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Found 10 results


    Season 4 results

    After playing many different guilds for quite some time, I have become intrigued with season 4 farmers. So far I have had success with both captains and currently sitting at a 5-0 record. I have played alchs twice butchers twice and morticians once. Setting up HM is easier than ever with the buffs to ploughman and jackstraw and the reapers really do a lot without having to remove them too often. The teams I have had success into have also been glass cannon types so I am wondering how I will do into Brewer hefty lineups and a lot of tough hide. Just seeing what everyone else thought. Happy Planting!
  2. While we might be the guild with the most unchanged models I'd we'll se quite a few changes in the models seeing play. What do you think will be your 12 and what 6 do you think you play in different situations?
  3. Considering the timing, I would have to assume that vKatalyst always inflicts 1 extra point of damage to his opponent following a succesful attack where he caused damage? At Step 3.5 of the attack sequence he inflicts damage, thus also triggering Venomous Strike and thus causing the opponent to suffer the poison condition. Then at step 4 Burst of Fumes triggers; since the enemy Kat just attacked now has poison, said ennemy suffers 1 more point of damage. I assume this is correct?
  4. On all other cards Reanimate uses the word "may", on this one it does not. Is this a misprint?
  5. Mother uses burrow and subsequently sprints away from the Nest Marker. Mother was btb with the Nest at the begining od the sprint. Is the Marker remove?
  6. If PV uses her Legendary on Ratchet, who has used Long Bomb, can he make 10" pass outside his activation?
  7. PV uses her Legendary and makes a pass to Velocity (either one). PV wants to make a dodge and Velocity wants to make a pass to PV. Both declarations are simultanous. Is Velocity allowed to make a pass if PV dodged outside 6" from Velocity? Edit: Yes, it is allowed. The range is measured when the pass is received. Sorry for spam.
  8. When a model is pushed off the pitch with Corsair nearby, does it suffer the taken-out condition while still being within Coup de Grace aura? I suspect 'no', cause of the following:
  9. Do Skatha's Snowboall goals provide 1INF in S4?
  10. Jotnebane

    S4 arrives october 12th

    Season 4 has been announced. Have SFG completely lost their mind when people qualify for Worlds in S3 but play in S4 or is it a cool way of finding out who can figure out the differences before duking it out at SCUK? What are your thoughts on the upcoming S4?