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Found 43 results

  1. Forum! Episode 16 is finally out! Sorry for the delay but this episode comes with some big quality improvements. I have fixed the new terrain intro so that it is less vomit-inducing, I have added a new intro, and a new logo. I was also featured on Beard Minis' latest episode where I play this same matchup but with a different captain. Let me know what you guys think and enjoy the match! Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheCurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Music: Epic - Bensound.com Beard Minis Feature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OACpS8sBuE4&t=403s
  2. First match report of Season 3: Hunters vs Brewers! Jaz and I were super excited for the changes in Season 3 and we shot a super quick match report ;) Not a serious game but we give a full review at the end and plenty of the new rules come into play also!! Excuse the rule mistakes I am sure plenty exist :D If you like the content make sure you subscribe and follow we are going to bring plenty more reports in the near future. -Mike
  3. Hello all! with the announcement of the farmers guild, I've been looking into what I'd like as a future guild, I came up with the idea of the Bankers Guild. below is a blog post about what I think they would look and play like. Do you think they would work? And what are you hoping for? http://hall-of-legends.blogspot.com/2016/01/the-guild-hall-my-wished-for-guild.html
  4. Greetings forum dwellers! This is the eighth episode of Run the Length a gameplay commentary series for guild ball. Join me as I breakdown an Alchemists vs Brewers game against Pat VanValue explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match. Pat is one of the USA's WTC Team members as well as a host of Strictly The Worst Guild Ball Podcast. Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Pat's Twitter: @PatVanV https://twitter.com/PatVanV
  5. Greetings forum-ites! I am back with another game play commentary for my series Run the Length. This one is against Pat VanValue from Strictly the worst. Can I break my losing streak vs the Strictly the Worst guys find out below. Let me know what you guys thought about the game and tell me about my mistakes in the comments. Go subscribe over on Youtube if you want to know when new content gets put up and while you are over there hit the like button it helps the channel a lot. The Plugs: Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Pat's Twitter: @PatVanV https://twitter.com/PatVanV
  6. My Season 3 first glance. Some of these teams won't perform well in everyone's hands. Some of the teams at lower levels have matchup advantages against higher level teams. 1. Alchemists: Both Captains are Tier 1. The roster has zero weaknesses. They are fast, can score, and can get two Take Outs, if that's even necessary with VetKat. They play the lock down, condition game effortlessly. 2. Butchers: Both Captains are extremely good. The whole team can rip opposing teams to shreds, they are pretty fast, and they can score reliably. I'm thinking SFG really wanted to sell some Meathook & Boar models. 3. Engineers: These guys are going to make people's head spin. Some people's heads may pop off revealing cogs & gears. 4. Morticians: Obulus is still a God, just with a little less Influence and health. Misdirection is a new toy for him. It won't be surprising to see Bonesaw trying to score from 2 blocks away. We may actually see the emergence of Scalpel in this Season, she's got game. 5. Union: Minx, Harry, & those murdering Captains, they are going to cause problems. 6. Fishermen: I think they are Corsair's team at higher levels. The balance between the right level of beats and scoring is tricky to keep focused. Shark will still reign supreme over slower opponents that can't pin him down, but Momentous beat downs are needed to win in this game at higher levels. 7. Masons: Solid captains, most first turn shenanigans have been neutered. Tower & Harmony are playable. Not a lot of tourney roster flexibility. You are basically going to see Mallet, Tower, Brick, vHarmony, Marbles & Minx. Low defense continues to plague this Guild. 8. Brewers: I think Tapper is for fun beats & Esters keeps you competitive. The good news is that the roster meshes well, because like Masons, both Captains can use the same players to good effect with Mash, Stoker, Hooper & Spigot as their core bullies. 9. Hunters: I'm not sure they have a Captain right now...just kind of 4 Players with 2 really good Mascots...
  7. LeadDiceandBeers


    Crucible's virulent presence amplifies her team's condition game, making fires burn with greater fury and poisons even deadlier. Her caustic onslaught cannot be contained, thanks to her nimble footwork. Slipping past whatever comes her way, Crucible is toxic threat, sure to corrode the opposing team's morale. Crucible gives Alchemist coaches greater damage-potential in their line-up, by making burning and poison effects more dangerous. Her exciting twist on the Alchemist's condition game will appeal to veteran coaches who want to limit their opponent's strategies by draining their momentum.
  8. LeadDiceandBeers


    Locus is the latest mechanica creation from Pin Vice’s workshop and the next evolution of Guild Ball player. Able to remotely attract and or repel the ball from vast distances, this mech is a relentless force on the pitch. Given the smallest opening, it will tackle, pass, or score with calculated precision that will bring the crowd to their feet, cheering for more. Any Engineer fans who love the mechanica theme (or robots) will want Locus - after Locus' release, Engineer coaches will be able to field an all-mech team! Its strong kick skills makes Locus a great addition for Engineer coaches eager to step up their ball game.
  9. LeadDiceandBeers

    Heralds of the Winter's Moon

    Light on their feet and menacing as the cold, this pack of hunters brings the sharp sting of winter to the sport. Their fearsome captain, Skatha, commands the pitch with slick footwork and a passing game as unrelenting as winter's howling winds. Opponents had best be wary with the ball against her pack. One misstep and their watchful protector Snow will fetch the ball and pass it to their feral striker, Ulfr. This lone huntsman lives for the rush of an ambush, targeting prey who stand between him and the goal post. To ensure their striker makes the shot, Veteran Hearne lies in wait, ready to ensnare his prey and show them the cruelty of winter. His furs now matted with frost, Hearne proves even the most ardent supporters of the Sun Father can be swayed by the Winter Queen. The Heralds of the Winter's Moon Expansion includes one metal model (assembly required) and stat card for each of the following: Skatha — Captain (30mm) Snow — Mascot (30mm) Ulfr — Player (30 or 40mm) - conflicting info Veteran Hearne — Player (40mm)


    Just got back from Adepticon and spent the whole day getting Crucible ready for the table. I can't wait to get some games in with her,
  11. chammers

    Kicking off with Cogs

    Afternoon, fellow Engineers enthusiasts! I've been running a lot of Pin Vice recently (she won me a local 8 man tourney this past weekend, so huzzah!) and have been enjoying her and the Engineers as a whole. One thing I have been struggling with is kicking off. So my question(s) to everyone is what do you for your first turn when kicking off? Who do you kick with? How do you set up? What do you try to accomplish in that first round of activations? Thanks for your input!
  12. LeadDiceandBeers

    New Union Captain

    A standout player among the cutthroats of the Union, this new Captain is a leader to be reckoned with. Despite being at odds with her team's ruthless villainy, she can always rally her team, pushing them to achieve epic feats of teamwork and dominate the scoreboard. Easily the most gifted striker to play for the Union, her motives remain a compelling mystery. This new Union Captain gives her guild newfound scoring potential that Union coaches have been eagerly awaiting. Her versatile support style and skills as a striker work with any Union roster, so make sure to order enough to meet demand. The name isn't given.
  13. When making the Season 3 Long bomb it changed from ignoring terrain and models by placing then standard-scatter, towards a long pass that can't be intercepted. Was the way a pass interacts with terrain currently taken into consideration when making season 3 long bomb and just elected to not ignore terrain?
  14. Hey all, Last weekend I went to the Las Vegas Open, which was hosting the Guild Ball Western US Regional Championships. I still haven't had very much S3 practice, but was hoping that I could scrape through to the 8 man championship depending on the size and strength of field--and of course with a little luck. Due to not having much time off I only scheduled to attend Friday and Saturday of the Open, with my plan being to play casual Warmachine on Saturday if I didn't qualify for the Championship. Qualifier Round Lineup: Ballista, Pin Vice, Mainspring, Velocity, Hoist, Ratchet, Compound, Colossus, Gutter I took both captains to keep people guessing, though I had no real inclination to play Pin Vice. Maybe into Fish, but for fluff and nostalgia reasons I prefer Ballista. Mainspring is more efficient than Mother even though he is less good at retrieving/killing the ball and enabling Hoist jank. I wanted to not think about giving my Mascot influence. Velocity and Hoist are an excellent scoring duo; Velocity is an excellent striker anyway, and Hoist is great when taken with her. Hoist also pairs with Ratchet for a robust gunline, while Ratchet brings Tooled Up and Fixer on top of Blast Earth. Compound and Colossus are the in-faction reach bros, and Compound is a battery which I love. For my Union spot, I wanted more reach, so it had to be Gutter or Harry. Everyone has been taking Harry, and I can't imagine not doing so with Pin Vice--so naturally I took Gutter. Actually, @Maurice just told me new Chain Grab was fun, and I wanted to confirm. --- The field was pretty small with only 17 players. With 4 rounds, this meant the 4-0, all 3-1s, and the top 2-2s would make it through to the top 8 for the next day. Round 1 vs Don's Union Ballista, Mainspring, Velocity, Colossus, Compound, Ratchet vRage, Coin, Mist, Gutter, Harry, Minx Don is from my local (California) meta, though we'd never played Guild Ball against each other. He was rocking vRage only. I didn't want to drop Gutter due to Usurper paranoia which was probably unfounded. Velocity kicked off. Harry retrieved the ball and used some creative fire to stop me from scoring right off the bad. Mist was on my far left. Ratchet and Ballista did some bombing (with a Deadbolt into Minx too, I think) but Rage was very cagey. Compound put up Odour. Mist made a goal run but the positioning was such that if he used Acrobatics he wouldn't have the inf to kick--so he risked the Rush Keeper. Compound stripped the ball, then Mist took it back. Velocity went last, took the ball, and gave it to Mainspring for safe keeping. I won the roll and had my team dogpile Mist for murder reasons. That went swimmingly, as Velocity, Compound, Ratchet, and Ballista were all able to put hands on Mist. Then I realized that Gutter was staring down the whole clump. Whoops. At least Mine Field was up. This didn't go as badly as it could have; due to positioning of the clump, only Ballista and Ratchet took significant damage. Minx went first to get some Snared up then Gutter + Red Fury and other things blasted Ratchet apart and left Ballista very hurt. Velocity escaped to near the goal but got engaged by Coin. My momentum was low, but Mainspring put a snapshot through Velocity (3 dice needing a 5, then 3 dice needing 2 4s) which succeeded! Ball went out to where Mist came back on. Ballista died to Rage. There was some fighting back and forth. Another turn and Velocity is still clinging for dear life even though Rage has beaten her up. Ballista comes back, and he, Colossus, and Compound get in an epic fight with Gutter, Rage, Minx, and Harry that sees Colossus, Minx, and Harry taken off the pitch. Mist scores. When the dust settles on the turn, the score is 10-10 (1 goal 3 takeouts apiece) with the Union up 3-2 on momentum. I win the roll. Colossus comes back on to engage Mist, who is still on 6 health. Ballista charges in for the kill. 12-10 victory That was a hell of a tone-setter. Round 2 vs Garrett's Alchemists Ballista, Mainspring, Gutter, Colossus, Compound, Ratchet Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Calculus, Mercury, vKalalyst So in this game, I lost the starting initiative roll, but I think that was the only initiative roll I lost. We had a handful of even rolls and even a deficit which I won. That really defined a lot of what happened. After a rather cagey opening with Smoke's team having the ball, Ballista and Ratchet shot Katalyst and Gutter and Colossus went deep in hope for a good second turn. The initiative was even so that was a big gamble, but it paid off. That being the case, Gutter Chain Grabbed Mercury off of Katalyst and dropped a few Scything Blows on Kat, Mercury, and Smoke. My opponent tried to rectify the Katalyst situation and got some momentum and health back. He'd left the ball on Smoke, though, so Colossus stripped it and scored. Ballista got up in the business and punched Katalyst to death; it wasn't long, of course, before Gutter and Ballista were both Poisoned and Burning. I loaded them up, because even though they were deep and conditioned, Colossus was positioned to stop Katalyst with a good charge if he came on too close. As it happened, Katalyst played a bit cagey and came on within 4" of the edge of the pitch--my opponent didn't know about Unexpected Arrival. With Katalyst handled a second time, Gutter and Ballista went about fighting Smoke and Mercury. Calculus and Ratchet were having a weird little tango of their own while Vitriol crept down my right flank with the ball. I was sort of hoping for the goal so Ballista could score with legendary, but ultimately Vitriol lacked the distance when she failed to stick the needed number of dodges off of Mainspring. Instead, with the help of Colossus and some bad attack dice on my opponent's part, Ballista and Gutter pulped Smoke and then Mercury. 12-0 victory Round 3 vs Nick's Masons Ballista, Mainspring, Gutter, Colossus, Compound, Ratchet Honour, Marbles, Granite, Mallet, Harmony, Tower This was a grind. I kicked off with Colossus and used an early opportunity to Chain Grab/Scything Blow Tower off of Granite. This led to a pile on Granite and Granite's Demise, followed by the monkey and Honour taking out Colossus. In this game, I noticed a major pattern against the Masons: I'd get a bunch of momentum at the start of a turn if I was lucky, but that momentum advantage would evaporate over the course of the turn as the Masons generate a *lot* once their people are lined up. I got a bit tunnel-visioned in trying to kill Tower as my opponent had the ball nicely tucked away on Harmony. We're talking Gutter, Ballista, Ratchet attacks, and I think even overclocked Compound up in the business. Ultimately, a weird opportunity came up when Tower was on 4 health (why couldn't it have been 3? :'( ) and Ballista was in range to sprint onto Harmony, who was in cover and about 11" from the goal. Ballista shot Tower to put him on 1 and on the floor, then used his marvelous MT on a 1 to get the ball off Harmony, legendary, and score. He then Knee-Slidered to engage Tower. Tower died, but so did Gutter and Ballista. The scrum thickened, with Granite inching toward the pile (now consisting of Colossus, Compound, Marbles, Honour, and Mallet, with Harmony off to one side with the ball and Ratchet and Mainspring staring from the other). In the following turn, I was losing the fight, but my opponent's clock was low. I had a massive derp moment in which I moved Compound to get away from the monkey. This was doubly dumb as 1) the monkey hadn't activated and 2) I wanted right into Granite's threat. Long story short, Harmony comes on cleanup duty and the turn ends with Compound dead and Honour, Marbles, Mallet, Granite, Harmony, Colossus, and Mainspring all getting poisoned. Harmony and Marbles clear because he has momentum to spare. Opponent wins init, times out during Honour's activation (but kills Colossus), then scores with Harmony. 9-12 loss Lesson learned here that even with Gutter, the momentum math just doesn't work out for Engineers trying to straight outfight Masons. Need the ball and some denial, but more on this later... Round 4 vs Owen's Engineers Ballista, Mainspring, Gutter, Colossus, Compound, Velocity Ballista, Mainspring, Hoist, Salvo, Compound, Velocity In a match we were both dreading (sort of), I face off with @MilitaryCoo on a new continent. We'd last played in Bristol at Clash of the Guilds 2, he rightly beat me due to my traitorous playing of Pin Vice. None of that this time, I say! The tone of the match was an interesting one in that the winner would definitely qualify, but the loser still might. We both expected a depressing denial-oriented grind... ...which was not what happened at all. Instead, it was an utter shootout--the kind with the ball, not guns. I received for the first time all day, but due to some goofy play and being scared of Salvo (who had kicked) the ball wound up on Gutter in my deployment zone at turn's end. Colossus was up his team's gut, but his Ballista, Hoist, and Velocity were all up in my face. Our respective Mainsprings durdled around on my left flank. Initiative was even going into turn 2. He won. First, his Velocity scored. Easy. I sent the ball right to Colossus, who was just able to sprint onto Owen's Compound for a score of my own. He sent the ball to vaguely near Salvo, and Salvo, being the mensch he is, Tethered the ball and put another in. I then sent the ball to my Ballista, who bobbled up, Deadbolted Owen's Ballista, and scored with legendary. 8-8 just like that, only a half hour into the game total. Hoist and my Velocity were engaging each other, but Hoist was too far from his Velocity to be able to take Acrobatics--and besides, he only had 2 inf. My Velocity had 3 I think. Seeing too much risk in putting the ball in the middle of the field again, Owen sent the ball to my left--the Mainspring territory. It landed where, had his Mainspring not activated immediately, my Mainspring could have picked up the ball and sent it to Colossus for a snapshot. His Mainspring recovered the ball and my Mainspring moved to engage and force a parting blow should his Mainspring want to pass to Salvo. My Velocity was too far to stop this. Basically, whichever Mainspring could win the ball would be able to pass to the respective scorer and end the game. His Mainspring couldn't get away from mine to pass to Salvo directly, but he could pass to space for Salvo to clean up over two activations (though I didn't see this at the time). Thinking Velocity and Compound couldn't really stop him, I had them and Ballista engage his Ballista. Gutter got enough Scything Blows to put his Ballista and Velocity in a scary situation which required answering. Owen won initiative again and chose to go first. He could risk walking his Mainspring away from my Mainspring for the snap shot, or he could save Ballista (who was on 5 health) and Velocity from Gutter. He chose the latter. My Mainspring had 3 inf, but over two 2-die attacks and one 3-die attack failed to get the tackle on his Mainspring . His Mainspring passed to space. With no way to stop his Salvo, my Ballista hail mary'd his Ballista. Owen had no spare momentum for a counter-attack, and my Ballista rolled utter fire on his five 8- and 9-dice swings. I think we saw he missed 5 or 6 dice total out of five attacks. Like a boss! Ballista killed his Doppelganger, Salvo scored (boo!), and that was that. 10-12 loss Awesome game--much more interesting than expected--and to have so much rest on the Mainspring battle was hilarious. In retrospect, I could have sent Velocity or Compound over by Salvo to be ready to interrupt the Tether Ball double activation play. Lesson... learned? With a 2-2 record and 43 points for, I just barely scraped into 8th place, placing me in the Championship the next day! Western US Regional Championship LINK
  15. Episode 3 of Run the Length is up! Hope you guys like this one! This week I am playing against my practice partner Nick who's Masons beat both me and Alex Botts at the Grognard Games tourney last month. I would also love feedback on how the community would like their match reports. Everything from camera angle to what kind of overlays you guys want let me know!
  16. byronthebear

    Byron coaches the Engineers

    First and foremost i should apologize to Engineers as a whole for giving up on the guild so early in my career. The Engineers was the first team i picked up when i started playing this game over a year ago, and stayed with them up until January of this year because i wasn't happy with the team and felt the other guilds were stronger. I should have stuck around to at least play Pin Vice for more than 2 games then move to the Union. Sorry. For those of you that do not already know i am based in Tampa, FL and i come from Armada Games. Where i started playing GB in August of 2015, i am a coach that loves to compete in tournaments and consider myself a good coach as well. I hangout and talk lot to the host of the TKO podcast Dan and Steve. They are both good coaches in my eyes and we have all made a pact to play new guilds for season 3. Since i didn't give the Engineers the respect they deserve they will be my team this season and i plan to do my best to get as many wins under my belt with them. So this thread will be where i post as many game reports as possible, that means videos, pictures, and written reports. I want to this to track my thoughts of the team, tactics, tech, and where the game is going in season 3 itself. Consider the time of this post until the date of the S3 cards are release in January as my pre-season, where i am learning the team again when the new cards are public on the 28th. Armada Games runs a tournament every month at the store and will be hosting a Big League as well (It might be multiple during the year). So if i do forget to post casual games know that the tournament & league games will have a report. It's time for the Engineers to raise to the top table and show the rest of the world that we are not to be underestimated anymore. Please feel free to comment and ask questions on anything, i would really like the feedback.
  17. LeadDiceandBeers

    Season 3 Rulebook

    I thought this artwork deserved it's own thread: Who is 'Clawhands' fighting?
  18. ncw103

    Game Length?

    Hey everyone, I know brewers are a late game team, and with the teams I can make (I have: Tapper, hooper, scum, oSpigot, Friday, Harry the Hat, Stave. Mash is in the mail.) my games seem to be really drawn out. Today I was playing the engineers with tournament clock and would have certainly ran out of time with my brewers. I really like the brewers although my games just take sooo long. Is that because of my line ups? Have you all had short/normal length games using brewers? Are ester's games faster?

    Comments on smart design

    I have read every complaint on the Masons and Brewers forums in the past few days and this is for all those people who all the want to do is complain give it a rest.These 2 guilds are probably the best designed in the game can literally play both aspects of the game on equal footing are they union or butchers no are they blatantly obvious no they require reps and the more you play them the more you are rewarded Right now the boogeyman on the tournament scene are union and butchers the Masons and brewers are not weak in these match ups in the slightest both teams can tank either guild so before you want to tell the world a guild is trash play it against every captain at least Chisel is a great example of receiving hate play her into fish engineers or alchemists she will tear them apart It's 1am here in the Midwest usa and I'm rambling so I will summarize QUIT COMPLAINING AND GET GOOD
  20. Guild Ball is a sport for the masses, where glory is won and lost with the kick of a ball. Each season, new coaches emerge and forge their path to greatness. Compelled by the call of the pitch and the promise of glory, one of these coaches will earn the title of World Champion. Whoever you are, know this: your journey begins today. Are you ready? We have big news today for our Guild Ball community: your journey to glory, fame, and amazing prizes begins now with the 2017 North American Guild Ball™ Regional Championships! In response to the rapid growth of the North American Guild Ball community, we’re proud to introduce a new regional system for 2017. This new tournament system will help us bring the vast communities of Guild Ball coaches together to celebrate the Guild Ball legends who walk among us! This new system is made up of a series of tournaments that let the winners of each region face off on the pitch to put their skills to the test! Here’s what the path to the title of Guild Ball World Champion looks like for 2017: As you can see, your competitive journey to a Regional Championship starts at your local game store with a Regional Qualifier. Winning one of these events will guarantee you a place in a Regional Championship. To get one step closer to the World Championship, you next need to win a Regional Championship, which would give you automatic entry to the North American Championship. The final step toward international acclaim and prestige is the World Championship. Once we have confirmed the locations and dates for the North American Championship and the World Championship, we will release more details! (These championships are likely to be held at either SteamCon USA and/or SteamCon UK.) There are six Regional Championships scheduled throughout the year at various North American gaming conventions, giving you plenty of chances to compete! They are: *Las Vegas Open February 3–5 AdeptiCon March 23–26 Southern Ontario Open May 5–7 Texas Games Con June 2–4 MOM Con June 26–28 NOVA Open August 31 – September 3 GLORY, PRIZES, AND INTERNATIONAL ACCLAIM AWAIT! Each Regional Qualifier and Regional Championship will be stocked full of awesome and exclusive prizes. To top it off, the winner of each Regional Championship will receive free entry to SteamCon USA and automatic entry to the North American Championship Finals. Specific prize details will be announced as we get closer to each event. WHEN AND WHERE ARE REGIONAL QUALIFIERS? We’re currently looking for them! Applications opened today, so if you think your local game store would be a perfect fit, please encourage them to apply at http://steamforged.com/regional-qualifier-applications. If you or someone in your community is running a local event or convention, you are also welcome to apply. (No game clubs will be considered for these events due to the resources needed to accommodate each qualifier! If you have an active club, we recommend coordinating with a local game store.) CANADIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP The Canadian National Championship will take place at Attack-X in British Columbia in September. More details on that event will come in future blogs.
  21. Sidious Mike

    Salt a legitimate goal threat?

    Tried my first Season 3 game today with Fishermen vs Brewers. I took Shark, Salt, Angel, Greyscales, Jac and Sakana. My Opponent took Esters, Scum (Quaff had yet to arrive), Mash, Vet Spigot, Friday and Stoker. I won the roll and elected to receive as I was curious to see if Salt was the legitimate first turn goal threat he seemed to be on paper and boy did he deliver. With a combination of Jac using 'Get over here', Sharks 'Tidal surge' and a 'Where'd they go?' (not needing the pass and move) Salt managed to rocket behind enemy lines to score on my last activation. Talking it over with my opponent afterwards he thought it was a viable strategy, with 2 dice needing a 3+ to score he's quite reliable for that first goal plus if he misses and gets killed I've only given up 1vp. He instead used 'Run the length' to sit himself behind the goal and moderately safe from reprisals (he did get thoroughly walloped the next turn). With the majority of my team around the halfway line at the start of the second turn Shark was in a prime location thanks to an unfortunate kick scatter to recover the ball and score again at the top of turn two, dropping his legendary to slow the other team down. A minor scuffle ensued to try and recover the ball with Vet Spigot making a play on the wings, unfortunately Mash in his eagerness to generate momentum and getting caught up in the joy of yelling "HOWZAT!?!" knocked Jac clear of combat in range to clear the knocked down condition and charge Spigot to tackle the ball and kick to space. Spigot still recovered the ball and sent it to Esters who wound up and kicked a goal for the Brewers. I fed it to Sakana who headed for a relatively empty wing just in time for Salt to give up the ghost at the end of the turn. Now my opponent had the awkward choice as he won initiative. Give me 1 momentum with Sakana in range to smoke, sprint and shoot at goal? or to let me go first when it was possible he could charge Stoker to generate and then still shoot? In the end he elected to go first and Friday just managed a charge and a tackle (countered with a tackle) and then again to recover the ball and kick close enough to Mash for him to snap the ball, my plot card came into effect here forcing a re-roll of the kick scatter to drop it just outside snap to range in between Mash and Spigot. Greyscales attempted to recover from between Mash and Spigots melee zones before 'Where'd they go?'-ing and punching Mash to get himself close enough to Shark to hazard a snapshot for the game. In the end it was a fantastic game with a great opponent which led me to believe that Salt might not be the much maligned mascot he used to be and may now have a legitimate roster slot in a goal focused Fishermen team. I was very happy with the changes to Angel as well being able to Nimble herself for DEF 6 without worrying about Salts positionShe is now a more able striker and tactical advice not tethering her to Shark either I feel she can go wherever she feels the need to, without feeling as though I am missing out. Shark used to be (and still is) a good end of turn 1 goal threat but the downside was you often ended up losing your captain and giving up 2vp, now I feel like Salt is just as viable but with much less risk and if anything, even more range than Shark had. According to some probabilities I found online (so possibly not correct) the odds of a 4+ on 4d6 is 93.75% while the odds of a 3+ on 2d6 is 88.89% which means he is only 5% less likely to score than Shark. I'm interested to hear if anyone else has success or otherwise with Salt under the new Mascot rules. I am cautiously optimistic for the little guy.
  22. Hello, I was wondering if you could use the guild plot Match Fixing to force your opponent to re-roll the Goal Kick scatter? Thanks. Relevant text, emphasis added Match Fixing Requirements The enemy Player resolves a kick-scatter. Rewards The Controlling Player may force the enemy Player to reroll the kick-scatter. This new result may not be rerolled. S3 Rulebook on Goal Kicks There is no need to reset model positions. To resolve a Goal Kick simply centre the ball-marker on a target-spot that is within [10”] of the friendly goal-post and use the kick-scatter rules to determine the ball-marker’s final landing spot.
  23. daner0023


    She hasn't changed so much as the rules around her, and I am wondering as to her viability. 1. Second Wind now only works on the next activation, which means there is no escape after a Chissile. 2. Superior Strategy now allocates Influence, which gives her one less hit. 3. Recovery Level at 9 Health, she can't go Crazy to get below 6 HP to set off Painful Rage after she is Taken Out. She needs help from the opponent to get below 6 without dying. 4. Unlike Harry & Cosset, who also have Crazy and got reduced Playbook lengths, she still has Playbook 7 Columns long, which makes wraps unlikely, unless Painful Rage is active and she's charging. Thoughts or Opinions?
  24. daner0023

    My Favorite Lineups

    One Union per Guild One Unique name per Guild Primary Lineups, without tweaks for matchups or Meta Discuss! Alchemists Midas, Naja, Katalyst, Vitriol, Compound, Mercury Smoke, Naja, Katalyst, Calculus, Mercury, Harry Morticians Obulus, Dirge, Graves, Casket, A&G, Cosset Scalpel, Dirge, Graves, Bonesaw, A&G, Cosset Butchers Ox, Princess, Boiler, vBrisket, Boar, Meathook Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, Boar, Harry Masons Honour, Marbles, Mallet, Brick, Tower, vHarmony Hammer, Wrecker, Mallet, Brick, Tower, Minx Brewers Esters, Quaff, Spigot, Mash, Stoker, Harry Tapper, Scum, Spigot, Hooper, Stoker, Mash Union vRage, Strongbox, A&G, Harry, Minx, Gutter Blackheart, Strongbox, A&G, Harry, Minx, Mist Fishermen Corsair, Tentacles, Sakana, Siren, A&G, Jac Shark, Tentacles, Sakana, Siren, Greyscales, Jac Hunters Theron, Fahad, Minx, Jaecar, Chaska, Seenah Engineers Ballista, Mainspring, Salvo, Ratchet, Harry, Hoist Pin Vice, Mainspring, Hoist, Colossus, vVelocity, Compound
  25. Mat Hart has just done an interview with Battlehammer and revealed the changes to Tower and Stoker. Tower will now have Tooled Up instead of Shutout, Defend The Ground is an AoE and his Heroic confers Sturdy. For Stoker, Molotov now drops an AoE in 6", costs 1 INF, only confers Burning but is NOT once per turn (4 INF for 4 3" AoEs? Want him for my Smoke team...) but also Flame Jet is dropping to 2 INF. Mercury has Flame Jet. Clearly, the Flame Jet change will be the same for Mercury, so suddenly Mercury leaps up the priority list for me. If this is the only change, now a stacked Mercury can do 6 damage at 6" range. Start him next to Flask and you can use the 5th INF for a sprint to close on those weakened targets. Previously at range, we needed 5 INF to deal 5 DMG. 4 INF for 6 DMG is a significant increase in power. Will he even keep the Flask assist/bonus INF rule? Could he be moving to 2/4 or does that make him just too good compared to where he was? What else might they change to balance out this buff? I'm also wondering what else they might change for Alchemists. Masons and Brewers have already got significant, game-changing alterations to some of their players (Flint potentially losing Super-Shot will alter how I will be playing with him). What might be in-store for Alchemists? I suspect Midas will have some changes to reduce his damage output, but if they nerf True Rep, we storm SFG HQ with fire and fury.