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Found 6 results

  1. Second Wind — A Guild Ball Tournament Join Strictly the Worst and the Chicago Guild Ball community at Alarmist Brewing for the first annual Second Wind Guild Ball Tournament! Enjoy two days of exciting Guild Ball action and great drinking in the Windy City at this 64-player Season Four tournament. Featuring an incredible prize pool including custom-made Van Value swag, a raffle, and many of the US’s best players from all over the country. Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned veteran, come warm up with a strong beer and test out the fourth season of Guild Ball! DATE: December 15th-16th, 2018 LOCATION: Alarmist Brewing Taproom, 4055 W. Peterson Avenue, Chicago, IL 60646 PLAYERS: Hard cap at 64! COST: $30 / person Payable at: paypal.me/VincentCurkov/30 Pay above via PayPal to be registered on Longshanks! RULES: Most up-to-date copy of the Regional Cup Document HOUSING: Hotel block is being negotiated and will be confirmed and added soon! SWAG: Every player who participates will be competing for prizes for placing, best-in-guild, wooden spoon, and more, many of which will be CUSTOM MADE by Pat “Van Value” Van Valzah. Every player will also be entered into a prize raffle! FOOD: Saturday will have a catered lunch after round one! Sunday players will be on their own for finding lunch. There are several nearby places that will deliver to the brewery. LINKS: Longshanks: www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1344 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/434815553681222/ Forum: http://forums.steamforged.com/topic/42403-second-wind-chicago-64-man-tournament/ SCHEDULE: Saturday Registration 10:00 AM Round One 11:00 AM Lunch Break 1:00 PM Round Two 2:00 PM Round Three 4:00 PM Round Four 6:00 PM Sunday Round Five 10:30 AM Lunch Break 12:30 PM Round Six 1:00 PM Awards!!! 3:00 PM
  2. We've seen a few discussions about how to resolve the interaction between Second Wind and Cloak of Rats. Situation: Scalpel has previous given Pelage Second Wind and Pelage's activation ends. In what order are Cloak of Rats and Second Wind resolved? Ruling: Both Second Wind and Cloak of Rats trigger at the end of an activation (the beginning of step 3 of the activation sequence). As they both occur at the same timing step they may be resolved in any order the Controlling Player chooses. However, the Enemy models in the Cloak of Rats's aura at the time the Trait is triggered are the ones who will be affected. The Controlling Player is able to resolve the Second Wind Jog first, but when Cloak of Rats is resolved it would be from where Pelage was originally positioned. In this situation you should measure the 2" aura to see which models will be affected, move Pelage, then resolve the Cloak of Rats. In most cases we would suggest resolving the Cloak of Rats first, but in some cases you may not want to e.g. if a model with Overheat or Noxious Death was in the 2" aura and taking 3 damage would cause them to suffer the taken-out condition, you could Jog Pelage away and then resolve Cloak of Rats to avoid Pelage taking the resulting damage. Conversely, should an enemy model engaging Pelage suffer the taken-out condition due to Cloak of Rats damage first, Pelage could Jog away using Second Wind without suffering a parting blow.
  3. Spigot activates and puts up Time’s Called Quaff is within 4’’ of Spigot Quaff activates and puts second wind on himself Quaff jogs at +2/+2 mov due to Time’s Called If this advance ends with him more than 5’’ from Spigot does he still benefit from Time’s Called for the advance caused by second wind? Quaff started an advance within Time’s Called which is the only requirement for the +2 and there is no duration specified by Time’s Called other than that of the heroic play. While similar to the Cover of Darkness question covered in the FAQ thread I’d appreciate an official clarification, especially in the case that there is an implicit “for the duration of the advance” as it’s rather ambiguous at the moment.
  4. I think i know the answer just double checking: Unnatural Stamina The next time this model uses Second Wind this turn it does so without spending Influence. Next time as the next one (2nd) after spending influence on the 1st second wind or just the next one after spending the 1 mp for unnatural stamina? Should be the 2nd option right?
  5. veneratedaniel

    Second wind

    Hey just wondering after reading up on the masons missile tactic and looking at second wind, i don't really see how it works, cause you have to activate second wind at the end of the activation ? so would that not just kill the missile right there and then ? cause its at the end of the activation, so do the moves do any inf spending ball kicking attacking and then use the second wind ? Thanks
  6. Is a model with the Second Wind play affected by it after Puppet Master has been used upon it?