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Found 8 results

  1. blueboyzcaptain

    Locus the great?

    Locus's character play "remote control" doesn't say where to measure kick distance from. Is it supposed to be from the ball via season 3 or are we supposed to now measure from locus himself?
  2. So there I was, talking to a buddy of mine who lurks the forums (but doesn't post cause he's shy) when he gives me gold. Fools gold but it looked pretty and shiny and I liked it so what do you want from me? Anyways, we made a few GIC's for a few of these forums infamous posters. I'm not gonna point fingers or call names but if you know who these are feel free to point fingers and yell names! All in good fun of course. P.S. these were made in good fun and humour and no ill intent was put into the makings of these cards.
  3. Pending Forum Suspension

    Get over here

    Hey all I just wanted to double check on something that I cannot find with the search function (somehow "get over here" yields 0 results) If Jac kicks off he cannot use "Get Over Here!" can he? The wording says "Once during this model’s activation..." but I was always under the assumption that the actual kick off was not in itself an activation but I had a new player question it and now I can't find a ruling. Normally I'd post it in clarifications but it seemed like an easy enough one to just get a quick yea or nae from the other fish in the sea.
  4. Sidious Mike

    Salt a legitimate goal threat?

    Tried my first Season 3 game today with Fishermen vs Brewers. I took Shark, Salt, Angel, Greyscales, Jac and Sakana. My Opponent took Esters, Scum (Quaff had yet to arrive), Mash, Vet Spigot, Friday and Stoker. I won the roll and elected to receive as I was curious to see if Salt was the legitimate first turn goal threat he seemed to be on paper and boy did he deliver. With a combination of Jac using 'Get over here', Sharks 'Tidal surge' and a 'Where'd they go?' (not needing the pass and move) Salt managed to rocket behind enemy lines to score on my last activation. Talking it over with my opponent afterwards he thought it was a viable strategy, with 2 dice needing a 3+ to score he's quite reliable for that first goal plus if he misses and gets killed I've only given up 1vp. He instead used 'Run the length' to sit himself behind the goal and moderately safe from reprisals (he did get thoroughly walloped the next turn). With the majority of my team around the halfway line at the start of the second turn Shark was in a prime location thanks to an unfortunate kick scatter to recover the ball and score again at the top of turn two, dropping his legendary to slow the other team down. A minor scuffle ensued to try and recover the ball with Vet Spigot making a play on the wings, unfortunately Mash in his eagerness to generate momentum and getting caught up in the joy of yelling "HOWZAT!?!" knocked Jac clear of combat in range to clear the knocked down condition and charge Spigot to tackle the ball and kick to space. Spigot still recovered the ball and sent it to Esters who wound up and kicked a goal for the Brewers. I fed it to Sakana who headed for a relatively empty wing just in time for Salt to give up the ghost at the end of the turn. Now my opponent had the awkward choice as he won initiative. Give me 1 momentum with Sakana in range to smoke, sprint and shoot at goal? or to let me go first when it was possible he could charge Stoker to generate and then still shoot? In the end he elected to go first and Friday just managed a charge and a tackle (countered with a tackle) and then again to recover the ball and kick close enough to Mash for him to snap the ball, my plot card came into effect here forcing a re-roll of the kick scatter to drop it just outside snap to range in between Mash and Spigot. Greyscales attempted to recover from between Mash and Spigots melee zones before 'Where'd they go?'-ing and punching Mash to get himself close enough to Shark to hazard a snapshot for the game. In the end it was a fantastic game with a great opponent which led me to believe that Salt might not be the much maligned mascot he used to be and may now have a legitimate roster slot in a goal focused Fishermen team. I was very happy with the changes to Angel as well being able to Nimble herself for DEF 6 without worrying about Salts positionShe is now a more able striker and tactical advice not tethering her to Shark either I feel she can go wherever she feels the need to, without feeling as though I am missing out. Shark used to be (and still is) a good end of turn 1 goal threat but the downside was you often ended up losing your captain and giving up 2vp, now I feel like Salt is just as viable but with much less risk and if anything, even more range than Shark had. According to some probabilities I found online (so possibly not correct) the odds of a 4+ on 4d6 is 93.75% while the odds of a 3+ on 2d6 is 88.89% which means he is only 5% less likely to score than Shark. I'm interested to hear if anyone else has success or otherwise with Salt under the new Mascot rules. I am cautiously optimistic for the little guy.
  5. OldKoi

    Jac & Salt

    Ok I've heard a lot about how salt is junk etc. I did make a post of this in the old forums as well. If you want to have salt do something in a game besides giving Angel plus 1 def PLAY Jac. I can't get over how many times now salt has given me an edge in games. A few times now Jac has tackled the ball away from someone and salt was able to swing in an scoop up the ball out of activation. The following activation he was able to take his turn and move the ball across the pitch and setup really good scoring chance. Out of my last 4 games Salt has contributed to a last a goal a game. Just have him hang back and within 10" of Jac (this is not difficult) and he will have a chance to shine in at least once in a match. Salt is a ball mover. I get you might not want to take Jac just to make the mascot work but I mean I don't ever not take Jac nowa days haha.
  6. Work in progress of my Fishermen team - Jac is not painted yet. Krakens base is not finished either. Will upload more photos when I collect them.
  7. CaptainKindling

    Otter Power!

    Hi everyone! Been playing GB for just over a month now, most definitely my favourite tabletop system. Love painting the minis as well, so thought I'd add some of my own to the thread! Salt was the entire reason I picked the Fisherman's Guild as my second team, so figured I'd start with him...
  8. Old_Man_and_Sea

    A pinch of Salt...

    Hello folks, having looked at all four mascots released so far I have seen rather obvious uses for all of them, but Salt. Princess can be used for extra damage, Dirge is there to pester opponents (and may be used to score goals with a Mov of 14 on the sprint) and the monkey will goad whoever he can fling poop at How do you folks use Salt? I am quite curious since so far I have only used him for the obvious buffs and once he passed a ball for 1 Momentum because he was the only one in range who could do it. I love the little fella and I would like to use him more efficientlky so I'd be happy about some input