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Found 10 results

  1. Tasku

    S4 Skatha

    http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/season-4-skatha She seems amazing! Season 4 looks really promising!
  2. Blacksmith Players! I released my Season 4 in 4 minutes today. I hope you guys enjoy it or at least find it useful. -Vincent Join me as I delve into each new guild and give you a 4 minute-ish rundown on whats new. This episode we are featuring the Blacksmiths Guild. Contribute to the channel on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheCurkov Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ The GBG Logo was designed by Dano Amonette. His Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/deadpoolxanko/?hl=en
  3. Nykolae

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    Hi all! Upcoming Wednesday, we'll get the full spoiler for our team! Wednesday 3rd of October – Mason’s Guild – Reviewed by the Singled Out podcast featuring Bryce Johnston Can't wait!
  4. Come on down to Board in Brum this Saturday and try out this awesome game from Steamforged. Demo games available all day.No previous experience, models or dice needed. We have all you need to play! Say hello to season 4, an excellent time to get started with the game. Open to both newbies and experienced players, but the aim is to get more people into this awesome game!
  5. I understand that to win the draft's #1 pick what really matters is the amount of games submitted. But to also ensure that the fishermen get what they need, in my opinion, i must convince others that my picks are good. My philosophy when it comes to the draft is to get players that do things for our guild that we don't already have. So players that are unique to us and allow us to do new things, rookies who seem do what another guild player already does seems redundant to me. I know that it wouldn't be a "waste" of a pick, i just would rather broaden our surroundings as much as we can while still having the strongest football game. None of my picks are finalized during the making of this post, so i would like to here what others think about it and try to convince me to change who i vote for. Honestly i think that the fish are a very popular guild already and will only get more so do to some of the rule changes. If we don't get #1 we could be some where in the top 5 i think, but i will focus on our top 3 picks. The fishermen are a very aggressive and attack oriented guild which fits my personal play style a lot. So i think we have all the tools we need already when it comes to ball scoring and ball retrieval, so what we need is more supportive players. Cutlass - The lass is my first choice because of her goalie position. I know that looking at other guild’s goalies none of them are good at actually stopping goals but in reality the point of the goal keeper in this game is to just make it difficult to get a goal by getting a striker to take a extreme position and/or spending more resources than needed for a goal normally. S4 changes are really football focused and we need a defense to reflect that. I know we have one of the strongest football games but if we are behind a goal early we could quickly just be feeding the enemy team another goal immediately and not having a soild defense to stop them from winning. Cutlass will help us slow the enemy team down with her passive abilities so we can get the ball back. Also with momentous damage being taken away from us she probably won’t do much in the way of damage but it would still be nice to have another player who could have a 3 damage somewhere on their playbook. I think we have all the offensive players we need and like the old saying goes “Defense wins championships.” Kami - Not everyone on our team needs to be a threat with the ball at there feet, and with the lost of Union players i think having a ranged support player will be a nice thing to have moving forward. Hag has great movement options and both Sirens enable us to get the ball off of players that have already actived or just holding on to the ball. What i would like to see from Kami is using those pistols to weaken the opposition to make them easier to hit and in return snatching the ball away or even taking a player out. Currently we have only Shark and the Sakanas with debuff plays, and Kami might be able to do the same from at a distance before we engage. Obviously I don’t know that she will have for character plays but if we land her I doubt SFG will allow range damage in our guild so debuffs will be the way to go along side another player who can get the ball off someone from afar. Gaffer - Now i know most will blow off the idea of a rookie in the "coach" position, like i did, but hear me out. Looking at all of our players in guild we have a greedy team, almost everyone needs 2 or more INF to get their job done. The only player helping the team with 0 INF allocated is Hag, we could really use a model who could give us something with having to spend little to nothing on them. It will be really difficult to nail down what Gaffer could do for us being that it is a very new position with only vHonor as a example. She does allow the Farmer to relocate their harvest-markers, which i admit isn't much because most Farmer coaches know how to position them, but it can come in handy for them. For the fish i can see him bringing us Confindence, or maybe the ability to dodge for free, bonus gang out TAC, the list could go on. I don't want Gaffer be a oversight because of the possible passive and unexciting playstyle. He could be a very good sleeper choice if our favorites are taken.
  6. smashed247

    Indirect S4 Egret spoiler

    In today's blog post Salvo's season 4 card was revealed and in doing so the updated version of Swift Strikes was announced as follow: "During this model's activation, when it damages one or more enemy models it may make a 2" dodge." this change piqued my intertest because of how it affects Egret assuming her S4 version still has the above character trait. A minor tidbit but I think the people here would be as exited as I am to know this.
  7. Wild Rose

    Season 4 wish listing

    with season 4 on the horizon got me thinking of what I would like to see for Blacksmiths in season 4. first on my list is that master of the forge gives +1/+2 influence making the captain 4/5 inf. this would put the blacksmiths on the average amount of 13 influence whilst still keeping the master apprentice 3/3 and 1/4(3) split. whilst I don't think any of the player cards need changing I would like to split the masters legendary plays in two, one of which is captain only, instead of one combined one. I feel this will make things clearer to new plays and also opens up the possibility for some of the master only parts of the legendary plays to be heroic plays instead. what do you think of my list and what do you want to see in season 4 for blacksmiths?
  8. With the season 4 Play Test event coming up has got me thinking of possible changes to Seasoned Brisket with her move to the order. One of the things I wold really like to see changed on seasoned Brisket's card is "route one". I feel it is a very restrictive play with a high cost and likelihood of failing. I would really like it to change to target self "immediately make a jog directly towards the model in possession of the ball marker" this stops the possible wast of influence as it can't miss and opens up more options to be used when your team has the ball. the second thing I would like is a rework of her play book. I would like to see the inclusion of a momentous tackle double dodge on her 4th column. I did want to remove "with aplomb" for "balls gone" and for the double guild ball symbol to be moved to column 3 but now that seasoned spigot is out I think that is unlikely to happen. as the "balls" gone is unlikely to happen, I fell that she could do with a momentous push dodge on her 3rd column to help with the fact that she is a 1" melee zone striker. the last thing I thick she could do with is to increase her kick state to a 4/8. the back of her card is fine, except maybe unpredictable movement but thats more of an issue of how that rule works with her 1" melee zone. what do you guy's think? does she need a change or is she fine as she is? what would you like to see changed and what do you think of my suggestions?
  9. Redmaw


    Potential leaked spoiler which may or may not have something to do with the Steamcon event.. #saveamber
  10. Just watched the Vengeance Q&A and thought I'd post up a few notes for anyone who hasn't had time to watch it yet ... SEASON 4 TO LAUNCH NOVEMBER 2018 Season 4 should launch at Steamcon 2018. Season 2 was cut short as Steamforged switched from an April-April cycle (matching the Salute wargames show in London) to a November-November (Steamcon) cycle. They want to give Season 3 a bit more time to settle in before jumping forward. Mat Hart: "It gives us more time for you guys to enjoy the current meta ... What we actually don't want to do is rush out effectively another season because it would just feel too short again." But there will be "regular releases" in the meantime. BLACKSMITHS ON PRE-RELEASE AT GENCON The new Blacksmiths guild will be available on pre-release at Gencon (August 17-20) and then likely full retail release around Steamcon time (November-December). The price is estimated at around $50 (somewhere around £40 at current exchange rates). There will be story material about the blacksmiths, possibly in the box. The blacksmiths won't be available on the webstore at Gencon time. FARMERS SET FOR RETAIL RELEASE IN AUGUST Rich Loxam: "I can guarantee ... 90%ish ... they're going to be out in August." They'll be the same price as the blacksmiths, around $50 for six models, goal, terrain, tokens etc. THE STORY SO FAR They are still working on making a combined version of all the background material. This might be an ebook release with profits to charity. ROOKIES They tested various ideas for rookies, but "they had such a destabilizing effect on the balance of the game that right now they're on ice, almost permanently," according to Mat Hart. LUCKY Lucky, first exhibited in the display case at Salute in April, is a dual guild player for brewers and masons. He lost his arm in an accident at the quarry, then spent a lot of time drowning his sorrows in the pub. It would be a promotional figure for events or organized play packs, such as to reward players taking part in a league. "His name is ironic," says Sherwin. STEAMFORGED NEW GAME They are working hard on the new Steamforged skirmish game (first announced Steamcon 2016). This will be a "gritty, high fantasy" setting, with lots of explosions! Expect to see some events around this at Steamcon 2017, for example there might be play-throughs of the new game. WORLD FINALS IN THE US The Guild Ball world finals this year will be held at Steamcon USA (December 1-3, Chicago) not Steamcon UK. BIG LEAGUE UPDATE There will be a future update to the Big League covering new guilds such as farmers. BROKEN TOAD BUSTS Steamforged is working with Broken Toad to produce a bust of Veteran Rage, with other characters to follow. TERRAIN PACK This is in manufacturing and likely to come out September/October time. GAME BALANCE Steamforged is "very happy" with the current balance of the game, according to Jamie Perkins, and was pleased to see a good spread of guilds represented at the Vengeance tournament. NEW WAYS TO PLAY Mat Hart: "There is more than one new way of playing Guild Ball being developed right now. There is a brand new way of playing Guild Ball and there is a new way of playing the existing Guild Ball that we believe is the next level up in terms of raw fun."