. 4-13 So my third game against my buddy's farmer team. Again, I had a plan going in, and didn't follow it. I wanted a 3-0 game, 2-2 (with Bushel, Peck, or JackStraw being taken out). I am only using Jaecar for goal scoring, and I feel he bring more to the table with back to the shadows. I think I need to play him like i'd play a Man Has No Name, bring him in from distance, strike, try and kill, dodge out, score. I really think he is the best tool in the drawer. No Seenah, sigh, so hard to put her on the shelf. She commands the zone where ever she goes. I think against a team with so much reach, she's a liability, even with the roar. I have had a ton of trouble with Windle, and Grange. How do you take care of Windle? Gut and String? He's so hard to kill. Pitfall him? Run away from him? This farmer team plays right in the middle of the pitch...a tar pit of misery...Dilly, Dilly. I like Zarola, but she is so squishy. I actually missed Ulfr. The big lug does some cool stuff. I have recently gotten my hands on Minx...she was sitting at a game store, buried under three blisters collecting dust. I am thinking about putting her in. I have learned each game I play against hunters. I had Skatha make a beautiful play around WIndle, running around him in a circle, crushing two harvest markers, dodging out and make a gorgeous pass to vHearne. Little things like that are just what you pick up along the way. I never felt like my opponent had an over abundance of the markers down. My question out there is...if you run a football team against Grange and his team, and you are going for take out...who is your target?