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Found 14 results

  1. psychogeek

    Help with Morts

    So I used to play fish then decided to try the guild I liked the look of most, morticians. I didn’t want to play obulus because EVERYONE played him (season 1&2). I instead picked up scalpel, vgraves, vileswarm (I have a thing for rats) bonesaw, casket, and brainpan & memory had just come out. I also picked up ghast and am ordering the resin obulus box now. I got ratcatchers (again.. rats) and am waiting for hemlock, but I would like some feedback on a competitive group. Here is my plan on the ten, reasons to follow. Please help me understand your preferences and give me tips! Scalpel Vilswarm Vgraves vHemlock Casket Ghast Skulk Pelage oGraves Dirge Bonesaw??? I love scalpel and for now she is my plan to run as main captain. I love vileswarms idea and I don’t think he is as bad as it seems, at least not so bad as to auto pick dirge so I want him to be my mascot. If I use him I feel obligated to use vgraves. vGraves I actually like as he is a bit annoying and can stack with casket time. now Bp&M have been cool but I am terrible at using them. Need some help. I love the models as want to get better at them Casket and ghast depend on who I am facing. Ghast is against less brawlly teams and casket against those who like to get stuck in dont care about cosset with scalpel. again using vhemlock seems so autoinclude with scalpel skulk is the best anti-football model on the game imo. He sticks to strikers rediculously well and gives tons of problems. pelage is just awesome. The dilemma mechanic, good damage vs makes, and singled out. At the moment I have been using rats so I understand using her better than the puppet. oGraves I see as when I want to really focus on damage. Play dirge with him? Dirge I can’t decide what he brings that pelage doesn’t really. Help? I love bonesaw model but I haven’t been good at playing ball with morts.. should I fit him in and if so who to not use and how to best use him where? I have been re-learning the game through ratcatchers, having a great time and actually doing decently well. Stil need help though. What should I play when and what should I not?
  2. The_Question_NL

    Tormented Agony

    Hi, Sorry if this is a double post just wanted to verify something. First post: Tormented Agony is stated as: -Target enemy model with al least 1 influence loses 1 influence. Choose an enemy model within 10"of this model that has not yet activated this turn, that model is allocated 1 influence. Now the question(s): When is the target model of the attack a legal target to allocate influence back to? - For example Scalpel attacks a model (with no other models within 10"or at full influence) with 2/4 influence on it that is currently on 4 influence does the model drop to 3/4 and then you can add the model back to 4/4? - or only if it is at 1/4, 2/4 etc? Also do you keep counting the influence allocated? - For example Scalpel attacks a 2/3 model (again with no other models within 10"or at full influence) with 2/3 on it. - Will it start losing influence after a second attack and so on? 1st attack takes it on 3/3 maximum allocated in the total turn and another attack would make it 4/3 maximum allocated in the total turn? Cheers, Jeroen
  3. Reinforced Plating, if used, allows Burnish to ignore the effects of a character play. According to the previous topic on this, effects that impact other models (such as the pulse from Flurry) are not negated. Does this mean that if Scapel uses Tormented Agony on Burnish, and he negates it with Reinforced Plating, the inf is not lost, but Scalpel still needs to allocate influence to a model within 10", thereby 'creating' influence? Can she choose to allocate to Burnish, and if she did would the allocation also be negated?
  4. Reading page 32 of the season three rulebook, both the Sequence of an Attack and the Sequence of a Character Play share step 3. Check for taken-out. Is the entire character play sequence resolved when a character play is triggered from a playbook guildball result? Obviously steps 2.1 through 2.3 are skipped since the character play automatically hits and there's no reason to generate a dice pool. Suppose Gutter charges vSiren and spikes, getting 6 net hits. The union player chooses on the wrap and as her playbook results. First the is resolved, triggering the Scything Blow character play. The 3 damage from this play is enough to reduce vSiren to 0 hit points. Does Escaping Fate trigger here at step 3 of the character play's resolution? If so, is vSiren then taken out by the 1 playbook damage which is resolved second at the end of step 3 of the attack sequence?
  5. In Episode 2 Lance & Dan provide an update on Steamforged’s Union in Chains global event and let you know which guilds are currently winning and throw our two cents on the new models. After news they proceed to do a battle report from a recent Des Moines tournament, Lance played his Blacksmiths and Dan brought Morticians for the first time. Lastly, Lance and Dan combine all of their combined intelligence to figure out Scalpel. The Pitch is a podcast focused on discussing Steamforged’s sport-themed-wargame, Guild Ball. Lance Becker and Dan White are both Iowa coaches who love the game and wanted to promote Guild Ball more in our area as well as give a midwest perspective on tactics and teams. http://museonminis.com/the-pitch-ep-2/
  6. Episode 1 of Don't touch the beard, a light hearted match report available now over at the youtubes.
  7. Pending Forum Suspension

    All Stars Game

    Here is a fun one for you. Drop 2 Influence from each captain. Now drop any Legendary Play. Now make a team with no captain and any mascot you want. Who is your team? EDIT: To add a few constraints and clear up vagueness. Captains can now play where ever and are considered "friendly guild models." You may still use any mascot. Other normal team building rules apply.
  8. The_Question_NL

    Scalpel vs Obulus match-up

    So who is favoured in a vs match?
  9. I think i know the answer just double checking: Unnatural Stamina The next time this model uses Second Wind this turn it does so without spending Influence. Next time as the next one (2nd) after spending influence on the 1st second wind or just the next one after spending the 1 mp for unnatural stamina? Should be the 2nd option right?
  10. ::update:: 600 page views already! Thanks everyone Hello all! A blog I recently started with Scalpel as my current main focus. The Autopsy report. i hope you enjoy and please shoot me any feedback! http://autopsyreportgb.blogspot.com/?m=1
  11. GPG

    Scalpel's Voodoo

    Hi guys. I’ve played my first game of the Big League this week at my FLGS and I’ve written a short blog post about it (www.geekphotoguy.blogspot.co.uk) but I wanted to try a bit of fan fiction loosely based around the pre-match. Hope you enjoy it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The familiar sound of brandished blades being sharpened shattered the silence of the confined dressing room. Chilling breath clung to the air like clouds hanging in a clear sky. Players shared glances between them knowing that one mistake could be costly – not just for their team but for their lives. Transfixed on the uneven cobblestones, Scalpel furiously tapped her foot on the floor; reciting a verse on her lips with no words appearing to pierce the air. Looks of confusion swiftly swept across the faces of other players as the glances they shared with one another turned into stares. The noise subsided back into the unnerving silence from whence it came and the Morticians’ finest are finally ready to start their build up for the inaugural game. The Archangels are ready to take flight. Continuing her inane ritual, Scalpel proceeded to turn her tap into a stamp. Throwing her jet black dreadlocks backward, she faced skyward. Rising like a zombie from an open grave; arms rising upwards, legs locked – she froze with an unsettling degree of suddenness. This time however, the chant became audible: “Help ons groot Elegua. Help ons groot Azrail. Seën ons groot Nayanezgani. Dood aan ons vyande. Die dood aan ons vyand.Die dood aan die valse gode.” (Help us great Elegua. Help us great Azrail. Bless us great Nayanezgani. Death to our enemies. Death to our foe. Death to the false gods.) “Kyk na ons guns en welwillendheid. Gift ons met horings , moed en presisie.” (Look upon us with favour and kindness. Gift us with swiftness, courage and precision.) “Bring ons oorwinning vir die gode, ons familie en Figeon.” (Bring us victory for the Gods, our family and Figeon.) Stunned into silence, the players watched amazed as Scalpel’s body rose off the blood stained floor. Limbs turned limp and her head retracted even further than before. Voodoo was at work here. Pulsating intensely, the chant was repeated over and over. The ground shook violently forcing those around to clutch on to whatever secure fixings were available. Dirge’s wings flapped furiously as he tried to maintain a suitable distance away from a seemingly dangerous sight. “Look!” exclaimed Cosset, struggling to grasp the rusting hook impaled into the wall. Turning slowly as not to lose their positions, each team member watched as a black mist engulfed Scalpel’s body, raising her higher towards the ceiling. Forming into recognisable shapes, the cloud transformed into heads of the deceased, the unborn and the familiar all twisting and turning in a huge vortex of bleakness. “Vir die gode.” she bellowed. “Vir our family.” The swirling mass expanded, this time filling the room. Heads of ancestors past charged towards the stunned players, crashing through them in a splash of black vapor. Taken a-back, each player in turn lost their grip and slumped helplessly to the floor – concious to the moment but devoid of all feeling. Laying helpless on the cold stone floor, spirits continued to move in their own unique way – jolting and jerking around, bouncing off walls and making their way through obsticales like they were not there. Scalpel’s jaw displaced once more, screeching out : “Vir Figeon!” Each of the spirits’ heads reared upward at the sound of the cry and shot towards the ceiling, disappearing through the thatching leaving whispy wafts of their entrails to disemminate back into the air. The engulfing cloud surrounding Scalpel subsided as rapidly as it began. Earth which was once on the brink of collapse below ground to a halt, giving those non-ritualistic players the chance to come back to their senses and slowly regain some feeling in their bodies. For Scalpel, she lie slumped in a heap on the floor – visibily devoid of life. As the others tentatively steadied themselves and rose to their feet, Scalpel remained lifeless in the centre of the room. During the brief interchange of quisical glances and shrugged shoulders, Ghast knelt beside his lifeless captain. Extending his arm, he gently rolled her over. Life returned. With sharp inhalation, Scalpel’s chest rose above the floor. Her eyes shot open into a sharp stare and following the movement of her chest, the rest of her torso sat upright. Gasping for breath, she looked around the room. With a rye smile, she stood. Removing her favourite blade from the scabbard, she examined the tip with the point of her index finger. “We’re ready...” she muttered, much to the surprise of those around her. “The moment is now.” She clasped the door handle and turned it. Taking one final glance back into the room her smile returned. “Anyone else coming?” she enquired as she stepped out the door running her knife along the brickwork as she went. Everyone remained in the room in a stunned silence. Eventually, each member of the team turned and followed suit, trudging out of the door. Silence was last to leave. Before closing the door, he turned to examine the room. “Next time I better bring my prayer beads!” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. I planned to write up my matches from my first tournament with Scalpel the day after to ensure the games were all fresh in my mind. But as usual real life gets in the way of hobby and with a busy period at work (as well as transition to a new one!) I havn't found the time until now to do so. So with that in mind and the fact over a week has passed the planned detailed breakdown of the games will no longer be possible but I would like to put some thoughts down and write up some shorter more general descriptions of how the games went. (SPOLIER: turns out rather well! I manage to go 4-1 and claim 3rd spot in the 26 man event) The tournament 8 Scalpel Dirge Silence - I guess not many Mortician lists can leave this guy out. The 3 influence is obviously insane and with scalpel bringing one less inf than obulus but being just as hungry for it, in my opinion and play style, this is even better. Shutout is also amazing in general and becomes even better with Scalpel and her influence manipulation in the perfect situation. Rage - I don't often use rage in other teams (and I come form a Union playing background) but with Scalpel im currently of the opinion he is undroppable from the starting 6, never mind tournament 8. With tooled up her playbook goes from great to disgusting and with her threat range its never wasted and particularly brutal in the first turn should a nice target wander within 13". Scalpel also has an easy time positioning people for his free charge, either push dodging them towards him after they intentionally left a model more than 8" away, or pushing them away if they try to engage him. Trust me, use him and thank me later. Mist - Incredible goal scorer, you won't need me to tell you that. Scalpel can go into a game aiming for either 4TO's-1goal or 2:2 and change between the two on the fly. She has great flexibility this way and you never feel out of a game due to your opponent trying to deny your game plan. While mist wont help with the take outs he will certainly get you that one goal if you dedicate Scalpel to slicing people up. A&G - Great for the usual early game activation control and singled out with Scalpel borders on silly against certain targets, 3-1/4-1 being her bread and butter. I absolutely love these guys for almost any guild ball team and rarely drop them after my time playing union. Slight spoiler but this tournament really showed me that I can't rely on them as much in a Scalpel team as I can a Blackheart one though. The 1" melee being the main concern against matchups with unpredictable movement or clone on key targets (looking at you Alchemists). Blackheat doesn't care as he and gutter both bypass it but on a scalpel team she has one turn to pull them in with her legendary then its a real struggle after that. Ghast - Great model and player. Brings tankyness, damage, knockdowns and the 2" melee. Slightly slow but again Scalpel can easily drag people into his range with a series of push dodges. Casket - So my last slot was up in the air until the day before when a conversation with @Stephen78 turned me on to the big man with the coffin. His main positives in a Scalpel list compared to obulus are the ease she can soften up and move a target into his range simultaneously ready for a casket time (where puppet master invests the inf to move a player but does no damage while doing so) its amazing how 5 or 6 1>< results can change the turn and if they become 2>< with tooled up, its enough to make anyone fear casket time. He is also great against a couple of Scalpels tough matchups - Midas and Fillet. His ghostly visage and rough ground make a sad Fillet with -6" to her change and neither of those captains like a well timed Heavy burden ontop of that. (Another spolier, I took casket with these mathups in mind then when I got them at the tournament I completely forgot and fell back to the A&G crutch. I blame the fact I hadn't even considered Casket until the day before and in the heat of the moment forgot to put the plan into action) Team shot without the Union infiltrators! As a big American football fan, specifically the Pittsburgh Steelers, I painted them in their home colours and dubbed them the 'Spooksbergh Steelers' Game 1 Fishermen - Corsair, Salt, Sakana, Greyscales, Jac, Gutter Morticians - Scalpel, Dirge, Silence, Rage, Mist, Ghast (main choice here was between Ghast or A&G, I went with Ghast as his 2" would be useful against a team full of it and Corsair makes a nice target to trigger unmaskings off. Greede can also be a liability against the fish's speed) I won the kick off and elected to receive. Mist on one flank, closest to an obstacle, and Dirge on the other. He kicked to dirges side who retrieved and dropped the ball at Silences feet. I passed the ball a couple of times to gain some momentum but left Scalpel out of the chain as I waited for a fish player to stay into her threat range. Rage also tooled her up. I kept everyone out of Corsair harpoon range so he moved his captain and gutter up slightly but away from Scalpel. Eventually Greyscales advanced pretty far down my left flank, assuming he was safe with only mist close and Scalpel in the centre of my line with an obstacle in between. Unfortunately for him Scalpel then received the ball, passed to silence using the momentum to dodge 4" behind her own team out towards the left. She then sprinted round the outskirts of a wall ending 3" away from the wiley old veteran. She then activated her legendary pulling Greyscales in and bypassing his unpredictable movement. 5 tooled up hits later he had been push dodged closer to my team battered and bruised which generating an unassailable momentum lead, guaranteeing first activation second turn. 2-0 Scalpel goes first and finishes off greyscales while generating a load of momentum. I leave mist with the ball away form the fish on my left flank waiting for a later turn to score, no need to give the ball to the fish just yet! Corsair, gutter, ghast and rage have a scrum in he middle, Corsair being my main target as I realise im far enough ahead in Momentum to probably grab first activation turn 3 although between his tough hide and a heal he's still reasonably healthy. I do indeed get first activation turn three and as he loads Corsair up with 6 influence I see the opportunity for a signature Silence turn. I jog up with silence, hit for some momentum and bonus time a shutout on Corsair which hits. Ghast Knocks Corsair down (twice, damn sturdy) and rage charges in again before tooling up Scalpel. It turns out a tooled up Scalpel hitting a 2/0 target (due to KD and anatomical precision) with 3 assists hurts..a lot and corsair bites the dust as Scalpel uses her heroic to second wind herself and move back out to the flank. 4-0 Gutter does some damage then Mist sees the opportunity to score knowing that even is Sakana scores in return i'll be on 8 and have the ball just a goal from the win. This is exactly what happens, Mist scoring first then sakana getting the perfect goal kick to be able to snatch it up and put the fish on the board. 8-4 The goal kick goes out near scalpel with no fish nearby. The turn ends and I again have the momentum lead and grab first activation. Scalpel goes first and gets 4inf. She sprints, collects the ball, passes it to Mist then spends 2inf to second wind herself and at the end of her turn activate it to move up and engage Jac who is the closest fish to Mist and the most likely to be able to get the ball back. in my next activation Mist does what he does best and scores his second of the game to end the game. 12-4 win for the Morticians. Game 2 In the second game i'm drawn against my good friend @Spuddyburdett and his Butchers. Butchers - Fillet, Princess, Shank, Tenderiser, Gutter, Rage Morticians - Scalpel, Dirge, Silence, Rage, Mist, A&G (I brain fart and completely forget why I brought Casket to the tournament in the perfect matchup for him and instead instinctively go to my A&G crutch) I won the roll off and chose to receive (after all, who wants to give fillet an extra 4" threat range!) We had played Scalpel vs Fillet once before in a friendly game (where admittedly Simon was much more drunk) but were both very cautious of the others threat ranges. Because of this not much happened first turn, most models nudging a few inches forwards but staying well back of the opposing captains. I missed just about every pass that I tried before Mist eventually got the ball and moved behind an obstacle on my right flank. Scalpel with nothing better to do with her influence, paid 2 to second wind herself and moved up to about half way and hid behind a barrier (which was a small house) out of LoS from any butchers. The second turn again started off in the same cagey vain until Scalpel spotted a mistake from Fillet and decided to strike. Fillet had moved in front of tenderiser, presumably trying to remain central for some better options next turn, but in doing so had blocked off the keepers counter charge lane directly forwards. Scalpel ran out from behind the barrier and positioned herself 3" away from Fillet where tenderiser was unable to counter charge and used her legendary play. I pulled fillet into base to base and also chose to pull tenderiser an inch forwards so that he was no longer within 4" of the goal (note this works extremely well on goalkeepers, even compound as it avoids glut mass, and has opened up the goal for the winning shot on other occasions as people dont expect to see Scalpels legendary used in that way.) Fillet is still a tough prospect as Def5 but with the 3" push from the legendary and a few successful push dodges fillet is now close enough to my lines for a averise and rage tag team charge.They dont quite finish her off but she's left on a handful of wounds and I have enough momentum to guarantee first activation next turn. (A common theme with scalpel, think of her as decimate on steroids. She has momentus results on virtually all columns, and even better its the results she wants that are the momentous ones.) Simon decides to give fillet 0inf assuming she's dead so I don't activate scalpel first to finish her off, instead I charge gutter/rage with my rage (again foggy memory from over a week ago.) He then charges his rage in in return and a pile in starts in the middle. I do activate scalpel here to finish off fillet for a 2 point lead 2-0 Scalpel then hits gutter a bit before using her heroic to second wind herself out of the brawl. Gutter sees her opportunity and pounds on averise getting sything blows galore doing lots of damage all round to my team. I think maybe silence dies here? as I say ive left it too late to remember all the details but Silence dies around this point and evens it back up 2-2 As the turn drawns out, tenderiser also charges in and knocks people down before some of my guys do damage to him in return. Mist casually strolls up the right flank to score, the ball is kicked out close to the butchers post, near princess. 6-2 The turn ends and the butchers win the roll off for the first activation and fillet comes on near her own goal, the ball and her mascot. I assume fillet will go first and grab the ball so only put 2 inf on mist so he can get out of there before he dies. Instead Simon activates one of his players in the scrum first, I think possibly gutter who goes mad again with sything blows on averise killing rage and the big man. 6-6 Seeing ive lost control of the centre of the pitch (no surprise really against the butchers) I activate Mist, nab the ball from near the dog and retreat as far away as possible as I have no momentum to try and score and no way for mist to realistically generate Momentum and score with only 2inf. Some more fighting happens in the middle and scalpel is able to sprint back out from behind her barrier, get tenderiser into single digits of health before doing her usual Heroic and hide again. The turn ends and I bring most of my players on as far away from the butchers gang as possible except averise who returns with a decent number of wounds and stands next to his goal for cover. Again apologies for the fuzzy memory but I think Simon wins initiative and debates who to try and charge with shank; either greede or Dirge. they're both Def5 but as greede is near the goalpost for the cover bonus he decides to go for the bird. He fails to kill it as I used the momentum form home crowd to go defensive against the charge. Averise then jogs up and hits shank three times just looking for momentum for Mists goal attempt. He bags 3 and heals himself back up to a reasonable level. Butchers rage (or gutter?) move up and hit something, probably averise as i think he was the only thing in range. Now with the 2 momentum Mist needs for a bonus time shot he sprints, WDTG's and shoots successfully to bring me back in front. 10-6 Fillet is in range to sprint round the building and hit scalpel for a bit, doing some damage but scalpel is still in cover from the barrier and on near full health so easily survives. Scalpel has her full 6 influence as half of my team was hiding in the corner of the board not needing any. She takes a parting blow from Fillet knowing it would need a miracle from the butcher to be knocked down as Scalpel was in cover and gets a boosted 5/1 defence from parting blows. Scalpel is able to move round the barrier into base to base contact with tenderiser knowing that even with very below average dice she should be able to take him out for the victory. Her tac7 anatomical precision strikes make short work of the 3/1 defence and she doesn't even need her full allocation of influence to take his last 8 health. 12-6 Great match as always against Simon and leaving my team vulnerable to gutters scything blows like that was a silly mistake that almost cost me the game! Two games in and Scalpel as usual has been a pleasure to play, every influence used by her is useful and more importantly fun! Mist also scored 4 of his 6 goals for the day in those two games as scalpel shows her versatility to get more killy in the last 3 games, which will be updated either later today or tomorrow time dependent! Game 3 The draw goes up for round 3 and I see that I'm drawn against Steamforged's own @Jamie P and his Hunters, which I can't wait for if i'm not a little nervous about! Having been pretty active in the tournament scene since starting the game I actually have a decent amount of experience against the Hunters even with their status as the 'new guys'. Ive played against them on multiple occasions across 4 or 5 tournaments including some really good players. Hunters - Theron, fahad, Egret, Jaecar, Hearne, A&G Sorry for the terrible picture. I hadn't realised just how blurry it was! Morticians - Scalpel, Dirge, Silence, Rage, Mist, A&G (So my tried and tested Scalpel build that I find works the best against teams that dont have an abundance of 2" or UM and the Hunters fit that description to a T) I win the roll off and decide to receive, again putting Mist and Dirge on the flanks for ball retrieval duties. The turn starts with me passing the ball down my line to gain some momentum and putting tooled up onto Scalpel, the hunters jostle forwards for position. After Theron activates puts down his forest and a Blessing on Hearne (who kicked off so is already advanced up the table) I see the big guy is primed for a huge activation and so activate Scalpel to try and scupper it before he gets to activate. Having kicked off Hearne was already within the 13" threat range for a scalpel legendary and so my Captain sprints up to within 3" and activates her legendary, pushing Hearne into B2B and also choosing to effect Averise and push him towards Scalpel, into the corner of an obstacle to try and cut off his charge lanes for the next turn. Hearne is Scalpels perfect target with his 3/1 defence and no tough hide to protect him and so I begin to attack, chosing the 2>< (due to tooled up) to drag him back to my lines in range for Averice to try and finish off. Once I have him within range I change to just doing as much damage as I can and I leave him very low on health and gain a bunch of momentum before activating my heroic and running away to my left flank. It then dawns on me that if i'd have thought about it fully before rolling any dice I should have just chosen to do the most damaging results (3-4dmg per hit on average with tooled up) from the beginning instead of bothering with the push dodge results, which would have been enough to take him out! Pretty large mistake which you can ill afford against a player of Jamie's caliber. Hearne then activates and gets the big turn off I way fearful of, using all his 3 influence and free character play to put a hurt onto rage (and posibly my Averise?) before running away. I do manage to charge him with Averise knocking him down ready for the next turn. At the start of the next turn I realise that I had run Scalpel too far away form the action in her previous turn as Hearne had managed to retreat just out of her range, another big error on my part. It was of some consolation however to discover that Jamie has also made a positional error himself, leaving Jaecar too far away from the action and so the turn unfolded with the two biggest damage dealers out of action! Instead I activate Rage first and charge into the low health Hearne, finishing him off before using some of the gained momentum to heal. 2-0 My memory for the rest of the turn is a bit hazy but a combination of Egret, Theron and fahad spread some damage throughout my team doing enough to take out Rage and even the scores at the end of the turn while my averise and silence tried their best to retaliate. 2-2 I won inititive for the the following turn and weighed up my options. Mist had been abjectly floating about on my left flank with only egret from the hunters occupying that side of the pitch, biding his time, not wanting to offer the ball up to the hunters. As turn three started I knew this was probably going to be the turn he wanted to spring into action but saw Theron had taken up his central midfield position, well in range to Pin my striker if he wanted to try and stop that possibility. With that in mind I decided my best option was the silence special. He walked up to Jamie's Averise and hit him for momentum before getting of a successful bonus timed shut out on the Hunters captain. At least that would give me time to generate some momentum for mist and score as late in the turn as possible without fear of being pinned. Fahad got his free charge off against My averise who was still snared from the previous turn, wrapping twice, thats some scary damage from a mascot let me tell you! In retribution Scalpel ran in, killing Fahad before doing her best Jaecar hit and run impression, returning back to the safety of my lines. 4-2 The Averises exchanged blows while the Hunter version also managed a singled out on Silence. Jaecar now has his sights on a singled out, snared Silence..... this isn't going to be pretty. He charged in and did horrible, horrible things to the Mortician embalmer who stood no chance of surviving the assault. Jaecar also managed to put his trap down and spring it on averise giving him bleed as well as snared before matching Scalpel in the disappearing act, moving back into cover. 4-4 Seeing it was now or never Mist did Mist things and sprinted, dodged then shot, managing to score to put me back out into the lead. 8-4 Egret retrieves the kick off while moving into range to shoot her bow at Averise, getting a successful flurry adding poison to the big mans woes. He now had bleed, poison and snared (where is Hemlocke when you need her) and only 5 health remaining meaning his death as he turn ended and conditions were resolved. 8-6 We were both now running very low on the clock, Jamie slightly more so than me, beginning to approach his last minute while I had a couple more. I brought Averise back onto the pitch near my goal post to try and set up some sort of goalkeeper from the incoming Egret. I cant remember the exact positioning of all the players but my Averise charged out to Theron with the main aim of being a nuisance to Egret who was also nearby with the ball. Egret then activates and Jamie miscalculates his damage output leaving him 1 dmg short of being able to kill Averise and I gain a point as Jamie clocks out. 9-6 I activate Scalpel as a low health Hearne had bumbled forwards over the last two turns since returning to the pitch and into her range. She looked certain for a kill, all but securing the win for me. Hearne goes for a Hail Mary counter attack as his only possible chance to survive and manages to get all 5 hits!! and even with scalpels armour he gets to push her back 2 inches.....Scalpel is very sad. It turns out not to matter as Jamie realises that even after killing Averise here (which he does) he has no way to score the final 4 points he wound need before losing to the clock as I had been running Greede and the bird to the opposite side of the pitch as soon as Jaecar arrived on the scene two turns ago. Averises death makes it 9-8 and then 10-8 as his turn ends. I throw away two quick activations and Jamie cannot get anymore points as I win with the clocking out points. 12-8 One of my closest games to date and i'd have liked to see who would have come out on top if the game hadn't been at a tournament on the clock. We both had our share of bad luck and made some mistakes but thats the fun of tournament play on the clock; you don't always have the time to make the best, most informed decision and clock management is undoubted a key skill for anyone wanting to take competitive play seriously. All in all Jamie was a great opponent and a real gent who obvioulsy loves to talk about the game as much as I do! Plus how often do you get a compliment of your play from the person who wrote your captains rules! Game 4 is announced and for me its onwards and upwards to play a familiar face from the Malifaix scene; James Reeves and his Brewers. Game 4 Game 5
  13. So after playing Blackheart and The Union solidly for a while now and having some decent Tournament success I decided it was time for a change. I had been looking at Morticians even before I got my Union and with the Season 2 releases decided to take the plunge. With all the hate for Obulus out there (from non morticians of course) and the decent amount of Scalpel chat on here of late I decided to start with the Spirit Weaver! This will be a picture heavy Match report as I was taking photos after most activations I considered relevant to the overall structure of the game. My regular club opponent runs Fishermen spearheaded by Corsair and so my first game with the Spooks was again the Fish. My Team: Scalpel, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Rage, Mist. Apologies for the unpainted Moricians but i'd only built Scalpel an hour before the game! His Team: Corsair, salt, Sakana, Angel, Greyscales, Jac I think most of the time my plan with Scalpel is going to be 2 goals and 2 takeouts and against this particular Fisherman team that didn't change. I would struggle to kill greyscales with his 2" Unpredictable movement and corsairs Sturdy combined with tough hide and sack of wounds would be a tough proposition but I feel all the other players on the team are viable targets for Scalpel, Ghast and rage to take down. The fishermen won initiative and decided to receive. I kicked with Silence, keeping him within 4" of the bird. A bad scatter placed the ball directly at Jacs feet! He did some non committal stuff putting Angel and Salt into cover on my left flank while I moved Mist into cover and nudged the bird forward. Then He ran sakana into this position and dropped some smoke to act as cover Seeing her opportunity Scalpel activates next with 6inf. She spends 1 to sprint and ends 3" away from Sakana, pops her legendary to pull him out of cover, into base to base (which was important as sakana's free counter dodged him 1" but kept him in range) and starts pounding. Im looking for the 3 hits result of 1>< and with her Tac7 and ignoring his armour she manages at least that on every hit. 5 attacks later i'm sat on 5 momentum, Sakana is down to 10 wounds and in front of my lines. He then passes the ball with Jac and runs him forward also into cover. Seeing a nice juicy sakana shaped target nearby Ghast is close enough to walk and be able to reach him with scalpel and mists assisting. First knocking him down, then pushing him into range of rage then a last hit doing 3 or so damage. Corsair passes the ball to Greyscales, uses the Mp to make a dodge, then walks to be able to get a harpoon angle on scalpel. He hits her and drags her to within 2". spending his last 2 influence to KD then do a couple points of damage. Rage activates, charges poor sakana finishing him off before spending 2 of the big pile of momentum to stand his captain up. Greyscales stays out of harms way and Silence sees his opportunity to throw a vial on the three clustered Fish by the cover. Angel and Jac are hit by the flames but Salt escapes unharmed. The turn ends and im up an unassailable number of momentum and grab first activation for turn 2, although my opponent plays Home crowd to start the turn with 1MP making Corsair a tough proposition to deal with, able to counter and KD on 2 hits. I see him allocate the full 6 to his captain and decide its a prime target for Silence. I walk him up to Jac, hit for momentus 2 damage then throw a bonus timed Shutout on Corsair, hitting and leaving him a very sad fisherman. He walks Jac up to goad the bird then hit silence in return and grab some MP. I nudge Mist, he hides salt further behind the cover. Rage charges corsair doing no damage but a KD which Corsair ignores so doesnt get a free attack, then swinging again with his influence managing to topple the big guy over but at the cost of doing no damage therefore not applying bleed. Greyscales passes to angel, removes her burning then moves into the middle handing assists to jac knowing he's relatively safe form my 1" reach beaters. I charge Ghast into the KD corsair doing some momentus damage. Then angel sees her opportunity, uses Supershot and a sprint to move up past silence, just into 10" range and scoring to make it 2-4 to the fish! The ball bounces out between mist and scalpel Scalpel is less than pleased to see her side fall behind and with her 6 influence start hitting Corsair on 9 dice thanks to assists, needing 2's on the KD fish ignoring his armour! its brutal and 3 of the first 4 hits wrap giving me lots of momentum, damage and some push dodges to bring the scrum round to snap the ball. Corsair is down to 4 health and Scalpel now has an option, either carry on for the takeout or use the last 2 influence to run and shoot. Deciding Corsair was low enough and the goal would be great with only a 0inf sakana and a beat up corsair to activate I use her Heroic for a free second wind then do the latter. Bonus timing for a goal then second winding over by salt and the cover. 6-4 He aims the kick off between Corsair and greyscales and a bad scatter sees it hit the boxes between Greyscales and scalpel (but more than 1" from both) who's second wind put her just on the opposite side of the boxes on the left flank. Sakana and the bird move before corsair composes himself, stands up and unleashes all hell on nearby Rage. First a knockdown then managing to take all 17 of rages health in his last 5 hits! 6-6 and its all tied up again The turn ends and thanks to Corsairs heroics the fish have a load of Mp and get first activation. With the ball sat between Scalpel and Greyscales he activates the wiley veteren first, picking up the ball, jogging to the other side of the cover then passes to angel who is stood where she scored from last turn.....he rolls a 1 2 2 and the pass fails! it scatters to a point just behind her and she is able to intercept but no momentum to be able to dodge she is now stranded near a waiting scalpel. Scalpel activates and takes parting blows form the mascot and Greyscales to be able to sprint up to Angel with 5 inf left. with the first 4 influence she tackles Angel, takes her down to 4 health remaining and transfers both of the Fishermen's strikers influence to the nearby and unactivated salt!! with her last attack she dodges out then uses her Heroic to second wind herself into the top corner of the pitch leaving angel stranded on 0influence and no way to respond. Salt however is close enough and now finds himself with 2 influence, that must be a first! with tac2 he cant tackle without charging so does so. Scalpel goes Defensive and Counters and so the brave otters efforts come to naught. Silence then walks over to Angel and takes her last 4 hit points (2momentus damage on 2 hits seems crazy good for him!) edging me up 8-6. Corsair does corsair things, beats on ghast for a while making piles of momentum in the process. The rest of the players shuffle around keeping out of harms way. Thanks to Corsair the fish have a 3 momentum lead for the initiative roll for what will almost certainly be the last turn of the game! My opponent then duly rolls a 1 followed by a 5 for me giving me first activation and Scalpel a chance to end it. He brings Angel back onto the pitch in melee with scalpel knowing its a last ditch effort, giving her crowding out against whichever target she chooses. up 8-6 Scalpel just needs to generate some momentum, dodge away then score for the win. She throws two atacks into Angel managing to take out the fish striker. 10-6. Scalpel then bounces off the mascot into range for a shot with bonus time to end it............ All I will say is thank god for Bonus time! It ends 12-6 Amazing first game with scalpel, what a blast she was! fast and furious the girl was everywhere. sprint 9, lots of pushes and dodges and a 'free' second wind add up; its no joke! She easily takes MVP in her first game and was probably the most fun i've had with one model in a game ever! Can't wait to get more games in with her. I've fallen in love after just one game and have definitely found my next project for the foreseeable future. Can't wait to get to grips with her play style more and get involved with the discussions on the forum! Thanks for reading and let me know if this sort of match report was useful or fun to read or if the pictures were too much and distracted from what was going on!
  14. Wrynisimus

    Scalpel Rosters

    So, I'm going to be playing in a league fairly soon. Obulus has been good to me but I'm wanting a bit of variety so I'm switching to Scalpel. Currently thinking of this 8 man: Scalpel Dirge Silence Ghast Bonesaw Mist Rage Avarisse and Greede Thinking of trying for footballing with a side of bashey when it's needed, would this list be effective? What kinds of lineups have people found work with Scalpel?